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									London Aggregates Working Party

Technical Secretary : C R Waite, 22 Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5LW
                      : Tel: 01622 764335 e-mail:



1     LAWP Role and Membership
1.1   The London Aggregates Working Party (LAWP) Party is a technical group advising the government
      through the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG), the Greater London
      Authority (GLA) and the London Boroughs on aggregates. Its membership is drawn from officers
      or representatives of the mineral planning authorities (MPAs) in London (the London Boroughs),
      the Greater London Authority (GLA), the minerals industry through the Mineral Products
      Association (MPA) and the British Aggregates Association (BAA), and government representatives
      from the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the Government Office
      for London (GOL). The Port of London Authority (PLA) is also represented, together with a
      representative from the East of England and the South East of England RAWPs. The membership
      at 31 December 2009 is set out in Appendix A. LAWP met twice in 2009.
1.2   Each year, LAWP sets a programme on which to focus, which includes both actions to be
      undertaken annually, such as the Aggregates Monitoring survey and report, and new initiatives on
      current issues. The following paragraphs summarise how LAWP fared in pursuing the 2009
      programme, whilst paragraph 6 suggests a work programme for 2010.

2     Revised Aggregate Guidelines, the London Plan and Reserves of Sand and Gravel
      Comment on and advise CLG and GLA on a 5th Monitoring Report and any further consultation by CLG on
      revised Guidelines.
      Monitor provision in the context of London Plan policies and the submission and determination of applications.
      Comment and advise upon the research commissioned by CLG on understanding why reserves have declined over time
      to such a low level in London.
2.1   A 5th Monitoring Report was not prepared by CLG, but the revised Guidelines for 2005-2020 were
      issued in June 2009. The Guidelines propose that London should supply 18Mt (1.1mtpa) from land
      won sand and gravel, a slight reduction from the 19Mt (1.2mtpa) in the 2003 Guidelines, but a slight
      increase from the 16Mt (1.0mtpa) approved in the London Plan 2006. The replacement London
      Plan maintains a figure of 1mtpa on the same basis on which it was ramped down in 2007 and tested
      through an EIP.
2.2   LAWP recognised the exceptionally low level of permitted reserves identified by AM2008 in both
      west and east London. The identification of future potential areas for extraction is more restricted in
      west London, not least because three key sites would be directly affected by the proposed London
      Heathrow 3rd runway and associated works. Accordingly, GLA continued meetings with west
      London Boroughs to try to find a means for bringing forward possible sites that would attract
      industry attention. No resolution was found, but further meetings are proposed in 2009, drawing
      together prospects in both west and east London.

3     AM2008
      Undertake AM2008 survey such that the draft report is available in Autumn 2009
3.1   The AM2008 survey was completed in November 2009 and issued at the beginning of 2010. The
      executive summary drew attention to the exceptionally low level of sand and gravel reserves, some
      1.5Mt. With no applications in the pipeline, London will not be able to maintain sales at the London
      Plan level of 1mtpa until fresh applications are made and permissions granted.

4     Marine Aggregates
      Continue to address and make representations on the proposals in the Marine Bill and associated legislation in order
      that a management regime is established that will deliver an effective framework and efficient regulatory process to
      secure long term supplies.
4.1   LAWP received a report by Defra in October on marine aggregate reserves and some 39
      applications in the sea areas from which London draws its marine aggregate supplies. LAWP sought
      further details, including the tonnage in each of the current applications. Defra is to report back at
      March 2010 LAWP

5     CE&DW and Secondary Materials
      Liaise with London RTAB over the provision for recycling for aggregates, and the tonnages produced.
5.1   LAWP discussed whether its membership should be amended, and decided that attendance by an
      officer from GLA RTAB team with experience of CD&EW would be beneficial. An invite has been
      issued to join the March 2010 meeting.

6.1   A suggested work programme for 2010 includes
         Provision for aggregates: assist MPAs and industry in bringing forward potential sites
         AM2009: assist the 2009 national and regional Aggregates Minerals survey and prepare a 2009
          Annual Monitor for London
         Consider future of LAWP and future supply of aggregates in the light of any changes arising
          from a new administration
         Marine and Coastal Access Act: respond to any consultations on aspects arising from the Act

7.1   In common with all RAWPs, LAWP receives the services of a Secretary through a contract between
      CLG and the Regional Planning Body, the GLA, with CLG meeting all the costs incurred. It should
      also be acknowledged that all the main bodies represented on LAWP have made a considerable
      contribution during the year, responding to surveys, or facilitating and attending meetings.
                                                                APPENDIX A

LAWP MEMBERSHIP at 31 December 2009

Richard Linton       Chairman
Chris Waite          Secretary

GLA, London Councils & London Boroughs         Aggregates Industry
Peter Heath          GLA                       Lillian Harrison          MPA
Marisa Burnal        London Councils           Nigel Jackson/Mike Pendock MPA
Alan Austin          LB Barking & Dagenham     Bob Smith                 MPA
Clare Loops          LB Bexley                 Keith Frost               MPA
Ian Weake            LB Ealing                 Mark Russell              MPA/BMAPA
Lauren Laviniere     LB Enfield                Ken Hobden                MPA
Steve Tyler          LB Greenwich              Alan Everard              MPA
Trevor Harvey        LB Hammersmith & Fulham   Steve Cole                BAA
Chris Speek          LB Havering
Ged Lawrenson        LB Hillingdon             Other Representatives
Stewart Harrison/    LB Hounslow               James Trimmer             PLA
Hannah Butterfield                             Adam Day                  Recycling
Ewan Coke            LB Redbridge
Jeff Wilson          LB Sutton                 Government Departments/Offices
                                               Mark Plummer            CLG
Other Regions                                  Andrew Lipinski           CLG
Roy Leavitt          East of England RAWP      Julie Shanahan            GOL
Chris Waite          SE of England RAWP

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