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									                                                                                            1009 Cobble Place
David S. Phoebus                                                                          Nashville, TN 37211

Over seventeen years of graphic design, e-commerce, application development and digital video experience.
With expert level skills in User Interface Design & Development, CSS/XHTML, Java Script, and Digital Media, I
have a unique understanding of the relationship between conceptual design and back-end architecture, and
bring a passion for creating the visual and functional elements of websites & web applications.

Professional Experience
Senior User Interface Developer                                                                 Related Skills
Caxiam Group, Altamonte Springs, FL
                                                                                               (X)HTML & CSS
2007 - Present
       Collaborate with peers and clients to develop functional requirements for
        enterprise-level web-based applications                                                     Prototype
       Design and develop intuitive web application interfaces while maximizing                       MySQL
        usability and accessibility                                                                    Apache
       Convert graphic design concepts into fully prototyped front-end web sites                         PHP
        to demonstrate flow and functionality                                                      ColdFusion
       Hand-code CSS and HTML semantic markup to ensure standards                               Video Editing
        compliance and cross-browser compatibility                                           A/V Compression
       Optimize graphics, video and code to provide efficient and SEO-friendly           Computer Animation
        delivery over the web
       Develop custom back office content and product management system for                         Software
        data-driven front-end web sites
                                                                                         Adobe Dreamweaver
Lead User Interface Developer                                                               Adobe Photoshop
WildCard Systems / eFunds, Inc., Maitland, FL                                                Adobe Fireworks
2000 - 2007                                                                                  Adobe Illustrator
       Conceptualized and prototyped commercial web applications for web-                 Adobe Premier Pro
                                                                                          Adobe After Effects
        based financial products
                                                                                          Adobe Soundbooth
       Overhauled internal web applications using CSS to maximize scalability                    Adobe Flash
       Designed and optimized imagery and graphics for web site content                       3D Studio Max
       Established and maintained company-wide UI and HTML standards                           Lightwave 3D
       Performed unit-testing during development to ensure projects met                         TopStyle Pro
        requirements                                                                                  Navicat
       Provided marketable product HTML demos to Account Development                       Coldfusion Studio
       Met with clients to advise on interface requirements and functionality             SmartGit (Git VCS)
                                                                                           Visual Source Safe
Lead Digital Video Editor / CG Artist
Phocus Communications, Inc., Winter Park, FL
1998 - 2000
       Assembled high-end commercial and industrial video on non-linear editing
       Modeled and animated detailed 3D objects and corporate logos
       Collaborated with clients in the edit suite to produce professional and
        award-winning video projects
       Created clean and effective graphical imagery for video, Web, and print
       Employed efficient compression techniques and codecs to deliver video
        via the Web and CD-ROM
       Assembled and maintained PC-based digital video suite
System Integrator
Profile East, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL
        Performed custom PC integration for Discreet Logic/Autodesk digital
         media software
        Researched and purchased reliable computer and AV components to
         maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs
        Assembled custom, high-end digital video workstations from scratch
        Performed delivery, installation and setup of digital edit suites
        Provided on-site software training and tech support for end-users

Lead CG Artist
Vision Productions, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL
1994 - 1996
       Created computer graphics for corporate and commercial video projects
       Conceived and produced award-winning 3D computer animation
       Designed and built engaging user interfaces for interactive kiosk
       Compressed digital video for CD and Web delivery while balancing quality
        and file size
       Collaborated with production team in project concept and design from
        beginning to end
       Provided PC support and maintenance for internal windows network

Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Technology
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

2002 Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Crystal Reel Awards
Editing: “The ABC’s of Acting”

1995 NewTek/Video Toaster User 1st Annual Wavey Awards
Funniest LightWave Animation: “Cat-Can-Do”

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