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					        At a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Alleghany County, Virginia held on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
in the Alleghany County Governmental Complex, Covington, Virginia, thereof:
        PRESENT:                                     Stephen A. Bennett, Chairman
                                                     Carolyn T. Barnette, Vice-Chairman
                                                     Suzanne T. Adcock
                                                     Shannon P. Cox
                                                     G. Matt Garten

                 and                                 John R. Strutner, County Administrator
                                                     Chris Clark, Director of Public Works
                                                     Ryan Muterspaugh, Dirrector of Public Safety
                                                     Melissa A. Munsey, Deputy Clerk to the Board

        ABSENT:                                      Paige R. Morgan
                                                     Cletus W. Nicely
                                                     Jonathan A. Lanford, Assistant County Administrator

        The Chairman called the regular meeting to order.      Mrs. Cox gave the invocation and the audience remained standing for
the Pledge of Allegiance.

        Hearing no corrections or deletions, the Chairman declared the following minutes approved as submitted: (1) a regular
meeting held on September 18, 2012.


        Public Hearing was held to consider an amendment to the County Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2012-13. The
amendment is needed due to carry forwards in the amount of $5,095,800 and outstanding encumbrances in the amount of
$680,908.51 from the Fiscal Year 2011-12 budget. The total budget amendment is $5,776,708.51.

        The Chairman announced that this public hearing was advertised in the Virginian Review on Tuesday, September 25, 2012
in accordance with the Code of Virginia. He then called the public hearing to order.

        Mr. Strutner stated that this is standard procedure that is done every year. He mentioned that the General Operating carry
forwards are approximately $1 million less than last year. He commented that the outstanding encumbrances include contracts
designated for specific purposes which have been encumbered and carried into the next fiscal year. These items were obligated in
the previous year, but not completed during that time. He stated that carry forwards are funds that are accumulated from year to
year to pay for upcoming large projects (i.e., reassessment). He mentioned that there is an itemized list of carry forwards and
outstanding encumbrances in the agenda packet.

        There being no one else who wished to speak, the Chairman declared the public hearing closed. He stated that this will be
an action item on the next regular meeting agenda.

        Mr. Mac Beard, 3011 Longdale Furnace Road, handed out and read a prepared statement which is a part of this meeting.
The statement is as follows:
                My name is Mac Beard. I live in the Sharon District of Alleghany County at 3011 Longdale Furnace Road, Clifton
        Forge, VA, and I am a member of the Clifton Forge Public Library Advisory Board.

        Our board began a review of funding sources, and the distribution of those funds, relative to the Clifton Forge Public Library.
        This library serves the populations of Alleghany County and the Town of Clifton Forge. During this review, we recently
        learned that a statute in the Code of Virginia requires the State to discontinue funding for the Clifton Forge Public Library
        effective January 1, 2015. This is the first opportunity we have had to share this information with the Alleghany County
        Board of Supervisors.

                 This statute is:

                            §15.2-4116. Library aid continued.
                            In any transition under the provisions of this chapter, if a regional library system existed between
                            a former city and the county surrounding it, or if the former city continues to operate an
                             independent library, the Commonwealth shall continue state aid to the former regional library
                             system or independent library the same as if no transition had occurred. The Commonwealth
                             shall continue such aid for 15 years from the effective date of the court order granting town status.
                             (1991, c. 189, §15.1-965.24:1; 1994, c 775; 1997, c. 587; 2009, c. 483)

          The court ordered reversion date for the Town of Clifton Forge is January 1, 2000. Under this statute, the library would lose
          18% of its annual operating budget or approximately $29,000 in State support. We have elected to seek a legislative
          solution to this loss of State aid. The Board of Trustees has composed a letter to Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate
          Lacey E. Putney requesting that they introduce legislation in the 2013 session to remove Sect. 15.2-4116 from the Code of

          Our purpose this evening is to request a letter of support from the Alleghany Board of Supervisors to accompany our
          petition. Members of the Clifton Forge Public Library Board and supporters of the library stand ready to supply additional
          background and data to support this request and will be available to speak on behalf of this change.

          I’ll now ask members of the Clifton Forge Public Library Board and those who support the repeal of this legislation to stand
          and be recognized.

          Thank you for your time and consideration.

          Ms. Adcock asked if the statute is removed if it would cause the library to receive no funding. Mr. Beard replied that it would
not. He commented that it would allow State aid to continue and just remove the deadline.

          Mr. Bennett stated that he does not remember the library part of the legislation. He suggested that Mr. Beard check into
what happened in South Boston regarding their library as they were approximately three years ahead on their reversion process. He
also suggested letting Bedford know about this situation as they are getting ready to go through with this and to call Delegate Putney
for his input.

          Mr. John Hillert, 856 Palace Boulevard, updated the Board on Heritage Day activities which are being held this Saturday (i.e.,
music, food, vendors, demonstrations, etc.).


          Ms. Susan Hammond, VDOT Resident Engineer, gave an update on the following VDOT activities:

-         Performed major skin patching on Routes 661 and 600.
-         Completed dry runs on equipment in preparation of winter weather.
-         Replaced pipes on Routes 613 and 658.
-         Completed second mowing on secondary and primary routes. Interstate mowing is underway now.
-         Cut brush with State force and inmate crews throughout the County.
-         Debris piles from June 29 storm have been chipped and removed.

          -       Route 610 rural rustic project is underway and should be completed next week.
          -       Route 633 bridge project is still on schedule and on budget.
          -       Guardrail project on I-64 should be completed later this month.


          Mr. Strutner stated that VML and VACo have commented regarding the State having a budget surplus for three consecutive
years and that it is time for the State to stop shifting costs to local taxpayers. He commented that there is a draft resolution in the
agenda packet in support of restoration of State funding for aid to localities. He asked the Board to consider this resolution at the
next regular meeting.

          Ms. Adcock suggested taking action tonight.

          On motion of Ms. Adcock, seconded by Mr. Garten, that the Board add to the agenda as an action item to consider the
resolution in support of restoration of State funding for aid to localities.

Unanimously adopted by the following roll call vote:
Suzanne T. Adcock            Yes
Shannon P. Cox Yes
G. Matt Garten          Yes
Paige R. Morgan Absent
Cletus W. Nicely Absent
Carolyn T. Barnette     Yes
Stephen A. Bennett      Yes

         On motion of Ms. Adcock, seconded by Mrs. Cox, that the following resolution be adopted:

         WHEREAS, State financial assistance for mandated and high priority programs, including public education, health and
human services, public safety and constitutional officers, was $800 million less in FY 12 than in FY 09 and almost $500 million less in
FY 13 than in FY 09; and

         WHEREAS, cities and counties must balance their budgets during a time in which future State assistance is unreliable,
federal stimulus dollars are dwindling, and real estate assessments are either stagnant or in decline; and

         WHEREAS, the Appropriations Act contains $50 million in across-the-board cuts to cities and counties for both FY 13 and
$45 million in FY 14, under which localities are required to either elect to take reductions in particular state aid programs, or to send
the State a check for the amounts determined by the Department of Planning and Budget (“Local Aid to the Commonwealth”); and

         WHEREAS, the reductions are applied to essential services, including law enforcement, jail administration, foster care and
child protection services, election administration, and social services; and

         WHEREAS, Alleghany County does not have the authority to unilaterally decide to discontinue providing services such as
election administration or to refuse to house and care for State prisoners in local and regional jails; and

         WHEREAS, the State budget cuts are not accompanied by any reductions in State-imposed mandates, standards and
service requirements, nor do they provide any administrative flexibility for local agencies; and

         WHEREAS, Alleghany County remitted $188,491 in FY 12 and will be required to remit another $158,000 in FY 13; and

         WHEREAS, cities and counties will have provided the State with $270 million by the close of FY 13 for this “Local Aid to the
Commonwealth” program; and

         WHEREAS, these reductions shift State costs to local taxpayers and artificially increases the amount of State surplus
revenue; and

         WHEREAS, State revenues have continued to recover and the State has experienced a budget surplus for the third
consecutive year; and

         WHEREAS, revenue collections for Alleghany County continue to reflect the struggling housing market; and

         WHEREAS, the State should not shift its share of the costs for mandates and responsibilities to local governments;

         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Alleghany County Board of Supervisors asks Governor Bob McDonnell to
submit a budget amendment to the 2013 session of the General Assembly to reverse the $50 million-a-year reduction for the current
year, FY 13, and to eliminate the aid to localities reduction in FY 14; and

         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of the General Assembly support a budget amendment to the 2013
session of the General Assembly to reverse the $50 million-a-year reduction for the current year, FY 13, and to eliminate the aid to
localities reduction in the budget for FY 14.
Unanimously adopted by the following roll call vote:
Suzanne T. Adcock           Yes
Shannon P. Cox Yes
G. Matt Garten          Yes
Paige R. Morgan Absent
Cletus W. Nicely Absent
Carolyn T. Barnette     Yes
Stephen A. Bennett      Yes


        Mr. Strutner stated that the Board needs to authorize a Board member to vote and another as an alternate at the November
13 VACo Annual Business Meeting.

        Mr. Garten volunteered to be the voting delegate and Mrs. Barnette volunteered to be the alternate.

        On motion of Mrs. Cox, seconded by Mr. Garten, that the Board add to the agenda as an action item to authorize Board
members to vote on behalf of the County at the November 13 VACo Annual Business Meeting.

Unanimously adopted by the following roll call vote:
Suzanne T. Adcock         Yes
Shannon P. Cox Yes
G. Matt Garten            Yes
Paige R. Morgan Absent
Cletus W. Nicely Absent
Carolyn T. Barnette       Yes
Stephen A. Bennett        Yes

        On motion of Ms. Adcock, seconded by Mrs. Cox, that the following resolution be adopted:

        BE IT RESOLVED that the Alleghany County Board of Supervisors authorize Mr. G. Matt Garten, Board Member, to vote on
behalf of Alleghany County at the November 13, 2012 business meeting of VACo at the Homestead.

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Mrs. Carolyn T. Barnette, Board Member, be designated as alternate.

Unanimously adopted by the following roll call vote:
Suzanne T. Adcock         Yes
Shannon P. Cox Yes
G. Matt Garten            Yes
Paige R. Morgan Absent
Cletus W. Nicely Absent
Carolyn T. Barnette       Yes
Stephen A. Bennett        Yes


        Mr. Clark reviewed a memo in the agenda packet from him to the Board regarding the purchase of generators. The entire
memo is as follows:
                 Since the major storm that passed through our area on June 29, 2012, the Department of Public Works has been
        evaluating its emergency response and the state of our infrastructure, equipment, and personnel policies to become better
        prepared for the next event. In the aftermath of the most recent storm, Public Works experienced several failures in older
        equipment and a major failure in the sole trailer mounted generator in our possession that was the only method we had to
        pump water to critical infrastructure. In addition to our pump station generator failures, we also had major problems with the
        power supply to other critical County systems: i.e. the gas and diesel pumps and phone systems.

         As we progressed through this evaluation, it became clear that the County needs to make a significant investment in
        generators and other equipment to be able to handle a County-wide event. We propose that the County purchase three
        trailer mounted generators (2 for Public Works and one for the E-911/Dispatch Office) and one pad mounted generator to
        replace an aging generator currently at the County Complex. In addition, these generators will need switches, equipment,
        wire, tools, etc. to properly connect to the facilities they serve. Public Works is also planning to build a shelter to not only
        store this new equipment, but other pieces of equipment on our lot.

        As we researched our options, Public Works was made aware of an organization, the National Joint Powers Alliance, which
        aids public bodies in purchasing equipment at “bulk rates.” The NJPA has already procured a contract with Caterpillar to
        purchase generators at a discounted rate. In accordance with the Code of Virginia, we may become a member of the
        NJPA and purchase these generators directly through Caterpillar through this contract.
         The County Attorney has reviewed documents from the NJPA and has confirmed that it complies with the Virginia Public
        Procurement Act. Attached is the application to become a member of the NJPA. Public Works respectfully requests that
        the Board authorize Mr. John Strutner to complete this application so we can purchase the equipment we need.

        Furthermore, both Public Safety and Public Works would like to request two supplemental appropriations be made to the
        General Fund and the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund for $50,000 (3509.57001) and $150,000 (4401.57001).

         Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to call.

        There was some discussion regarding the assistance received from MeadWestvaco following the storm; if a lease option
was explored; warranty on the generators (one-year warranty, but will negotiate); if gas or diesel will be used (diesel); electric
components (3-phase); etc.

        The Chairman stated that this will be an action item on the next regular meeting agenda.


        Mr. Bennett commented that the terms of Mr. Calvin Fridley (Boiling Springs District) and Mr. Norman Rice (Clifton Forge
East District) on the Board of Zoning Appeals expire October 31, 2012. Terms are for five years and both are eligible to be
recommended to the Circuit Court Judge for reappointment.

        Mrs. Cox stated that Mr. Fridley would like to serve again.

        Ms. Adcock commented that she will get in touch with Mr Rice.

        The Chairman stated that this will be an action item on the next regular meeting agenda.

        Mr. Strutner gave a report on the following items:

Comprehensive Plan
        Mr. Strutner commented that the Board has at its seat tonight a copy of the draft revised Comprehensive Plan as prepared
by the Planning Commission. He mentioned that State law requires that the Comprehensive Plan be reviewed and revised, as
necessary, every five years. He stated that the Planning Commission requests that you review the last two chapters - Land Use and
Goals and Objectives - and provide them with any comments, changes, or suggestions by November 7 . He suggested that the
Board provide its input, if any, to him via email or over the phone. He commented that he will then compile all of the Board’s
feedback into one document and send it to the Planning Commission, as well as share a copy with the Board. He stated that the
Planning Commission is aiming at conducting a joint public hearing on the draft plan in either January or February.

Upcoming Public Hearings
        Mr. Strutner commented that at the October 16 meeting the Board will be holding two public hearings. One will be
concerned with repealing that part of the County Code which deals with taxation of certified pollution control equipment. The repeal
is due to changes in State law which requires 100% exemption when we had a 50% exemption. He mentioned that the second
hearing will deal with amendments to the County Code necessitated by recently enacted State law pertaining to water and sewer
fees, deposits, and charges for landlords and tenants.

        Mr. Bennett asked how much the County would be losing with the 100% certified pollution control equipment exemption.
Mr. Strutner commented that he will get the Board this information.

Rural Transportation Project Priorities
        Mr. Strutner stated that the Board has at its seat a document entitled “Rural Transportation Project Priorities.” The
document is a part of the records of this meeting. He commented that this is an excerpt of the full report as prepared by the RVARC

for the counties of Alleghany, Botetourt, Roanoke, and Craig; the City of Covington, and the Town of Clifton Forge. He stated that
the RVARC adopted the 2035 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan for our region in June of last year and VDOT subsequently
asked each region to identify their highest priority projects from those identified in that plan. Thus, the rationale for the document
before you tonight. He commented that the top Regional Rural Roadway Project was Rt. 220 in Botetourt County - a section of
roadway that has been of very great interest for many years to us in Alleghany County. Alleghany County’s I-64 Exit 21 (Selma-Low
Moor Road) project ranked #5 on that list, while our VA 638 (Natural Well Road) at the Jackson River project ranked #9. Alleghany
County’s Jackson River Trail from Covington to Lake Moomaw ranked first on The Regional Rural Bicycle/Pedestrian Priority List.
The Mountain Express Bus Service for Alleghany, Covington, and Clifton Forge ranked third on the Regional Rural Public
Transportation Priority List, while Demand Response Service between Clifton Forge and Roanoke Valley activity center ranked #4.
Finally, the project for U.S. 220 from the Botetourt County line to U.S. 60 Business ranked first on the list of Alleghany County’s top
nine Roadway Priorities.

        He stated that at last week’s meeting of the RVARC Board, these RVARC Rural Transportation Project Priorities were
approved and now will be submitted to VDOT in the development of the 2014-2019 Six Year Improvement Program (SYIP). He
commented that the Secretary of Transportation and the CTB have just announced that they are again planning to conduct a series
of public meetings around the Commonwealth on the projects and programs to be included in the FY 14-19 SYIP. The meeting in
the Staunton District is Monday, November 5 at the Augusta Government Center in Verona beginning at 6:00 p.m. There is also
another meeting nearby in the Salem District on Wednesday, November 7 at the Montgomery Government Center in Christiansburg
which also begins at 6:00 p.m. He commented that he will let the Board know which meeting that someone will be needed to attend
in order to have a presence and push projects.


        Mr. Garten thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and for the information received on the Clifton Forge Public Library
funding issue. He commented that he does not want to see them lose State funding. He also thanked Mr. Hillert for his comments.

        Mrs. Cox thanked everyone for coming to the meeting, Mr. Hillert for his report, Mr. Fridley for wanting to serve five more
years on the BZA, and the Clifton Forge Library Board members for the information regarding the potential loss of State funding.

        Ms. Adcock thanked the Clifton Forge Public Library representatives for coming to show their support and Mr. Hillert for the
information on the upcoming event.

        Mrs. Barnette stated that Mountain Express is listed as #3 in the Rural Public Transportation Priorities and they are waiting to
hear about a $20,000 grant which they applied for. She mentioned that they are still running two buses and have changed one route
in Covington. She commented that the Town of Clifton Forge’s project to increase Amtrak passenger rail to daily service is listed as
#6 under the Rural Public Transportation Priorities. She stated that she mentioned at the last meeting the $96,811 in funding which
the Secure School Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) approved for 2012 projects.

        Mr. Bennett commented that with Bedford working on town reversion that it is perfect timing for the library funding to be
worked on. He suggested that Mr. Beard contact Delegate Putney for his input and assistance.

        On motion of Ms. Adcock, seconded by Mr. Garten, that the meeting be adjourned at 8:05 p.m. Motion carried.

                                                         Stephen A. Bennett


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