Booking Script from leads by rr1w5Y


									                          Booking Script from leads

When you call and get a voicemail. Be VERY enthusiastic!!! I don't give much detail so they
will call me back.

Consultant - "HI, this is ___________ and you entered my drawing at ______________________
the other day, I was calling to let you know that you were one of my winners!!! (pause)
Congratulations!!! When you get a chance give me a call so that I can tell you what you have won!!
My number is 704-________________. Again congratulations and I look forward to talking to you

When you talk to them: Again be overly enthusiastic!!!!!! I can't express that enough. At first it
seems a little uncomfortable, but you will get used to it and they will love it!

Consultant - "HI! This is ________________ and you entered my drawing at
_____________________ last week. I was calling to let you know that you were one of my winners!!!!
Congratulations!!!!! Isn't that awesome?!?!? (1st yes) Do you have a minute so I can tell you what you
have won?" (yes or no)        (2nd yes)

If they say no then ask when a good time to call back would be. If they say yes then continue:

Consultant - “Ok great!! You have won a Beauty Bash for you and up to six of your friends! A beauty
bash is a FREE microdermabrasion facial and makeover! Doesn't that sound wonderful?!?!? (3rd
yes) Did you know that some people go to a spa and pay $100 for a microderm and you and your
friends will all get one for FREE!!! Also, if you have at least 4 women over the age of 18 come to your
party then I will give you a 2 Night Getaway to your choice of Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Charleston
or Gatlinburg. You have a year to use it and it is NOT a timeshare- just a vacation from me to you!!
Isn't that great?!?!?” ( 4th yes) I am looking at my calendar and I wanted to know if weekdays or
weekends are best for you?”

Client - “Let me talk to my friends and find out when a good day would be"

Consultant - “I understand that you want to talk to your friends first to find out when a good time
would be but I just want to let you know that my dates are filling up fast and I only have 2 days
available in November. They are Nov. __ and ___. The times I have available on those days are
______ and _______. "

I usually give them a night time and a day time and I give them a weeknight and a weekend
date. No more than 2 dates to choose from. Then you say,

Consultant - "I would really like to go ahead and put you down for one of those times and then you
can talk to your friends about coming. I will send you an email with more details, party themes you
can choose from if you would like and what you need to say to your guests. How does that sound?”

When I do promos I get lots of names and a lot of times there are several friends that enter. If they
say that their 2 friends won too then I just tell them that I had lots of entries so I decided to give away
10 Beauty Bash's.

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