of office B1 use class floor space and 123 residential units C3 use class by 55sFeu


Development and Environment Directorate
Planning consultation referrals for the week beginning: 3 September 2012

PDU         Local       Site Name    Proposal                                           Received   Referral       Order   LPA Web Link
Reference   Planning                                                                               Type           Type
3026        Enfield     6 Glover     Extension to west of building to provide 3,929     3-Sep-12   Mayoral        2008     http://forms.enf
                        Drive,       sq.m. of additional floor space with undercroft               Planning               ield.gov.uk/swif
                        London N18   car parking, together with extension to existing              Application            tlg/apas/run/Wp
                        3HF          mezzanine to provide 1, 183 sq.m. of additional               Consultation           happcriteria.dis
                                     floor space.                                                                         play
1814e       Camden      Land         Renewal of planning permission granted on          3-Sep-12   Mayoral        2008     http://planningr
                        Bounded by   07/07/2009 (ref: 2009/0675/P) for the mixed                   Planning               ecords.camden
                        50-57 High   use redevelopment of the site involving the                   Application            .gov.uk/Northg
                        Holborn      demolition of Caroline House, 18-22 Hand                      Consultation           ate/PlanningEx
                        (including   Court and parts of High Holborn House,                                               plorer/Home.as
                        Brownlow     retention of façade and rebuild of part of High                                      px
                        House High   Holborn House facing High Holborn and the
                        Holborn      façade of 23 Hand Court and rear of High
                        House &      Holborn House (49-51 Bedford Row),
                        Caroline     Brownlow House and 45-48 Bedford Row. The
                        House) 18-   erection of a new eight storey (plus two level
                        25 Hand      basement and roof plant floor) building to
                        Court. 45-   accommodate A1 (Retail) floorspace and
                        51 Bedford   flexible A3/A4 (Restaurant/Drinking
                        Row &        Establishment) at ground floor level together
                        Brownlow     with new B1 (Office) space. Conversion of 46-
                        Street.      48 Bedford Row to create 3x single family
                        London       dwellings, change of use and extension of
                        WC1V 6RL     existing B1 (office) space to form 15x
                                     residential units within, 45 Bedford Row and
                                     49-51 Bedford Row; conversion and extension
                                     of Brownlow House to provide 10x residential
                                     units (affordable housing); Redevelopment of
                                     23 Hand Court to provide 22 student units in
                                     place of 6x existing residential units; new
                                  servicing access from Brownlow Street, and
                                  various public realm works to Brownlow Street,
                                  Bedford Row and Hand Court.

2924a   Islington   130-154A      Comprehensive redevelopment of the site to         3-Sep-12   Mayoral        2008    http://www.islin
                    Pentonville   create a mixed use development comprising of                  Planning              gton.gov.uk/En
                    Road,         approximately 3,613sqm (GIA) of commercial                    Application           vironment/Plan
                    (Including    floor space (sui generis use class) comprised                 Consultation          ning/Online/def
                    5A Cynthia    of office and 150 parking spaces associated                                         ault.asp
                    Street, 3-5   with a car hire business and approximately
                    Cynthia       870sqm (GIA) of office (B1 use class) floor
                    Street & 2    space and 123 residential units (C3 use class).
                    Rodney        Together with associated communal amenity
                    Street (N1    space, children's play space, landscaping,
                    9JE)          cycle and refuse storage and related
                                  infrastructure and engineering works in
                                  creating the basement level car parking. This
                                  involves the creation of buildings of the
                                  following storey heights: - Rodney Street: part
                                  5 and part 7 storeys;- corner of Rodney and
                                  Bentonville Road: 10 storeys;- Bentonville
                                  Road: part 6 and part 7 storey's with a set back
                                  floor above; and- Cynthia Street: 4 storeys with
                                  a set back 5th.This application may affect the
                                  character and appearance of a conservation
                                  area and the setting of a listed building. Town
                                  and Country Planning (Listed Building and
                                  Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (as amended);
                                  Section 67 and 73.
3028    Harrow      Wood          Variation To Wording Of Condition 17 (Habitat      6-Sep-12   Mayoral        2008    http://www.ukp
                    Farm,         Survey) Attached To Planning Permission                       Planning              lanning.com/uk
                    Wood Lane,    P/2203/06/Cfu Dated 17/11/2008 To Read 'No                    Application           p/searchsubmit
                    Stanmore      Demolition Or Works In Connection With The                    Consultation          /performOption.
                                  Development Hereby Permitted (Other Than                                            do?action=sear
                                  Works In Connection With The Approved                                               ch
                                  Accesses, Highway and/or drainage/services)
                                  shall commence before a regulation 44 (of the
                                  habitat regulations) licence for the relevant
                                  protected species has been obtained, and a
                                  copy submitted to the Local Planning Authority'.
2710a      Newham    3A Gallions   Development of site to provide 89 residential   7-Sep-12   Mayoral        2008    http://pa.newh
                     Reach         units arranged in 3 blocks of 12, 5 and 8                  Planning              am.gov.uk/onlin
                                   storeys in height, 35 associated car parking,              Application           e-
                                   amenity space and cycle parking to be                      Consultation          applications/se
                                   provided.                                                                        arch.do?action
3030       Harrow    Royal         Request For An Eia Scoping Opinion For A        7-Sep-12   EIA Scoping    2008    http://www.ukp
                     National      Hybrid Planning (Enabling Works: Temporary                                       lanning.com/uk
                     Orthopaedic   Car Parking And Internal Estate Road) And                                        p/searchsubmit
                     Hospital      Outline (Layout Appearance Scale And                                             /performOption.
                     NHS Trust,    Landscaping Reserved) Applications For                                           do?action=sear
                     Brockley      Redevelopment To Provide Approximately 120                                       ch
                     Hill,         000 Sqm Gross Internal Area of Hospital and
                     Stanmore      Residential Floor Space Together With
                                   Associated Car Parking and Access.

Local Development Framework consultations

There were no LDF consultations received during this period.

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