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LEADERSHIP TEAM FEB 10 by HC121104031234


									                           ADMINISTRATION LEADERSHIP TEAM

       2-10-2012              SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE                         10:00 to 12:30


      Ms. Amy Gregory updated us on Head Start: They had not got back in touch with her about the
       rental/lease fee of $1000 for both rooms and facility. Team has decided to give them one more
       week to get back with us before determining whether to renew a contract for 2012-2013 school
       year. Agreed for Ms. Amy to advertise on our LED sign and in the local newspaper about
       Preschool sign-up for next year.
      Mr. Davis reported that the Shakeout went very well on the 7th. First formal evaluation will take
       place next week with the high school teachers. He has completed several walkthroughs this
       week to get a better feel of the staff and school. Has scheduled a staff meeting for Wednesday
       to go over PLCs and committees. Waiting on Mr. Keith to get the committee list to Mr. Davis.
      Ms. Tucker: Communication Plan was presented to the team that the committee has been
       working on. Team is to look over the Plan and make any changes before next Friday and
       indicator 4.1g will be completed to implement. Ms. Tucker will then present this to the board in
       the March meeting.
      Ms Miller said Operation Preparation will be ready to present to the board on Monday night’s
       meeting (Feb. 13th). ILP’s will be finished up in Flex classes. A timeline for completion will be
       worked on by Ms. Miller and Mr. Davis to give to teachers for ILP’s to be finished. Will have
       indicator 4.1j ready to formally present next Friday to the team. Mr. Abbot is going to check on
       TV in main hallway with Mr. Keith about getting student celebrations on it during the day.
      Mr. Tuggle was out sick today—called in and wanted to mention to get Mr. Chaney on
       someone’s list to do observations and evaluations—Mr. Chaney was in his group. Mentioned to
       possibly make MISAGA a homebound project for next year.
      Ms. Kelsch reported attendance was still doing great with the new rules. Promised the students
       at the end of the month to give them a reward—everyone is thinking what would be a good one
       that is legal to do. ISS has been working but will need a backup if an overflow occurs from
       tardies. NO School on Monday Feb. 20th and there is no PD planned on that date. Discussed
       calendar briefly for next year and matching dates with WC on fall break—reasons being bad
       attendance mostly. Stated that Sept. 19th next year is now MCE day—must be off—that is on a
      Ms. McLean reported that the Shakeout went well in elementary on the 7th also. Evaluations in
       elementary is going well.
   Mr. Chaplin said the questioning techniques in HS classrooms were getting much better.
    Mastery Connect is being used pretty well in Elementary and in MS/HS some teachers were
    using I-Phones but more training for some still needs to happen. Ms. Marcum and Ms. Frogge
    offered help this week (on their own) to help teachers with their websites. Program Reviews are
    to be turned into the State by June 1st. We have 5 people attending the ASSIST program from
    KDE next Wednesday for training. We have 54 more days to upload the CDIP. Mr. Chaplin, Ms.
    Tucker, Ms. Kelsch, and myself will begin on Tuesday of next week on the CDIP. We must
    improve our Discovery Ed. next year to be completed earlier to use the data. Suggested that
    everyone on Team sign-up for CITTS. School Report Cards were made public on Thursday of this
    week. Mr. Dishman at WC said he was 99% sure that they will keep this year’s schedule for next
    year, will know for sure after the 16th next week. Dr. Thomas will be here on Monday to begin
    working on a schedule for Math next year. Concerns for a 3rd math teacher is still up in the air—
    funding? Checking on more on-line classes for next year.
   Mr. Lair reported that the board will have Ms. Holfelder, Ms. Robison, and Ms. Miller scheduled
    for Monday night’s board meeting to present student and school celebrations. He mentioned
    that he thought the Team is in the right direction. Likes the idea for having a completion among
    groups for the testing this year.
   Update on Teacher Website self-evaluation---HS 10/18----MS 8/13----Elem 18/34.
   Mr. Keith health update: He hopes to be on a limited time here at school within the next 3
   Safe Crisis Management: set dates for July 30 and 31.
   Mr. Abbott reported that the 1st set of evaluations by him was completed this week and the
    summative evaluations for this year will be scheduled in April and May—a schedule will be given
    later. Keep thinking about ways to improve the Yearbook for next year. Keep down ideas for
    next year’s schedule. Susan Allred will be here on Feb. 16th to meet with Mr. Davis, Mr. Keith,
    Mr. Lair, and Mr. Abbott. She will also meet with the newly appointed Advisory Council—Ms.
    Massingale, Ms. Bertram, Mr. Morrow, Ms. Holfelder, and Ms. Jones.
   Mr. Hancock and Mr. Abbott will be viewing a webinar with Wayne Young regarding the
    handling of personnel. Mr. Abbott is attending the KEDC meeting in February but will not spend
    the second day—to save District some money—will drive up and back the same day. Brooke
    Abbott is sending in a CD to the KHSAA to audition for singing the National Anthem at one of the
    State Tournament games this year. Students from Hong Kong will be here on April 15-27.
   Teacher of the Year was sent in to Campbellsville this week—Elem (Ms. Lewis), HS (Ms.
    Hammond), and MS (Ms. Walters).
   We are working on the new Drop-off and Pick-up procedures for next year—will get that
    information to parents very soon as to what to expect and maybe schedule a practice day.

        Work on new ideas for next year: Possible “bring your own device day”
        Plan an orientation that will take students to each class before school really starts so the 1 st day
         of school is instructional from bell to bell.
        Worked on revising End of Year Checklist for this year—Mr. Abbot to finish one and present next
        Planning on how 9th and 10th will be placed next year at beginning of year in Flex.
        Work on the Flex period with ideas to improve.
        Will look over a video for a school wide fund raiser. David Jones Coffee. 50-50 profit.
        Discussed looking into a MOU with Pine Knot Job Core for next year.
        Adjourn—next meeting Feb. 17th.

PRESENT:         Sheila Tucker            Special Ed. Director
                 Elizabeth Miller         HS/MS guidance counselor
                 Ivan Tuggle               Family Resource                          ABSENT

                 Johnny Chaplin            DAC
                 Marla Kelsch             DPP
                 Mary McLean              Elementary Principal
                 Roger Keith              High/Middle Principal                     ABSENT (SURGERY)

                 Jerry Lair               Board Chairman
                 Gary Abbott              Superintendent
                 CHAD DAVIS               Assistant Principal
GUEST:           Amy Gregory              Preschool Coordinator

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