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									                  Welsh Athletics
                      Club Awards 2012
    The 2012 Welsh Athletics Awards programme will see many
volunteers from across the country recognised for their contributions
             in supporting the development of the sport.
    Award categories will recognise the work of clubs, volunteers, officials and coaches.
   They will reward contributions and commitments to our sport over the past 12 month
                 period, with a limited number of lifetime service awards.

       Full details of award categories and criteria for nomination are given overleaf.

               The Welsh Athletics Clubs Awards programme will culminate at the
                    Welsh Athletics Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner
                    Saturday 13th October 2012, Angel Hotel, Cardiff.

       Welsh National winners in each category will then be considered for nomination for
                  UK wide recognition at the UKA Annual Awards celebration.

To nominate someone for an award, please complete the nomination form and return it by
                            Monday 3rd September 2012.

         Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Welsh Athletics website.

    We encourage people to submit their forms by email to office@welshathletics.org
wherever possible. We will also accept postal submissions (address details are on the form).

                For further information on the activities of Welsh Athletics
                        please visit www.welshathletics.org
                                        Award Categories & Criteria
                                       Please read and digest before making a nomination

Clubs                                                               Coaches
1 Track & Field Club of the Year                                    1 Participation / Development Coach
                                                                       (coaches working mainly in the club and community
2 Off Track Club of the Year                                            environment)
3 Junior Club of the Year                                           2 Performance Coach (coaches working mainly with
4 Inclusivity Club of the Year                                       athletes and coaches to a national or international standard)

Criteria: nominations in all categories should clearly              Criteria: nominations in each category should clearly
demonstrate why a particular club should be recognised.             demonstrate why a coach should be recognised.
Nominees Junior club will have focused work on young                For example, the awards might give recognition to:
people under the age of 20.                                            a coach for their contribution in developing other
Nominated clubs might include, for example:                             coaches and athletes under their leadership.
  clubs that, in the last 12 months, have developed                   a coach who has contributed to the achievement of
   innovative plans for coaching a particular age group or              athlete success during the last 12 months at a club or
   discipline.                                                          county level.
  clubs that have become ‘centres of excellence’ within a
   particular area for one or more disciplines                      Partnership
  clubs that have developed a coaching scheme within the
   club that has really supported athletes and helped with          1 Athletics Partnership
   their development.
  clubs that network with other clubs and share resources to       Criteria: nominations should clearly demonstrate why a
   develop the sport at a local level.                              partnership should be recognised.
                                                                    Nominees might include, for example:
Volunteer                                                              a productive partnership between a Welsh Athletics
                                                                        affiliated club and its partner schools, borough or council
1 Volunteer of the Year                                                 sports development team or sports partnership, to
2 Services to Club Development                                          develop an innovative scheme in their area.

Criteria: in each category a nomination should                      Prizes
demonstrate clearly why the contribution of a volunteer             Every winner will be presented with trophy to
should be recognised. Nominees might include, for                   recognise their achievement which will take place at a
example:                                                            prize giving prior to the Welsh Athletics AGM.
  a person who has contributed significant time and energy
   to their club, county or region, or who has come up with a
   new idea or exciting project to help their club, county or
   region during the last 12 months or beyond.                       Closing Date for nominations for Welsh Club Awards.
                                                                      Monday 10th September 2012.
                                                                     Awards Panel meet and decide winners.
Officials                                                            Winners notified and presentations will be made at the
                                                                      Welsh Athletics Annual Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner on
1 Newcomer to Officiating
                                                                      Saturday 13th October 2012 at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff.
2 Off Track Official of the Year                                     Welsh Athletics sends details of winners to UKA who
3 Track & Field Official of the Year                                  prepare shortlist for UK awards and notify nominees.
                                                                     UKA Awards Dinner - Details to be announced
Criteria: in each category nominations should
demonstrate clearly why the official should be
recognised. For example, the awards might give
recognition to:
  an official who has supported other officials in their
   region, and who may have helped to improve education
   and training.
Welsh Athletics
In partnership with   UK Athletics

2012 Club Awards
Nomination form
Your details as the nominator
 Your name
 Your position
 Your address

 Email address
 Phone number

Details of the nomination
 Nominees name
 Award title nominated for (please tick)
                             1. Track & Field                     2. Off Track
                             3. Junior                            4. Inclusivity
                             1. Volunteer of the Year
                             2. Services to Club Development
                             1. Newcomer to Officiating           2. Off Track Official
                             3. Track & Field Official
                             1. Participation/ Development Coach
                             2. Performance Coach
 Partnership                 Athletics Partnership

 Nominees address

 Email address
 Phone number
Details of the nomination:
     Please detail in the spaces below and on any additional pages (up to 200 words MAXIMUM) the reasons for
  nomination using the tiles provided. Please include as much information as you feel is relevant to the Awards Panel
         regarding the person/team you are nominating and the award for which you are nominating them:

Why the nominee should receive the award
(Complete this section with reference to the selection criteria in the guidelines)

Supporting information
(Summarise the best achievements of the year)

Please return this form to:
                                                           Club Awards, Welsh Athletics Ltd
               Cardiff International Sports Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff CF11 8AZ office@welshathletics.org

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