WEST PARK HOSPITAL DISTRICT
                                         JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Office Coordinator
DEPARTMENT: WPH Foundation/Patient Experience
REPORTS TO: WPH Foundation/Patient Experience Director

JOB SUMMARY: The Office Coordinator is responsible for coordinating activities in the West Park Hospital
Foundation, Planetree, Volunteer Services and Patient Experience areas of West Park Hospital. In addition, the
Office Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the highest quality of clerical and secretarial support for the
WPH Foundation, Planetree, Volunteer Services and Patient Experience.

CULTURE/RELIGIOUS ASPECTS: Employee will respect patients and co-workers of all cultural and
religious backgrounds.

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: Employee performs within the prescribed limits of the hospitals/departments
Ethics and Compliance Program. Is responsible to detect, observe and report compliance variances to their
immediate supervisor, or upward through the chain of command, the Compliance officer or hospital hotline.


1. Models WPH values and Planetree philosophy at all times.
2. Understands and abides by the confidential nature within the department.
3. Performs data input, collection and interpretation of a significant amount of information which includes, but
    is not limited to: Health Streams Reporting, HCAHPS reporting, and Raiser’s Edge input and data
4. Assist in producing publications for the department, such as the Friday Update, Newsletters for Volunteers
    and Foundation.
5. Contributes to the activities of the Planetree Work Teams by reserving meeting locations, calendar
    invitations, attending committee meetings, as well as recording and maintaining minutes as needed.
6. Assist in all Foundation Meetings such as board meetings and committee meetings minutes.
7. Collaborate and assist with all Foundation and Planetree related community events (fundraisers and board
    meetings for the foundation, Volunteer Appreciation Luncheons, as well as educational and wellness events
    for Planetree).
8. Ability to coordinate mail merges for multiple mailings for the department.
9. Retrieves and delivers mail from hospital and distributes to appropriate staff. Assembles and takes mailings
    to US Post Office as needed.
10. Works with Volunteer Coordinator to support Volunteer Program as needed.
11. Serves as receptionist, answering phone and receiving clients and visitors.
12. Performs secretarial duties for the Foundation/Patient Experience department.
13. Maintain Foundation Website and appropriate pages on VIC.
14. Completes purchase orders.
15. Maintain inventory/ordering of supplies.
16. Makes out maintenance requests.
17. Completes check requests.
18. Maintains department files.
19. Schedules appointments.
1. Does duplicating of necessary materials/correspondence, etc.
2. Serves on committees as requested.
3. May be requested to perform other duties and responsibilities for which the individual is qualified.

EDUCATION: Prefer High School Graduate with some college work in secretarial or clerical work.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two years of secretarial, bookkeeping and receptionist experience.

SKILLS: Ability to relate well and work well with all types of people a necessity, along with well-developed
written and verbal skills and interpersonal skills. Communication and customer service skills are paramount
and are expected to WOW at all times. Demonstrates a sense of urgency in completing tasks timely and
accurately, moving on to subsequent duties efficiently and effectively. Adheres to maintaining the highly
confidential information at all times. Able to type a minimum of 75 words per minute. Recognizes the
importance of and incorporates the impact of the Five Pillars to Excellence (People, Service, Quality, Finance
and Growth) into all areas of responsibility.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Works in clean, well-lighted, heated and air-conditioned area. May not have a
private office so must be able to deal with confusing environment at times. Normal work schedule is day shift,
Monday through Friday. Position may require occasional overtime.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Standing, sitting, and walking. Ability to deal with crisis situations from time to
time. Lifting up to 50 pounds.

My job requires that I lift:

                        NEVER         OCCASIONALLY      FREQUENTLY        CONTINUOUSLY
A. Up to 10 lbs.                             X
B. 11 - 24 lbs.                              X
C. 25 - 34 lbs.                              X
D. 35 - 50 lbs.                              X
E. 51 - 74 lbs.                X
F. 75 - 100 lbs.               X
G. Above 100 lbs.              X
H. STANDING                                                    X
I. WALKING                                                     X
J. SITTING                                                                        X

Any lifting of 35# or more requires the use of an assistive device and/or physical assistance.

                                   EXPOSURE CATEGORY                         3

1. Tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues. This includes all procedures or job related
   tasks that involve inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids or tissues,
   or potential spills or splashes of them.
2. Tasks that do not involve exposure to blood, body fluids or tissue, but exposure may be required as a
   condition of employment. Appropriate protective measures are readily available to these employees when

3. Tasks that involve NO exposure to blood, body fluids or tissue and Category I tasks are not a condition of

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