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    Red River Enterprises Ltd

Part Time Administration Assistant
             January 2012
Extract from the Red River Enterprises Limited Executive Summary

Red River Enterprises focus on providing high quality help, support and advice to the business and
community and voluntary sectors in Northern Ireland.

We are a leading management consultancy with a specialist focus on community development and
business creation and development.

Red River works in partnership with a range of external agencies to ensure that we provide practical,
efficient and effective support and quality advice in order to help your organisation grow and

The Role

As a Part Time Administration Assistant you will be responsible for providing administrative and
clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.

This role will involve:

Providing administrative support to ensure that municipal operations are maintained in an
effective, up to date and accurate manner, including:

    1.   Type correspondence, reports and other documents
    2.   Create and maintain office files, confidential records, client files and minutes.
    3.   Maintain the company website
    4.   Research and assist with the preparation of reports and documentation
    5.   Prepare documents and reports on the computer
    6.   Meet and signpost clients and assist visitors
    7.   Deal with telephone enquiries, correspondence and emails effectively
    8.   Any other duties as the Director(s) may deem necessary

Essential Criteria:
Application would be expected to have at least:

1. 2 years experience working in a related field.*
*Related fields covers any activity including but not limited to: Administration, Office Administration, Receptionist,
Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Clerical officer, Secretary, Clerk.

2. 5 A-C grades in GCSE’s including English & Maths. or the equivalent

3. The ability to work as part of a dynamic and strategic team.

4. The necessary oral and written skills to communicate effectively.

5. Demonstrable ability to use ICT effectively, including office software for word processing and data
input and analysis.
Desirable Criteria
It is desirable that the applicants have the following:

1. Pervious work in business creation or development, including business start-up, strategic
leadership and the importance of local business investment.

2. Current or previous experience as in an administration field.

3. An established understanding of effective report writing and document creation

4. An understanding of community development practice.

6. Evidence of personal and professional development.

Tenure: Part Time

Remuneration: £4.98 - £8.10 per hour. Paid in arrears.

Time commitment: 10 hours/week.

Location: This role will be based in the West Tyrone area. There may be the opportunity to work from

Application format: Applications should be made on the application form attached. CV are accepted
if desired by the applicant, however these will not be considered when scoring the applications.

Closing date: Wednesday 22nd February at 2pm.

Late applications will not be accepted. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that applications
are received on time.

Applications can be sent to
                      Red River Enterprises Ltd
                      35 Drumlegagh Road
                      BT78 4HE

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a brief interview. Email notification will be issued
providing an interview date and time.

Interviews will be from 24th 29th February 2012.
                                       Application Form
Post: Part-Time Administration Assistant.

Personal Details

Forename:     ______________________________                 Surname:__________________________

Address:      ______________________________

Town:         ______________________________

County:       ______________________________

Post Code:    ______________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________________

Telephone:    _____________________________                  Email: _____________________________

Do you consider yourself to have a disability: Yes      No


Please provide a short resume of your most recent and previous employment.

Job Title                 Employer                   Dates (From – To)       Job Description/ Role

Are you currently unemployed? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Please provide a short resume of any formal qualifications attained that are relevant to the post.

Qualification                      Awarding Body                               Date achieved

Please provide two references:

Referee 1

Forename:       ______________________________             Surname:__________________________

Address:        ______________________________

Town:           ______________________________

County:         ______________________________

Post Code:      ______________________________

Job Title/ Role: ______________________________

Referee 2

Forename:       ______________________________             Surname:__________________________

Address:        ______________________________

Town:           ______________________________

County:         ______________________________

Post Code:      ______________________________

Job Title/ Role: ______________________________
There are four questions. These will be used to assess your suitability for the post. Please not that if
you have supplied a CV, only the information supplied in your form will be scored.

Question 1 – Knowledge

How has your knowledge and experience of office or business administration prepared you for this

Question 2 – Experience

Give an example of a time when you had to prioritise and complete multiple tasks.

Question 3 – ICT competence

Briefly outline you ability to use ICT effectively, stating programmes you are competent in using.
Question 4 – Sector Knowledge

Explain, by way of example, how you have managed to organise or coordinate a meeting or event.

Please use this space to provide any additional information you may consider relevant to your
application. This is an option section of the application form.


I certify that the information I have provided in this application is true and accurate.

I acknowledge that the submission of this application does not constitute any agreement or
contract and that my application will be scored on parity with each one received.

I further acknowledge that the application process is conducted in line with all equality legislation
and adheres to all section 75 requirements.

Signed (Applicant)____________________________________             Date_______________________

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