ALTERNATIVES, INC.
SOP:    H6, JD15                                   Subject:    Job Description
                                                               Administrative Assistant Supervisor
 Section: Personnel                                Page 1 of 8
 Related ACA Standards: None                       Revision Date: April 9, 2012
 Signature:                                        Effective Date: April 26, 2012



REQUIRED: 1. A Bachelor’s degree and two years secretarial experience, one year of this work
             experience to have involved supervisory responsibility.
             A high school diploma and three or more years secretarial experience and one year of
             supervisory experience.
          2. Good writing, spelling, and verbal skills; and the ability to type 60 words per minute.
          3. Experience in organizing and maintaining records and filing systems.
          4. Evidence of strong interpersonal skills with subordinates, co-workers, and the public
             is required.
          5. Experience with copiers, fax machines, postage meters, and key telephone systems.
          6. One year experience/training in word processing in Windows program (Windows XP
          7. Valid Montana Driver's license.

PREFERRED: 1. Experience in the use of database management software.
           2. Experience in a social service or residential treatment setting.
           3. Knowledge of area private non-profit and public agencies is desirable.


       Alternatives, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation located in downtown Billings. The organization
       provides residential supervision and treatment programs for state and federal inmates, and
       alternatives to jail in Yellowstone, Carbon, and Stillwater Counties.

       Employment responsibilities require a person with resilience, the ability to deal with stressful
       situations such as verbal confrontations with clients, and the ability to react quickly to deescalate
       potentially explosive situations. While incidents of physically aggressive or assaultive behavior
       on the part of clients have been infrequent, a significant portion of the clients have been
       convicted of violent offenses. As such, the possibility of physical aggression must be
       anticipated. Employees are expected to be physically fit and mentally alert so as to be able to
       handle such incidents with the minimum physical force necessary to defend oneself, others and
       property. Alternatives, Inc. also offers services to offenders (mentally and physically
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Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

      challenged), who need extra attention and assistance, but are still to be held accountable to
      program rules.

      Considerable documentation and paperwork requirements exist. The employees of Alternatives,
      Inc. must be able to organize, manage time effectively, and keep records orderly and up to date.
      Use of computers for record-keeping purposes is commonplace and you may be required to learn
      computer operations, to enter data and develop reports.

      The Alternatives, Inc. building is designated as a tobacco-free facility area. Employees will be
      permitted to take breaks for the purpose of smoking or chewing but may not do so in the
      building. Employees are asked not to wear cologne, aftershave, perfume or other scented
      grooming aides. This requirement has been instituted to promote a healthier workplace, and in
      consideration of co-workers and clients with chemical sensitivities or allergies.


      The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is directly accountable to the Deputy
      Administrator (DA) of Alternatives, Inc.

      Semi-annual performance evaluations will be conducted by the employee's supervisor during
      their first year of employment and during the first year of their current position. Annual
      performance evaluations will be conducted on the anniversary date of their hire or current
      position thereafter. Written quarterly summaries on the status of assignments may also be
      required of each employee by his/her supervisor. There is an initial probation period of 180 days
      from the date of hire, during which time the supervisor of this position may discharge the
      probationer without cause. In the case of promotion to a new job title there is a 180-day training
      period. During the training period, the employee's supervisor may return the employee to his
      former position and pay grade or a similar position for unsatisfactory performance.


      The current starting salary for the position is $35,000.00, although consideration will be given
      the successful candidate's experience and educational background.

      Permanent full-time employees of Alternatives, Inc. are entitled to personal time off (PTO),
      individual health and dental insurance, and retirement benefits. Alternatives, Inc. participates in
      the State Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance plans.

      Permanent part-time employees are entitled to a pro-rata share of benefits based on the
      percentage of full-time hours worked (full-time = 40 hours per week).

      Temporary full-time and part-time workers are not eligible for benefits.
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 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

       Specific detail regarding benefits will be provided upon request at the time of interview or at the
       time of hire.


       General Overview:
       The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is in charge of all secretarial, records, and
       training personnel for Alpha House Pre-Release Center. The duties include hiring, training,
       evaluation, personnel actions, payroll, etc. The Administrative Assistant is also in charge of the
       Records, Secretarial and Training Departments and Database Management and Personnel duties
       as outlined below.

General Requirements:
      1.   All employees of Alternatives, Inc. are required to comply with the limits of
           confidentiality concerning client information. The specifics of the confidentiality limits
           are detailed in SOP I1. In general, no information on clients other than name, current
           offense, and whether or not the individual is a client may be given out in writing or
           verbally without a signed consent form from the client. An exception to this is the case of
           Deferred Prosecution clients, whose names, charges, and status in the program are not a
           matter of public record and may not be divulged. File materials may not be copied or
           distributed without a signed release. Under no circumstances are prison files,
           psychological evaluations, or chemical dependency evaluations to be released, shown to,
           or discussed with the client or other persons without a signed release from the source of
           these materials. Failure to comply with confidentiality standards will render an employee
           of Alternatives, Inc. subject to disciplinary action up to termination of employment,
           depending on the seriousness of the violation.
      2.   No employee of Alternatives, Inc. shall use his or her position and its implied authority for
           personal gain. Staff members shall not:
            a. Exchange personal gifts or favors or engage in any business barter with clients, their
                family, or friends.
            b. Accept any form of bribe or unlawful inducement.
            c. Perform duties under the influence of intoxicants or consume intoxicants while on
            d. Violate or disobey established rules, regulations, or lawful orders from a supervisor.
            e. Discriminate against any client on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, national
                origin, or other individual characteristic.
            f. Employ corporal punishment or unnecessary physical force.
            g. Subject clients to any form of physical or mental abuse.
            h. Demean or intentionally humiliate clients.
            i. Bring any type of weapon(s) or item(s) declared as contraband into the facility
                without proper authorization.
            j. Engage in critical discussion of staff members or clients in the presence of other
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 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

              k. Divulge confidential information without proper authorization.
              l. Withhold information which, in so doing, threatens the security of the facility, its
                  staff, clients, visitors, or the community.
              m. Endanger the well-being of self or others through intent or neglect.
              n. Inquire about, disclose, or discuss details of client's crime(s) other than as may be
                  absolutely necessary in performing duties.
              o. Engage in any kind of social contact with clients except as a part of a staff member's
                  approved Job Duties and as authorized by supervisory staff.
       3.    All employees of Alternatives, Inc. are expected to attend meetings as directed by their
             supervisor. Those persons receiving permission from their supervisor to not attend a
             meeting are responsible for the content of the meeting through reading of minutes of the
             Team attendance is mandatory and is a requirement of your employment at Alternatives,
             Inc. If for any reason you must miss an assigned Team Meeting, it is your responsibility
             to notify your Team Leader of your intended absence and request to be excused for a
             specific Team Meeting. If you will be absent from an assigned Team Meeting, it is your
             responsibility to ensure that your team duties are covered.
       4.    All employees of Alternatives, Inc. are responsible for reading and complying with
             standards and procedures in the following documents:
             a. Personnel Policy Manual (Employee Handbook)
             b. Standard Operating Procedures
       5.    Alternatives, Inc. personnel are responsible for attending and documenting satisfactory
             completion of 40 hours of supervisor approved training activities each fiscal year.

Specific Duties:

Staff Supervision Management
    1. Supervise the following staff as per Job Descriptions during the course of their duties:
                          1. One IS Tech Reports Manager, SOP H6, JD4
                          2. One IS Tech Documents Manager, SOP H6, JD5
                          3. One Alpha Data Manager, SOP H6, JD10
                          4. One Alpha Records Manager, SOP H6, JD34
                          5. One Lead Secretary, SOP H6, JD66
                          6. One IS Tech Intake Manager, SOP H6, JD19
                          7. One IS Tech File Manager, SOP H6, JD53
                          8. One Janitor-Part Time, SOP H6, JD108
                          9. Maintenance Supervisor (co-supervise with Maintenance Manager), SOP
                             H6, JD47

   2. Responsible for keeping current all Job Descriptions and Six-Month Training Checklists (if
      applicable) for the staff they supervise. Each job description updated annually.
   3. Responsible for keeping current the I series of SOP’s.
   4. Responsible for the staff they supervise reading the I series of the SOP’s and testing on an annual
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 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

       basis. Delegate the SOP’s and write a test.
   5. Responsible for timely and accurate electronic time clock records for the staff the AAS
   6. Responsible to ensure staff are current with mandatory training and coordinating with Agency
       Trainer to ensure 40 hours of training per fiscal year.
   7. Responsible for scheduling staff in order to ensure all job duties are completed as listed in JD’s
       for staff they supervise. Any staff member requesting PTO is responsible to coordinate coverage
       of their duties through negotiation in the respective teams. The AAS has final approval for
       vacation requests. Vacation requests are approved based on the needs of the Department and
   8. Responsible to ensure unit team meetings occur twice monthly.
   9. Responsible to ensure peer reviews / audits occur for Quality Control Plan.
   10. Responsible for individual coaching to any staff he/she feels needs extra time or training and
       document content of such meeting.
   11. Responsible for ensuring cross training is in place to accommodate staff leave.
   12. Responsible for timely annual and end of probation evaluations.
   13. Responsible for timely personnel disciplinary process for staff you supervise.
       a. Verbal warnings must be routed to the DA previous to presenting.
       b. Disciplinaries that will be routed to personnel file must be pre-approved by the Administrator
           prior to presentation.
   14. Responsible for coaching a mid-management team on a weekly basis.
   15. Responsible to oversee 6-minute training process for units.
   16. Responsible to identify training needs and coordinate with designated unit-training person.
   17. Responsible for initial staff / client mediator for all grievances which involve unit following
       grievance procedures in SOP H21 and SOP L18.
   18. Responsible for coordinating with designated unit point person.
   19. Attend ACES, Delta, Coaches, KAPPA, and All Staff meetings.
   20. Coach Resident, Safety, and PALS Teams.
   21. Assist in the coordination of the annual Multicultural resident party.
   22. Assist Deputy Administrator in the annual goal setting process.
   23. Assist Training Supervisor with development of annual training calendar.
   24. Assist the Program Committee chair in development of the annual agency evaluation.
   25. Assist the Deputy Administrator in preparation for Federal and State monitoring.
   26. Responsible for unit communications to KAPPA mid-management team.
   27. Responsible for unit communications to All Staff.

Other Specific Duties:

   1. Contact person for database/computer matters that need the attention of Eide Bailey.
   2. Responsible to keep Alpha Beta team e-mail groups updated to the extent possible.
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 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

   3. Type and electronically store all Alpha and Beta HR Evaluations and Personnel memos and route
       to Deputy Administrator for approval.
   4. Coordinate Alpha Beta Alternatives birthday lunch and attend.
   5. Coordinate semi-annual Agency sponsored Health Fairs for the Alpha/Beta location.
   6. Oversee the staff training requirements in training database and assure the Training Supervisor
       reports regularly to supervisors throughout year if makeup is needed by their staff with biannual
       training reports to supervisory staff.
   7. Set up interviews by calling the applicants, reserving rooms, putting together interview packets,
       updating interview questionnaires, and notifying the supervisors/secretarial area of the interview
       times. If in-house applicants, ask HR for a copy their original application for the interview.
       Following the hiring, route applications of the unsuccessful candidates to the HR Assistant.
   8. Initiate the termination packet for staff who are leaving or terminated and distribute to
   9. Complete the Administrative Assistant Termination Checklist and meet with staff leaving the
       agency to go over specific Termination Checklists and have them signed off. Prepare
       Termination paperwork ensuring its completion and route to DA for final review and signature.
       Route completed documents to Human Resources.
   10. In charge of the Alpha/Beta Master Key system, which includes control of keys, getting keys
       made, distribution of keys and annual audit of keys assigned. This includes the Carbon and
       Stillwater keys.
   11. Responsible to assign staff parking in private lot and maintain map for updates.
   12. Responsible for maintenance of the Alpha and Beta Alternatives phone systems by working with
       Capital Communications on correcting phone problems, adding staff to voice mail, and making
       sure the changes are made to the phone list.
   13. Coordinate the Alpha Beta Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year insuring that the
       plaque is ordered along with the nameplate and that all gifts are available to the supervisor
       presenting the awards. This includes the 5, 10, 15, etc. year recognition awards for the Alpha
       Beta staff.
   14. Member and Recorder of Program Committee of the Board of Directors and in-charge person for
       organization of the annual evaluations.
   15. Alpha/Beta notary public and point person for other staff wishing to become notaries.
   16. Maintain Alpha Beta SharePoint page and monitor for updates.
   17. Responsible to assure that Alpha DOC Contract reporting is properly completed and submitted
       timely. This includes the Quarterly UA Report, monthly Grievance Report, Biannual ITM, UA
       Screening Policy, and Self-Help report.
   18. Responsible for storage of PREA reports from the Screening/Disciplinary Coordinator.


         1.   In order to enhance the quality of services, the Administrative Assistant Supervisor
              (AAS) is expected to:
              a.    Attend to orientation procedures as directed by their Supervisor.
SOP: H6, JD15                                                            Page 7 of 9
Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

                b.     Familiarize self thoroughly with House Rules and Regulations.
                c.     Familiarize self thoroughly with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
                d.     Attend all in-house training sessions.

       2.       The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is responsible for informing their
                supervisor of significant developments related to Alternatives, Inc. Such issues are to be
                reported expediently, based on his/her assessment of the importance of the issue.
                Examples include:

                a.     Any resident involvement in the legal system or in violation of program rules and
                b.     Threats of legal action.
                c.     Public Relations problems.
                d.     Resident complaints.
                e.     Fraternization issues.
                f.     Medical incidents/accidents.
                g.     Repair requirements on van or facility.
                h.     Schedule changes, leave requests, reporting in sick, and any unauthorized
                       departures from the office.
                i.     Any suspected or confirmed violation of agency rules by clients.

       3.       The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is expected to report to his/her
                supervisor in an expedient fashion all areas of noncompliance with program procedures,
                along with suggested remedial plans or interventions.

       4.       The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is responsible within the best of his/her
                ability for maintaining a positive and professional image of Alternatives, Inc. in the
                community and within the agency. The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is
                required to deal with intra-agency concerns in a direct manner within the confines of the
                agency's chain-of-command or grievance procedures.
       5.       The Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS) is expected to be flexible in assuming
                new duties and schedule changes. He/she is to be creative in establishing or modifying
                program operation procedures, and obtaining approval of the appropriate authority
                previous to implementation.

Essential Physical Requirements
It is common to encounter potential hazards in the corrections environment. Some of these hazards could include, but
are not limited to: bodily fluids, heat, noise, dust, and stress. Alternatives Inc. has a Safety Management program in
place addressing these issues.
Physical Activity
Percentage of time (equaling 100%) during the normal workday the employee is required to:
 SOP: H6, JD15                                                        Page 8 of 9
 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

 Sit:            60%        Stand:             10%      Walk:                20%       Run:
 Squat:          Occ.       Bend:              Occ.     Twist:               5%        Lift:               Occ.
 Kneel:          Occ.       Drive:             5%       Climb:               Occ.      Crawl:              Occ.
 Reach above shoulder:      Occ.                        Other:

 Tools and/or Equipment:                                                                          Continuous
                                       Occasional (01-33%)          Frequent (34-66%)
 Keyboard                                                                                             X
 Office/equipment                                                                                     X
 Telephone                                                                                            X

 Repetitive Use of Hands and Feet:
                                                      Occasional            Frequent              Continuous
                                Not Required
                                                      (01-33%)              (34-66%)              (67-100%)
 Simple Grasping                                                                                      X
 Pushing / Pulling                                        X
 Typing / Data Entry                                      X
 Fine Manipulation                    X

 Sensory Requirements:
 Weight to be manually lifted each normal workday. (Occasional 1 - 33%, Frequent 34 - 66%, Continuous 67 - 100%)
                           Not Required               Occasional               Frequent            Continuous
 Up to 10 lbs                                                                      X
 Up to 20 lbs                                              X
 Up to 35 lbs                    X
 Up to 50 lbs                    X
 Up to 75 lbs                    X
 Up to 100 lbs                   X
 Over 100 lbs                    X
 Lifting and Carrying:
 Essential Functions
 The ability to resolve problems using critical thinking skills.
 The ability to communicate clearly, timely and effectively.
 The ability to develop and maintain an engaged workgroup.
 The ability to ensure a quality work product is produced in the departments assigned.
 The ability to come to work promptly and routinely.
 The ability to work under stress and to deadlines.
 The ability to manage and direct work of staff.
 The ability to manage expenses to budget.
 The ability to ensure service standards are met in the departments assigned.
I have read and understand the content of this Job Description and agree to comply with the terms and
conditions of my employment as described herein.

Employee Signature                  Date
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 Subject: Job Description, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AAS)

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