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					                                                   Region Chair Annual Report - 2012
                               To report your activities for 2011-2012 and expenditures of 2012 budget
                                                 Due to Division Chairs, June 30, 2012

         Name of Chair: Michael “Brody” Broshears                     Date Submitted: July 16, 2012

         Region: Great Lakes Region V

     Section 1: Report of Annual Goals – Progress and Assessment
    Describe the activities associated with your region’s goals. Please identify which NACADA Strategic Goal each
    activity fulfills. Report the status of each goal even if it has not yet been completed or is in progress. If new activities were
    completed beyond those initially projected, make a new entry and complete all the columns for that entry. You most likely
    will not have a goal for each strategy.

                                         For your reference – here are the NACADA Strategic Goals:
         Strategic Goal 1: Address the academic advising needs of higher education globally.
                  1-A — Identify, prioritize, and address critical issues facing academic advising.
                  1-B — Collect, analyze, and act upon information about the environments in which academic advising operates.
                  1-C — Provide comprehensive professional development opportunities.
         Strategic Goal 2: Advance the body of knowledge of academic advising.
                  2-A — Promote and support research related to the enhancement of academic advising through further understanding of
                  the student, the campus environment, advising processes, or other related areas.
                  2-B — Disseminate the knowledge acquired from the research.
         Strategic Goal 3: Champion the educational role of acad. advising to enhance student learning & development in a diverse world.
                  3-A — Identify and develop strategies for fostering collaboration and education among various advising external
                  constituencies both nationally and internationally.
         Strategic Goal 4: Educate university and college decision makers about the role of quality academic advising in higher education.
                  4-A — Identify and develop practical strategies and materials for use by college and university leadership.
         Strategic Goal 5: Ensure the effectiveness of the NACADA organization
                  5-A — Promote diversity within the association.
                     5A(i) — Create environments and processes that promote and sustain inclusion and involvement in the association.
                     5A(ii) — Increase diversity within NACADA leadership at all levels. (See section 2)
                  5-B — Enhance NACADA's global visibility and credibility as the resource for concerns and needs involving academic advising.

                              Person/committee         Which NACADA         Assessment      Dollars   Date          Progress Made and
      Activity or Goal        responsible for          Strategic Goal       Criteria used   spent     Completed     Assessment of
                              activity                 does this address?                                           Strategies/Actions
                              Region Steering          1A, 1B, 1C,          Reports will    $1500,    3/1/13        We use a rubric to
                              Committee –              2A, 2B, 3A, &        be due          approx    (decisions    have more
      2012 Grants             coordinated by           4A                   November                  made)         consistent decision
      Program                 Bernadette Citano,                            2013 to                   money will    making; we are
                              Ohio Liaison and                              review use of             be            changing the
                              myself                                        funds and                 distributed   application & award
                                                                            outcomes                  at the        timeline to coincide
                                                                                                      Annual        with national award
                                                                                                      Conference    process.
      2012 Great              Region Steering          1C, 2A, 5A           Reports will    $1000     3/1/13        We are changing
      Lakes~Great             Committee –                                   be due June               (decisions    the application &
      Leaders Selection       coordinated by                                2013 &                    made)         award timeline to
                              Michael Broshears,                            December                  money will    coincide with
                              Region Chair                                  2013                      be            national award

2012 Region V Annual Report
                                                                                                    distributed    process; we use a
                                                                                                    for the        rubric to have more
                                                                                                    Regional       consistent decision
                                                                                                    Conference)    making.
      2012 Region             Jen Hodges, Nancy       2B , 1C, 3A, 5A, &   Report not      Net of   4/11 -         We were able to
      Conference              Roadruck & planning     5B                   yet             approx   4/13/12        hold the conference
                              committee & steering                         submitted       10K                     in a Canadian
                              committee                                    July 2012 and                           province which
                                                                           still waiting                           brought in a lot of
                                                                           on some final                           new members. It
                                                                           numbers                                 also allowed for
                                                                           budget to                               conversation with
                                                                           come                                    NACADA leaders
                                                                           through from                            and Ontario
                                                                           executive                               advisors interested
                                                                           office                                  in pursuing Allied
      Selected site for       Amanda Idema &          2B & 1C              Reports will    N/A      4/3-4/5/13     Michigan took
      2013 Conference         Martha Reck, planning                        be due June                             Wisconsin’s place in
      – Kalamazoo, MI,        committee, and                               2013                                    rotation for 2013, as
      Michigan State          steering committee                                                                   there were no
      University                                                                                                   proposals from
                                                                                                                   Wisconsin for 2013
      Selected site for       Karen Kohn & Rachel     2B & 1C              Reports will    N/A      3/5-3/7/14?,   Continue to
      2014 Conference         Sauer & planning                             be due June              early March,   Implement a
      – Madison, WI           committee & steering                         2014                     2014           proposal process to
      Edgewood                committee                                                                            allow multiple sites
      College                                                                                                      to prepare
                                                                                                                   regarding their
                                                                                                                   location for the
                                                                                                                   annual region
                                                                                                                   conference for the
                                                                                                                   steering committee
                                                                                                                   to review and vote
                                                                                                                   on. Makes for a
                                                                                                                   stronger proposal
                                                                                                                   and more
                                                                                                                   preparation ahead
                                                                                                                   of time so folks can
                                                                                                                   better determine
                                                                                                                   the appropriateness
                                                                                                                   of their site to
                                                                                                                   handle this event.
      Selected site for       Joshua Morrison &       2B & 1C              Reports will    N/A      TBD, in the    IUPUI has been
      2015 Conference         planning committee &                         be due June              bid process    eager to host and
      Indianapolis, IN        steering committee                           2015                                    Indiana is next in
      IUPUI                                                                                                        line.

         Region V also has very active state/province/institutional allied organizations that add value to our region and
         support NACADA & Region V goals.

2012 Region V Annual Report
         Section 2. Describe how you have incorporated diversity and inclusiveness of membership
         into the planning of your unit’s goals and activities. What criteria were used to accomplish
         this (such as institutional type, ethnicity, new professionals, experienced professionals, role—faculty,
         administrator, advisor; region, etc.)? Add comments or observations you would like to share based on your
         plans to incorporate diversity and inclusiveness of membership into your unit’s goals and activities

         In December 2009, the Steering Committees selected the first class of the Great Lakes ~ Great Leaders program
         as the region’s contribution to increase diversity within Region V, and ultimately, NACADA. Attached is a
         description of the program. Two participants were selected in the 2010 class and they have been providing us
         with end of year reports in December 2010 and December 2011 that speak to their experiences and help us
         further develop this program. The steering committee selected the second class of participants in August 2011
         and changed the cycle to match the grants process. We look forward to reviewing the outcomes of this
         program over the next year or two as these classes move through the process. One change that IS taking place
         (at the request of the national office) this year is that the selection of the 2012 process will now coincide with
         the national awards process and will OPEN on September 15, 2012 with an application deadline of December
         15, 2012.

         Section 3: Issues/Items for consideration by the Division.

           Declining funding availability for advisors and within higher education; states’ ban on travel and decrease in
           funding will affect all levels of participation, but particularly ability to take on national and regional voluntary
           leadership positions continues to be an issue

           Keeping up with social media’s role in academic advising and NACADA & Region 5

         Potential mentoring program with recent retirees from Region/Nation/World being connected to graduate
         students and/or new advisors in NACADA

         Section 4: Identify volunteers serving within your Region (Region Steering Committee,
         Conference Steering Committee, others)
         **This is not a complete list**

          Name of Committee        Name of Committee Member      Institution of Committee          E-Mail Address
          Great Lakes Region V     Michael Broshears, Chair      University of Southern Indiana
          Steering Committee
                                   Jennifer McCaul, past Chair   Grand Valley State University
                                   Bernadette Citano, OH         University of Akron     
                                   Allison Lahn, ON              Brock University        
                                   Shannon Burton, MI            Michigan State University
                                   Diana Maki, WI                University of Wisconsin Madison
                                   Cara Wetzel, IN               Purdue University (IN)  
                                   Teri Farr, IL                 Illinois State University

          2012 Region Conference   Nancy Roadruck, Co-chair      University of Akron     
                                   Jen Hodges, Co-chair          University of North Texas

                                   Jeanette Berger,              University of Aakron    
                                   Communication Chair

2012 Region V Annual Report
                                   Marci Tomajko, On-Site Chair      University of Akron
                                   Kelly Conkle, Programming         Lourdes University
                                   Ginny Jackson, Programming        University of Akron
                                   Bernadette Citano, Reg. Chair     University of Akron
                                   Ruth Montz, Reg. Chair            University of Akron
                                   Steve Antalvari, Special Events   Kent State University
                                   Christy Helffrich, Special        University of Akron
                                   Events Co-Chair

          2013 Region Conference   Amanda Idema, Co-Chair            Michigan State University
          Kalamazoo, MI            Martha Reck, Co-Chair             University of Michigan
                                   Planning committee in place –
                                   names included in 2013

          2014 Region Conference   Karen Kohn, Co-Chair              Edgewood College  
          Madison, WI              Rachel Sauer, Co-Chair            Edgewood College  
                                   Planning committee in place –
                                   names included in 2014

          2015 Region Conference   Joshua Morrison, Chair            IUPUI             
          Indianapolis, IN         Planning committee TBD

          2011 Great Lakes~Great   Jaton Brame, Emerging Leader      Antioch College   
          Leaders Class
                                   Debra Dotterer, Mentor            Michigan State University

          2010 Great Lakes~Great   Jeanetter Berger, Emerging        University of Akron
          Leaders Class            Leader
                                   Nancy Roadruck, Mentor            University of Akron

                                   Corban Sanchez, Emerging          DePaul University 
                                   Shannon Burton, Mentor            Michigan State University

         Section 5: Summary of Unit Communications and Meetings

         Report any meetings or teleconferences held among unit members since the annual conference last (including
         specific group meeting, date, location, number of members attending, and brief summary of the meeting.

         October 3, 2011 Region V Business Meeting, Denver, CO – National Leader Recognition. Thanks to outgoing
         Leaders. Region Updates. State Meetings. Promotion of Grant and GLGL program. All current steering
         committee members were in attendance.

2012 Region V Annual Report
         November 13, 2011 Region V Chair Site Visit to Akron, OH – Region Chair visit to 2012 Region V Conference Site
         Met with Planning Committee, Conference Co-Chairs, and Hotel & Museum Leadership

         March 1, 2012 Region V Steering Committee Teleconference – Report from 2012 Conference Co-Chairs.
         Disseminated 2013 and 2014 Conference Proposals for Review. Initial approval for 2013 proposal was
         discussed. Discussion about how current allied organizations (state/province/institutional) interact with Region
         5 and NACADA (need to come back to this topic). Creation of Region 5 Facebook page and Conference hashtag
         approved. State/Province updates, including past and upcoming state/province conferences reports. All
         steering committee members in attendance, along with 2012 conference co-chairs.

         April 12, 2012 Region V Steering Committee Meeting, Akron OH – All steering committee members in
         attendance, aside from Ontario. Current and new GLGL mentors and past Region Chair in attendance.
         Vote on 2013 Region Conference Site. 2012 Conference Report. Grant and GLGL timelines and process.

         June 15, 2012 Region V Steering Committee Teleconference – Had a report from 2013 Region Conference Co-
         Chairs. Voted on 2014 and 2015 Region Conference Sites. Discussed new grant and GLGL timeline. Updates to
         these processes (grant and GLGL) have been sent to National Office for website and new online submission
         system. State Reports. Continued discussion on improving social media presence for Region 5.

         Items which still need to be discussed: 2013 Conference Budget & 2013 Region Budget

2012 Region V Annual Report

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