Photoand Video Guidance by IM5lOy


									Photography during Civil Ceremonies

Our Registrars understand that your photographer has an important role to
play in capturing the many special moments throughout your ceremony.

The official photographer or one nominated guest will be permitted to take
continuous photography throughout the ceremony whilst ensuring that the
dignity of the occasion is not compromised. Guests will also be given the
opportunity to come forward to take photographs once the schedule has been

We are happy to discuss your photography wishes with you and we will also
confirm these with the photographer just before the ceremony starts.

Guidelines for the use of video cameras during a civil ceremony in a
registration office

Video recording is allowed at the discretion of the Registrar

Only one video camera may be used during a ceremony

The provision of all equipment is the responsibility of the operator

Power for the equipment must be self contained and the Registrar will
  not be able to provide any power source for the operation of any video

Only the normal lighting in the office may be used and no additional
  lighting can be introduced

The operator must not leave the camera unattended and must undertake
  to remain stationary throughout the ceremony. The instructions of the
  Registrar must be complied with at all times

 Neither North Ayrshire Council nor the Registrar will accept any
  responsibility for damage or loss to any equipment or accessories or
  any damage caused to the video recording at the venue

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