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									Welcome to the Library
                                  The Library

• Located on Hillhead Street,
  Opposite the Fraser Building

• Open 361 days a year, from
  7:15am to 2am

• Ongoing cladding work will be
  scheduled to minimise noise
  during exam times
            Getting In

• To enter the library you’ll need
  your student ID card (which is
  also your library card)

• For any problems you can
  speak to the security staff on
                                     Welcome Desk

• Staff at the Welcome Desk can
  help you find books and other
  course material

• Your enquiry may be passed on
  to a subject specialist for more
  detailed help or advice
    Library Services Desk

• Library Services desk staffed
  from 9am-7:55pm weekdays
  and 1pm-4:55pm Saturdays
  and Sundays during term time

• Help with any library account

• Collect any items you have

• You can also borrow, renew
  and return books here
         PCs in the Library

• Over 800 PCs are
  available in the library

• The IT Helpdesk is on this
  floor (just behind the pillar)
                  Library Homepage

Log-in to you
library account

                        and specialised
                        search options
Subject guides
and videos on
finding and
using library

Always take a note of the shelf-mark
   of the book you are looking for
                Finding a Book

Guides on the
shelves make
finding your
books easy

                    Shelf-marks are
                    on the spine of
                    each book
                                       Self-Service Machines

• Self-service machines are
  found on level 2

• Borrowing, renewing and
  returning items quickly and

• A receipt will be printed with the
  dates to return your books
               Short Loan Collection

Books in
heavy                        Borrowing
demand for                   and
essay and                    returning
course work                  here can
can be                       only be
borrowed for                 carried out
                             with the
one week,
24 hours                     machines
Or 4 hours
                                     Study Spaces

• Different study spaces
  available, from individual desks
  to booths, couches and tub

• 8 study rooms available for
  groups larger than 6
                                          Study Zones

             Study zones in the library

Levels 2-3          Levels 4-7              Levels 8-11
           Library Cafe

• The Café area is on level 3 of
  the library

• Staffed service during semester

• Vending machines for snacks
  and drinks
                                            Mobile Library

Library Mobile Site -

                                   available 24/7
                                      from any
                                      or Tablet
                                     In Summary

• Great place for studying

• All your course materials in one

• Library staff are there to help
  you, so ask away!
                                            Subject Librarian

Richard Bapty – College Support Librarian

Level 9, Rm 911

Office hours – Mon-Fri, 09:00–17:00
                                    Useful Links

           Twitter –                          Facebook –!/uofglibrary

                                            Mobile Library–
       Library Website –

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