SOURCES SOUGHT
                    BLDG T305 OFFICE FURNITURE
                          CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT

Notice: The purpose of this Sources Sought is to identify
potential vendors with the capability and interest in fulfilling
this requirement. No pricing is required at this time. Please
respond to the email listed with this posting.
                                         STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW)
                                        Building T305 furniture modification
                                                    25 Aug 2012

                                                      PART 1
                                                 General Information

1.0 General: The Contractor shall procure, deliver, and set up furniture and partitions in BLDG T305. The
Contractor shall follow the proposed customer-provided layout for furniture and partition placement (See
Attachment 3). The contractor shall coordinate with the POC at least 48 hours prior to furniture delivery or
performing any work on Camp Arifjan. Measurements of floor plans are for estimations purposes only. The
contractor shall also remove and dispose of all trash, refuse, and cartons.

1.1 Hours of Operation: The Contractor is responsible for conducting delivery and installation of the materials
outside of the normal office hours at Camp Arifjan Bldg T305.

1.1.1 Normal business hours at Bldg T305 are: Monday through Thursday 0800 through 1800; Friday 1300-1800;
and Saturday 0800 – 1800. Even though there are no business hours on Sunday, the office is not considered closed.

1.1.2 Bldg T305 will be available to the contractor for delivery, assembly, and installation during the following
hours: All of Sunday 0001 through 2400; Evenings Monday through Wednesday 1901 through to the next morning
to 0829; Thursday evening 1901 through Friday afternoon at 1259; Friday evening 1901 through Saturday morning
at 0829.

1.1.3 Bldg T305 will not be available when Camp Arifjan or the Government facility is closed due to local or
national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar Government directed facility closings.

1.2 Place of Performance: The work to be performed under this contract will be in BLDG T305, in Zone 2 of
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

1.3 Key Personnel: The contractor shall provide a Project Manager/Site Supervisor who shall be the primary point
of contact for this contract. The contractor shall provide the name and contact information for this person and any
alternate to the Government and inform in writing any changes to this information no later than 5 days after award
of contract. The Project Manager/Site Supervisor and any alternate shall be fluent in English. The individual named
shall identify him/herself prior to work beginning and shall wear a distinguishing badge to aid in identification. At
least one person fluent in English shall be present in Bldg T305 while any contractor personnel are inside the work

1.4 Badging Instructions: ASG-KU INSTALLATION ACCESS

1.4.1 In order to obtain entry to Camp Arifjan, contractors must contact the Badging Office at 965-2389-1525 for
forms, procedures, and instructions.

1.4.2 New passes are obtained at the Entry Control Point (ECP 1 (TCN Gate)) on Camp Arifjan. Renewals and
upgrades are handled at the Provost Marshal Office, Bldg 159 located on Camp Arifjan. The ECP 1 Badging Office
provides support from 0700 to 1600 and 1900 to 0400 daily.

1.4.3 Contractors are advised that badging for citizens/residents of certain countries is restricted or unavailable.
Contractors MUST contact the Badging Office to obtain a list of restricted countries and any applicable waiver
                                                      PART 2
                                             Definitions and Acronyms

2.1 Definitions:

2.1.1 CONTRACTOR: A supplier or vendor awarded a contract to provide specific supplies or service to the
government. The term used in this contract refers to the prime.

2.1.2 CONTRACTING OFFICER: A person with authority to enter into, administer, and or terminate contracts,
and make related determinations and findings on behalf of the government. Note: The only individual who can
legally bind the government.

2.1.3 CONTRACTING OFFICER’S (KO) AUTHORITY: Only the KO is authorized to make changes to the
contract. No other Government or non-Government official may alter this contract. The Contractor is to report any
attempts to alter this contract to the KO. In the event the contractor effects any such changes at the direction of any
person other than the KO, the change will be considered to have been made without authority and no adjustment will
be made in the contract price to cover any increase in costs incurred as a result thereof. The Contractor may also be
required by the KO to undo any such unauthorized changes at no additional expense to the Government.

2.1.4 DEFECTIVE SUPPLIES: Supplies that do not meet the standards associated with the Statement of Work

2.1.5 OUT-OF-SCOPE: If the Contractor is directed to do any work that the contractor considers outside the scope
of this contract, the contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer immediately and follow-up in writing within two
(2) days of discovery and Contractor shall not work on that portion of the project it believes is outside the scope of
this contract until and unless the contracting Officer orders performance of it.

2.1.6 QUALITY CONTROL: All necessary measures taken by the Contractor to assure that the quality of an end
product shall meet contract requirements.

2.1.7 SUBCONTRACTOR: One that enters into a contract with a prime contractor. The Government does not
have privities of contract with the subcontractor.

2.1.8 WORK DAY: The number of hours per day the Contractor provides services in accordance with the contract.

2.2 Acronyms:

ECP                        Entry Control Point
FAR                        Federal Acquisition Regulation
KO                         Contracting Officer
POC                        Point of Contact
QC                         Quality Control
TE                         Technical Exhibit
                                                  PART 3
                            Government Furnished Property, Equipment, and Services

3 Government furnished items:

3.1 Services: The government will provide personnel on site to answer any questions.

3.2 Utilities: The Government will provide all utilities in the facility that will be available for the contractor’s use in
completing the tasks as outlined in this SOW. The Contractor shall instruct employees in utilities conservation
practices. The contractor shall be responsible for operating under conditions that preclude the waste of utilities,
which include turning off the water faucets or valves after using the required amount to accomplish requirement.
                                                    PART 4
                                     Contractor Furnished Items and Services

4 Contractor Furnished Items

4.1 The Contractor shall provide all the labor, equipment, tools, materials, supplies, transportation, supervision, and
all other items necessary to complete the tasks as outlined in the SOW.

4 Contractor Furnished Services

4.2 The Contractor shall have at least one person that can speak English whenever there are laborers on site at Bldg

4.3 The Contractor shall provide an electrician, and connect cubicles to existing electrical connections in the
                                                     PART 5
                                                   Specific Tasks

5.1 Delivery: Contractor shall deliver furniture to Building T305 at Camp Arifjan.

5.2 Installation: Contractor shall install cubicle furniture and workstations at Building T305 at Camp Arifjan.
Contractor shall provide all tools, and equipment required to configure workstations and partitions. 220V 50Hz
electrical circuits shall be available for contractors to use power tools.

5.3 Assembly: Contractor shall assemble cubicle furniture and workstations at Building T305 at Camp Arifjan.
Contractor shall provide all tools, and equipment required to assemble workstations and partitions. 220V 50Hz
electrical circuits shall be available for contractors to use power tools.

5.4 Install Electrical Circuits: Contractor shall install 220V electrical circuits inside the cabling raceway along the
bottom of the cubicle partitions. Contractor is responsible to connect cubicle electrical cabling to the
building/facility electrical grid.

5.5 Installation Schedule: Contractor shall contact the POC no later than 5 days after contract award to coordinate
the schedule for the delivery and installation of the furniture.

5.6 Disassembly, Removal, and Staging: Any waste incidental to new supplies provided shall be transported from
Camp Arifjan and disposed of in an approved waste facility in accordance with Host Nation Laws.

5.7 Original Condition: The contractor shall clean area in and around the work area in order to return it to its
original condition. Repairs required due to damages caused by the contractor shall be completed at no additional
cost to the government.

5.8 Pre-final Acceptance Inspection: Once the Government determines that all contractual obligations have been
met, a pre-final inspection shall be performed. At a minimum, the Warranty POC shall be present for this
inspection. Discrepancies shall be annotated on a punch list and shall be addressed prior to final acceptance. If any
material does not meet Government specifications or if the discrepancy creates a safety hazard, the items shall be
rejected and replaced at the expense of the contractor.

5.9 Final Acceptance Inspection: The government will provide the Contractor with a deficiencies list upon the
completion of any inspection. If deficiencies cannot be repaired to the satisfaction of the government at the time of
discovery, the Contractor shall provide the government a plan to correct the deficiencies within 24 hours. The
government will re-inspect upon the correction of deficiencies. Upon final acceptance, the contractor shall provide
copies of all warranty paperwork.

5.10 Warranty: The contractor shall provide the standard commercial warranty. The minimum warranty shall be
one year. This excludes acts of Government negligence, acts of war, and acts of nature. Any warranty offered shall
be incorporated into the contract. The warranty shall include parts, labor, transportation, and installation. The
contractor will provide a point of contact for warranty issues, to be available during business hours.

5.11 Damage to Property: The Contractor shall be liable for all damages to government and private property
caused as a result of any aspect of the Contractor’s performance of this contract.

5.12 Ordinances: The Contractor shall comply with all, ordinances, local laws, and regulations respective to the
performance of work under the contract. All fees for said ordinances and licenses shall be solely borne by the

5.13 Environmental Protection: The contractor shall be responsible for following and complying with all
environmental regulations and policies established by the Government of the United States and the State of Kuwait
while conducting daily operations. Daily operations that potentially have environmental impacts include, but are not
limited to; construction projects and sites; light sets, power generators/sites, dumpsters, refueling operations,
refrigeration units, bulk fuel storage, maintenance areas, vehicle parking areas, marshalling yards, sterile lots,
material holding and lay down areas, vehicle and air craft wash facilities and waste/debris hauling. The contractor
shall obey all Kuwait and US laws regarding secondary containment, environmental training, and proper disposal of
HAZMAT or debris from installation. The Contractor shall dump waste in a Kuwait Government approved site and
comply with Kuwait environmental laws.

5.14 Defense Base Act: Proof of Insurance. As noted in the CLIN for this requirement, the Contractor shall provide
a policy of Defense Base Act Workers’ Compensation to the Contracting Officer. Performance may not start until
the notice of a policy from Continental Insurance Company has been received by the Contracting Officer. The DBA
requirement also applies to all subcontractors performing under this SOW. If a subcontractor is performing work
under this SOW, the Contractor shall provide evidence of subcontractor's DBA insurance to the Contracting Officer.
Upon award, Contractor shall provide a DBA application to Rutherfoord by emailing application to so that a DBA policy may be issued. Application is at Attachment 1.

5.14.1 If the expiration date of the policy is before the performance ends, then prior to expiration, the Contractor
shall provide a new policy or renewal of existing policy to cover the performance to the ending date of performance.

5.14.2 The Contractor shall keep posted in a conspicuous place in and about its place of business either a typewritten
or printed notice on Forms LS-241 (Notice to Employees) or LS-242 (Notice to Employees for Self-Insured
Employers). Such notice must also contain the name and address of the employer representative to who notice of
injury is given, and the carrier, if any, with whom the employer has secured payment of compensation and the date
of the expiration of the policy. Posted notice shall be written in the language of the employees. Additional
information is available at

5.15 CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT REPORTING (CMR): The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the
Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) operates and maintains a secure Army data collection site where the
Contractor will report ALL contractor manpower (including subcontractor manpower) required for performance of
this contract. The contractor is required to completely fill in all the information in the format using the following
web address The required information includes: (1) Contracting Office, Contracting Officer,
Contracting Officer's Technical Representative; (2) Contract number, including task and delivery order number; (3)
Beginning and ending dates covered by reporting period; (4) Contractor name, address, phone number, e-mail
address, identity of contractor employee entering data; (5) Estimated direct labor hours (including sub-contractor);
(6) Estimated direct labor dollars paid this reporting period (including sub-contractor); (7) Total payments
(including sub-contractor); (8) Predominant Federal Service Code (FSC) reflecting services provided by contractor
(and separate predominant FSC for each sub-contractor if different); (9) Organizational title associated with the
Unit Identification Code (UIC) for the Army Requiring Activity (the Army Requiring Activity is responsible for
providing the contractor with its UIC for the purposes of reporting this information); (10) Locations where
contractor and sub-contractors perform the work (specified by zip code in the United States and nearest City,
Country, when in an overseas location, using standardized nomenclature provided on website); (11) Presence of
deployment or contingency contract language, and, (12) Number of contractor and sub-contractor employees
deployed in theater this reporting period (by country). (13) As part of its submission, the contractor will also
provide the estimated total cost (if any) incurred to comply with this reporting requirement. Reporting period will
be the period of performance not to exceed 12 months ending September 30 of each Government fiscal year and
must be reported by 31 October of each calendar year. The contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer's
Representative (COR) by the 5th working day of November whether or not they have completed this report. If the
COR is unavailable, the contractor will notify the Contracting Officer.
5.16 Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy: The contractor shall comply with and ensure all employees
comply with the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy outlined in Attachment 2 of this PWS.
                                                  PART 6
                                          APPLICABLE PUBLICATIONS


6.1 The Contractor shall abide by all applicable regulations, publications, manuals, and local policies and procedures

6.2 Useful reference documents for contractors working with the US Government are available at but even these may not be available from non .mil addresses

6.4 Documents are available upon request to the Customer

6.5 Federal Acquisition Regulations are available at

6.6 Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD)

6.7 Final Governing Standards (FGS) for Kuwait

6.8 3rd US Army Central Command Environmental SOP

6.9 AR 200-1

6.10 DA PAM 200-1
                                            PART 7

7.0 Technical Exhibit/Attachment Listing:

7.1 Technical Exhibit 1 – Requirements Summary

7.2 Technical Exhibit 2 – Deliverables Schedule

7.2 Attachment 1 – DBA Application (To be used upon award)

7.3 Attachment 2 – Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy

7.4 Attachment 3 – Furniture and Partition Placement Layout
                                                Technical Exhibit 1
                                              Requirements Summary

FURNITURE SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS: The below subparagraphs depict specific quantities,
dimensions, and finishes of select furniture items requested: The furniture and partitions shall be assembled and
installed as specified in this SOW and the Attachments. Natural wood finish is similar to a light oak. All of the
items being requested should be of a similar or matching finish.

      These are all straight desks. The main portion of the desk should be approximately 150cm long x 60cm
      deep x 75cm high. The workstation will have wire management grommets on top. The desk will be
      accompanied with a three drawer file cabinet measuring approximately 40cm wide x 50cm deep x 72cm
      high. The drawer cabinet must fit under the desk, be freestanding, and have casters to roll on if it cannot be
      hung underneath the desktop or on the partition wall. The drawer file cabinet must have a lock with two
      keys. The preferred finish is natural wood, but other finishes are also acceptable. All parts of the
      workstation needs to be scratch resistant and resistant to collapse, buckling and fading. The workstation
      will be attached to the partitions in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of the SOW and aligned per Attachment
      3 of the SOW. The workstation will have an electrical cable raceway on the bottom, and a second cable
      raceway for network cables immediately above the surface of the desktop. The workstation supplied shall
      include electrical connections for at least two 220V electrical outlets per workstation. This paragraph is
      included to describe the characteristics for the workstation to be included in CLIN’s 0007- CLIN 0010.

Note for CLINS 0001-0010- Requested sizes are approximate; however size variation shall be no more than
5cm from any given dimension.

CLIN 0001
        High back office chair, black color with adjustable seat depth, seat height, with adjustable arm and lumbar
        support. Chair shall have roller wheels/castors. The dimensions of the chair should be roughly equivalent
        to 66cm x 70cm x 117cm. The chairs will not have headrest. The fabric of the chair shall be made of a
        durable elastic mesh material in order to not accumulate body heat. The chair shall be durable enough to
        accommodate a people between 5ft 0 in tall and 6ft 4in tall person weighing up to 250lbs for 12-16 hours
        per day for 7 days per week (i.e. Ergohuman model EH-HAM).

CLIN 0002
        Medium back office chair, black color with adjustable seat height. Chair shall have roller wheels/castors.
        The dimensions of the chair should be roughly equivalent to 66cm x 70cm x 110cm. The chairs will not
        have headrest. The chair shall be durable enough to accommodate people between 5ft 0 in tall and 6ft 4in
        tall person weighing up to 250lbs for 12 hours per day for 7 days per week.

CLIN 0003
        The overhead shelf should be approximately 150cm long x 25cm deep, and this shelf will extend from one
        side of the workstation to the other. The shelf must be attachable to the partitions. The preferred finish is
        natural wood, but other finishes are also acceptable. All parts of the workstation needs to be scratch
        resistant and resistant to collapse, buckling and fading.


CLIN 0004
        The overhead shelf shall have a fluorescent lamp hung from the bottom of the shelf. The lamp shall have
        two fluorescent bulbs, and shall provide overhead illumination for the desktop workspace. The length of
        the lamp bulbs shall be at least half as long as the shelf. The bulbs shall be energy efficient.
CLIN 0005
        The left and right side inside walls of each workstation will have a whiteboard attached to the partition
        walls. The size of the whiteboard will be sized based on the partition walls supplied. The whiteboard will
        cover the partition wall from front to back, and the height will be defined by the top surface of the desktop
        extending to the bottom of the overhead shelf. The whiteboard will not have a tray for marker storage.

CLIN 0006
84 each 220V POWER STRIPS
        These power strips will be CE rated to 13 Amps. The power cord for the power strips must be 4 ft at a
        minimum, have 6 outlets.


The partitions assembled and installed under this solicitation must have blue inlays which match the existing
partition within the building. All inlays assembled and installed as part of this SOW must be the same color. The
height of partition walls should exceed 5 ft 6 in. Prior to the purchase of the partitions, the contractor shall submit
catalog specification sheets and a “TO SCALE” shop drawing to the End User POC, ASG Fire Prevention, and
DPW for pre-approvals. Specification sheets shall meet the minimum NFPA 101, Class A or Class B interior finish
requirements which shall be provided to the ASG Fire Prevention and DPW for review and approval.

NFPA 101, Interior Finish Compliant Class A or Class B interior finish requirements are as follows:
       1) Shall not contain any formaldehyde or any flammable materials or carcinogens.

The minimum acceptable standards are:
        1) British Standard 7176 which is equal to the NFPA 101, interior finish Class A or Class B standard. The
        flame retardant conforms to BS 5852 Part 1, 1979

         2) Flame spread index 26-75 – smoke developed index – 0-450. An ASG Partition Submittal Form must be
         submitted by the contractor for approval.

In all locations the partitions will allow 36” of access to all electrical, data, and communications utility panels. No
utilities panels will be blocked and if necessary the contractor shall cut access panels in the partition walls.

Acceptable fabric colors for the inlay may be beige, blue, grey/gray, green, or tan. The partition needs to be scratch
resistant and resistant to collapse, buckling and fading. The partition/wall will be attached and assembled in
accordance with paragraph 5.2 and Attachment 3 of the SOW.

All walls assembled and installed will be the same height and color and will be approximately 160 cm tall.

Back partition walls shall be approximately 160cm high x 150cm wide x no less than 6cm thick.

Side partition walls shall be approximately 160cm high x 60cm wide x no less than 6cm thick.


CLIN 0007
        This item includes a set of two STRAIGHT MEDIUM ATTACHED WORKSTATIONS aligned side by
        side. There shall be three side partition walls, and two back partition walls in this configuration

CLIN 0008
         This item includes a set of three STRAIGHT MEDIUM ATTACHED WORKSTATIONS aligned side by
         side. There shall be four side partition walls, and three back partition walls in this configuration

CLIN 0009
        This item includes a set of four 0001 STRAIGHT MEDIUM ATTACHED WORKSTATIONS, two
        aligned side by side, and another set of two against the back. There shall be six side partition walls, and
        two back partition walls in this configuration

CLIN 0010
        This item includes a set of six STRAIGHT MEDIUM ATTACHED WORKSTATIONS three aligned side
        by side, and another set of three against the back. There shall be eight side partition walls, and three back
        partition walls in this configuration

Partitions shall be supplied and assembled and installed in accordance with the drawings in Attachment 3, which
indicates the approximate sizes and placement of the partitions to be assembled and installed. Even though door
locations are indicated on the floor plan, only openings are requested in these areas.

Partitions shall not be placed in a manner as to violate aisle and corridor width requirements set forth by ASG-KU
Fire codes. A pre-delivery meeting shall be held to ensure that all requirements are met and understood prior to any
actual placement of furniture and partitions. Required participants shall be, but are not limited to the following
personnel: ASG Fire Marshall, DPW, End User, POC, and the Contractor.

NFPA 101, interior finish requirements are as follows:
       1) Shall not contain any formaldehyde or any flammable materials or carcinogens.

The minimum acceptable standards are:
        1) British Standard which is equal to the American Class A or Class B standard. The flame retardant
        conforms to BS 5852 Part 1, 1979.

         2) Flame spread index 26-75 – smoke developed index – 0-450.
                                       TECHNICAL EXHIBIT 2
                                     DELIVERABLES SCHEDULE

  DELIVERABLE                        FREQUENCY                    Method of Delivery     SUBMIT TO
Project Manager         Due within 5 days after contract award   Both hard copy (Paper   Contracting
Contact Information:                                             and electronic format   Officer & POC
SOW 1.3
Installation Schedule   Due within 5 days after contract award   Both hard copy (Paper   Contracting
                                                                 and electronic format   Officer & POC
SOW 5.5                                                          (email)
Warranty POC:           Due at final acceptance inspection       Both hard copy (Paper   Contracting
                                                                 and electronic format   Officer & POC
SOW 5.10                                                         (email)
                                        ATTACHMENT 1 DBA Application (Upon Award)
                                     APPLICATION FOR DEFENSE BASE ACT COVERAGE
                                       U.S. Army Contracting Command, SWA-Kuwait (408 )

        FULL NAME OF INSURED OR COMPANY: ____________________________________ (as it appears on
        contract with U.S. Army Contracting Command, SWA-Kuwait)

        COMPLETE ADDRESS:                                                         ____________________________________



        TELEPHONE NUMBER: ________________________                     FAX NUMBER: ______________________________

        CONTACT PERSON: _________________________________ EMAIL: __________________________________

        COVERAGE EFFECTIVE DATE: ____________________________________

        COUNTRY OF INCORPORATION ____________________________________

TYPE OF CONTRACT: CONSTRUCTION ____ $4.25/$100 SECURITY____$10.00/$100 SERVICE __X_ $3.50/$100

        (U.S. Dollars Only – Example: $10,569.82)
   1.   _____________________________________________________________________

   2.   _____________________________________________________________________

   3.   _____________________________________________________________________

        (Attach a separate sheet or copy application for more than 3 contracts)


        CONTRACTING OFFICER: ___________________________


        CONTRACTOR: __________________________

        (Please provide a separate estimate for each contract. You may provide an annual estimate, if applicable, or
        shorter term estimate if contract is less than one year. This estimate is for the overseas portion of the contract only.
        You will be billed based on your payroll estimate.

        DATE: _____________ SIGNATURE/TITLE: ________________________
                       DEFENSE BASE ACT (DBA) APPLICATION

Full Name of Insured or Company and Complete Mailing Address:

This is whoever has the contract with Army Contracting Command (ACC)-Kuwait. Generally, it is a company
name, but it could be an Independent Consultant, hence asking for the full name of the insured or company. It
should be as it is on your contract from ACC-KU/408 (or the contract from the prime contractor if you are a
subcontractor). If you are a subcontractor, you would indicate your name and address, not that of the prime
contractor. You do not need to list the names of the employees (or consultants, if hired by a company) who are
actually going to be doing the work overseas as the policy will be in the name of the contract holder.

Telephone Number and Fax Number:

Contact Person: This would be the person we send the complete policy and invoice to (generally the person who
contacts Rutherfoord for the coverage, but it may be someone else in your company—if so, please be sure they are
aware that they will be receiving this policy from Rutherfoord).

Email: This should be the email address for the contact person.

Coverage Effective Date: This is generally the date the contract starts or becomes effective. All initial policies will
be open for 1 year from this date, with renewal an option, if needed. If you need to add or increase coverage during
the policy period, please indicate a new effective date for the change, as the policy period will remain the same
based on the original effective date.

Contract Number: This is your specific contract number issued by Army Contracting Command (ACC) Kuwait. If
you are a subcontractor, please indicate the prime contractor’s contract number on the application and not your
subcontract number.

Total Labor Cost: There should be only one (1) figure on the application for labor cost, regardless of how many
people are traveling to do the work. Labor costs should be direct salary (plus overseas recruitment incentive,
danger/hazard pay, and post differential) but excluding per diem, travel expenses, housing allowance, temporary
quarters allowance, education allowance and other miscellaneous post allowance. To calculate, you would take the
daily rate of each worker multiplied by the number of working days only and this would equal the Labor Cost. For
example, you have 5 people working overseas on the contract for $500 per day, for 15 days. The total labor cost
you would indicate on the application would be $37,500. We would then take the $37,500 and multiply it by the rate
for the coverage and that would equal the premium we would charge. The current rates as of 4/1/11 are Service
$3.50 per $100 of payroll; Construction $4.25 per $100 of payroll; Security $10.00 per $100 of payroll and
Aviation $17.00 per $100 of payroll. So, the premium based on the preceding example would be $1,313; $1,594;
$3,750 and $6,375, respectively. We round all labor costs and premiums to the nearest whole dollar. You can also
include the labor cost for consultants here to be covered under your policy.

          Please only put your TOTAL LABOR COST on the application, NOT your DBA premium!

**Do not include subcontractor’s payroll costs in your ACC-KU DBA policy Application. Subcontractors
must obtain an ACC-KU DBA policy in their own name. Subcontractors must provide the “prime” contract
number when completing an application.**

Brief Description of Work to be performed:

Principal Country(ies) in which contract will be performed:

Date, Signature and Title: We have an e-mail version of our application (a word version document) which can be
completed, saved and e-mailed back to the POCs Nikki Houngmany at or Sara Payne at This method is preferred, and the date, signature, and title should also be typed on
the application, even if you do not have an electronic signature. One copy returned is all that is needed; you do not
need to fax a signed copy or send the original by mail.

•         Please do not complete and return the application to us if you have not actually been awarded a
contract. If you need to know the cost for quoting purposes, please use the example above under payroll to
calculate the cost.

•        All of the policies we issue for this coverage are annual (1 year policies); however, we only bill
premiums based on the time the workers are overseas. Unless the workers will be overseas for at least 1 year
where you can give an annual labor cost, the policy can be endorsed as needed during the policy year for
additional trips or new contracts can be added, deleted, etc. at that time.

•        This policy is renewable, if needed, with a renewal sheet being sent to you approximately 1 month
prior to your policy expiration.

•         This policy is audited at the end of your policy year, which is basically a worksheet that we will send
indicating the contract number(s) and labor cost(s) that are given to us during the year. You would then
indicate the actual labor cost for the contract and we would adjust the payrolls accordingly.
                                                 ATTACHMENT 2

                                   Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy

(a) Definitions. As used in this policy –
“Sexual Assault” means –A crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical
threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assault includes rape,
nonconsensual sodomy (oral or anal sex), indecent assault (unwanted, inappropriate sexual contact or fondling), or
attempts to commit these acts. Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender or spousal relationship or age of
victim. “Consent” will not be deemed or construed to mean the failure by the victim to offer physical resistance.
Consent is not given when a person uses force, threat of force, or coercion or when the victim is asleep,
incapacitated, or unconscious.
“Sexual Harassment” means –
(a) Gender discrimination that involves unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or
physical conduct of a sexual nature between the same or opposite sex genders when such conduct has the purpose or
effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or
offensive working environment. Categories of sexual harassment are:
(1) Verbal – Examples include telling sexual jokes; using sexually explicit profanity, threats, sexually oriented
cadences, or sexual comments; whistling in a sexually suggestive manner; and describing certain attributes of one’s
physical appearance in a sexual manner.
(2) Nonverbal – Examples include staring at someone, blowing kisses, winking, or licking one’s lips in a suggestive
manner. The term may also include printed material (for example, displaying sexually oriented pictures or
cartoons); using sexually oriented screen savers on one’s computer; or sending sexually oriented notes, letters, faxes
or email.
(3) Physical Contact – Examples include touching, patting, pinching, bumping, grabbing, cornering, or blocking a
passageway; kissing; and providing unsolicited back or neck rubs.
(b) Policy. The Department of Defense has adopted a policy to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.
Contractors and contractor employees in the Army Central Command (ARCENT) Area of Responsibility (AOR)
shall not –
(1) Commit acts of sexual assault against any person on any camp, post, installation, or other United States enclave
within the ARCENT AOR; or
(2) Sexually harass any person on any camp, post, installation, or other United States enclave within the ARCENT
(c) Contractor requirements. The contractor shall –
(1) Notify its employees of –
(i) The Department of Defenses’ policy described in paragraph (b); and
(ii) The actions that will be taken against employees for violations of this policy. Such actions may include, but are
not limited to, removal from the contract, reduction in benefits, or termination of employment;
(2) Take appropriate action, up to and including termination, against employees or subcontractors that violate the
policy in paragraph (b); and
(3) Annually train all employees to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment. This training must, at a minimum,
ensure that all contractor employees understanding the definitions outlined in paragraph (a) and the policy in
paragraph (b). Each employee’s compliance with this training requirement shall be reported to the Contracting
Officer’s Representative prior to the employee being allowed access to the worksite.
(d) Notification. The contractor shall inform the Contracting Officer immediately of –
(1) Any information it receives from any source (including host country law enforcement) that alleges a contractor
employee, subcontractor, or sub-contractor employee has engaged in conduct that violates this policy; and
(2) Any actions taken against contractor employees, subcontractors, or subcontractor employees pursuant to this
(e) Remedies. In addition to other remedies available to the Government, the contractor's failure to comply with the
requirements of paragraphs (c), (d), or (f) of this policy may result in –
(1) Requiring the contractor to remove a contractor’s employee or employees from the performance of the contract;
(2) Requiring the contractor to terminate a subcontract;
(3) Suspension of contract payments;
(4) Loss of award fee, consistent with the award fee plan, for the performance period in which the Government
determined contractor non-compliance;
(5) Termination of the contract for default or cause, in accordance with the termination clause of this contract; or
(6) Suspension or debarment.
(f) Subcontracts. The contractor shall include the substance of this policy, including this paragraph (f), in all
(g) Mitigating Factor. The Contracting Officer may consider whether the contactor had a Sexual Assault Prevention
and Response training program at the time of the violation as a mitigating factor when determining remedies.
Additional information about Sexual Assault Prevention and Response training programs can be found at the
Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response home page,
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