CSE 323 Human Computer Interaction by IM5lOy


									CSE 323 Human Computer Interaction
Spring 2011

Seawolves Scanner

To develop an utility that can scan QR codes outside doors of rooms and outside the building and
provides relevant information about the room or building. This utility can sold on android
market place or can made available to download from Stony Brook University Website.

Runs on Android 2.1 and above using Android App Inventor as the development environment.
The utility will use camera to scan QR codes and will interpret the information and can access
additional relevant information from it’s database and show it user in proper interface. For
example: QR code outside an Professor office will show office hours, professor’s email,
professor website and other relevant information.

Target Audience:
The utility will be mostly used by Stony Brook Students, Professor , Staff members and visitors.

Similar Products:
There are many QR scanner available at Android App Store , the one being QR Droid


This main advantage over general scanner is that it is customized version for Stony Brook
University. Since not much information can be QR codes , this application can access additional
from it’s database.

nstruction to Generate QR Code

    1. 1.Visit the Zing QR Generator Website http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/

    2. 2.Select Text in Contents drop down box as input data

    3. 3.Put the Information in the following format

People >>> Put URL for Image Here >>> Name of Instructor>>> (Faculty) >>> Put Email
Address Here >>> Put WebSite Address Here >>> Put Office Hours Day: hh:mm to hh:mm in
RoomNumber , Day: hh:mm to hh:mm in RoomNumber >>> Course Number , Course Webpage
>>> Course Number , Course Webpage >>> Course Number , Course Webpage


People >>> http://www.mm.cs.sunysb.edu/multi/people/Tony.jpg >>> Tony Scarlatos >>>
(Faculty) >>> tony@cs.sunysb.edu >>> http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~tony >>> Tue: 9:50 to
11:10 in CS-2125 , Wed: 12:10 to 1:40 in CS-2125 >>> CSE/ISE/EST 323 ,
http://www.mm.cs.sunysb.edu/323/index.html >>> CSE/ISE 300 ,
http://www.mm.cs.sunysb.edu/300/index.html >>> CSE/ISE 334 ,

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