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									              WELCOME TO

Mrs. Kohler, AVID Instructor
“I don’t need to do my best in AVID. I’ll get an “A” without even trying!”
What does AVID stand for?

  • Advancement
  • Via
  • Individual
  • Determination

         [L. avidus]: eager for knowledge
Topics in AVID
 • Organization                   • Research Skills/Papers
 • Time Management                • Public Speaking
 • Money Management               • Cornell Notes

 • College Readiness              • Philosophical Chairs
                                  • Socratic Seminars
 • Tutorials
                                  • Scholarship Research
 • College Exploration
                                  • Goal Setting
 • Career Exploration
                                  • Mission Statements
 • The Process of Getting a Job
                                  • Self Discovery & Reflection
 • Study Skills                   • Tips for Success
 • Guidance Lessons               • Binder Checks
The Mission of AVID

  “AVID’s mission is to close
  the achievement gap by
  preparing all students for
  college readiness and
  success in a global society.”
AVID Student Profile

  • Average to high test scores
  • 2.0 – 3.5 GPA
  • College potential with support
  • Desire
  • Determination
What AVID is NOT

 • A remedial class
 • Study hall
Students must meet at least
one criteria below:

  • 1st to attend college
  • Historically underserved in college
  • Low income
  • Special circumstance
Sample Week in AVID

   Mon          Tues          Wed         Thurs             Fri

   • AVID                     • AVID                   •Presentations
  Skills for                 Skills for
  Success      •Tutorials    Success      •Tutorials   • AVID Skills
                                                       for Success
 • College &                • College &
   Careers                    Careers                  •Teambuilding

                             • Binder
Cornell Notes
Purpose of AVID Tutorials

  • Create deeper understanding of core
  • Develop academic skills
  • Reflective learning
  • Encourage leadership skills
Students remember…
Academic Rigor

 “Rigorous curriculum is a greater
 factor in determining college
 graduation rates than class standing,
 standardized test scores, or grade
 point average.”

               - Clifford Adelman
AVID increases the # of

  • Low income students in college
  • Minorities in college
  • Students graduating from college
AVID Graduates

 • 97% plan to attend college
   – 66% will enroll in a four-year university
   – 31% will enroll in a two-year college

 • 78% of AVID students are accepted
   to four-year universities

 • 83% of their parents have less than
   a four-year degree
Completion of Four-Year College
Entrance Requirements

  • 76% of all graduating seniors
    DO NOT meet university requirements

  • 89% of AVID students meet
    university requirements!

  • Only 34% of students in the
    United States complete university

 • Nationwide 76% of students from
   affluent backgrounds attend college.

 • Only 4% of community college students
   transfer to a four-year college or

 • AVID seniors graduate with an average
   G.P.A. of 3.1
Why AVID works

 • Rigorous curriculum
 • Support
 • Creates a team
 • Provides students with critical
 learning skills (WICOR)

• Binder Check (30%)
• Tutorial (30%)
• Projects, classwork and homework (30%)
• Portfolio (10%)

 • Students are expected to demonstrate
 maturity, responsibility, and respect for
 • Anything that interferes with learning,
 including, but not limited to cell phones,
 music players, makeup, and food, will
 be confiscated.
 • Students will participate in college
 entrance exams such as the PSAT,
 PLAN, and SAT.

 • Students wearing clothing not meeting
 the dress code will be immediately sent
 to the office to change.
 • Gum, food, and drink are not allowed
 in class.
 • Cells phones need to be silenced and
 put away during class time.
Late work & Extra Credit

  • Late work will not be accepted. All
  tutorials/homework/projects assigned
  are due at the beginning of the class
  • Extra credit is rarely offered in AVID if
  at all.

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