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									Dear Applicant

                         Clinical Services Administrator (Female)

The Women's Therapy Centre is looking for a Clinical Services Administrator to support the
work of the Centre. The Centre is a well established and well known provider of individual
and group psychotherapy for women by women. It is committed to delivering an accessible,
high quality psychotherapy service to a wide client group.

To apply for the position please send us;

   1. Application Form addressing all points (1-16) in the Person Specification
      (Shortlisting candidates for interview is dependent on this being done).

   2. Equal opportunities monitoring form

Disabled applicants are invited to discuss details regarding physical access to the Centre –
please see the access details sheet for the basic information.

The equal opportunities monitoring form will be dealt with confidentially and will not be linked
to your application form prior to interview.

Please email your completed application to

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely

Women’s Therapy Centre
Clinical Services Administrator


Post: Clinical Services Administrator

Hours of Work: Part time (24 hours per week / Monday to Thursday)

Salary: £21,949 - £25,974 pro rata for 24 hours per week

Location: Women’s Therapy Centre, 10 Manor Gardens, N7 6JS

Managed by: Chief Executive

      To coordinate enquiries, referrals and appointments from clients, health care
       professionals and community organizations.

      To play a key role in Women’s Therapy Centre (WTC) in the creation and
       management of information pertaining to its clinical services, this involves recording,
       extracting and reporting data held on databases and spreadsheets.

      To provide comprehensive administrative support primarily to the clinical staff.


      To be a point of contact for clients and other agencies providing information and
       resolving queries received via telephone, email, letter and face-to-face. This will
       require excellent administration, communication and interpersonal skills and careful
       management of highly confidential matters.

      To conduct screenings to ensure that any new referrals into WTC’s clinical services
       meet inclusion criteria, redirecting enquiries to senior management as necessary.
     To register new clients using manual and electronic systems, update schedules for
      appointments and room bookings, log all changes to appointments (e.g. cancellations
      and attendance) and inform clinical staff, interpreters and clients accordingly.

     To arrange interpreters and childcare provision as necessary.

     To provide reception cover as required.

     To ensure that new and current clients complete opt in forms, outcome measures
      and feedback forms and to alert clinical staff when this does not occur; to ensure
      follow-up appointments are arranged at the correct intervals for all clients and record

     To ensure clinical rooms and clients’ files are fully prepared before clients arrive for
      appointments, and to ensure there are arrangements to notify clinical staff of the
      arrival of clients.

     To coordinate referrals to the WTC’s Private Practice Referrals service.

     To ensure leaflets and other approved information are distributed to clients and
      agencies as requested by the clinical team or the Chief Executive.

     To extract information electronically and manually and produce weekly and monthly
      statistical reports on client activities using the organization’s client database
      (CINDAR) and other databases, and submit these to the clinical team and chief
      executive for auditing and monitoring purposes.

     To create paper and electronic client files in a consistent manner, ensuring that they
      are maintained appropriately, kept securely, and archived, complying at all times with
      the Data Protection Act and clinical records policies, and supporting all staff to do the

     To accurately record all referral and assessment information, together with
      information about appointments and discharges, onto WTC databases, including
      CINDAR and CORE.
     To present information appropriately and with a high degree of accuracy, using a
      range of IT systems, including MSWord, Access, Excel, databases, spreadsheets,
      internet search engines, etc.

     To collate, summarize and report all electronic and paper-based service user
      feedback received about WTC’s services as requested by the Chief Executive.

     To ensure any material relevant to practice and procedure is appropriately stored and
      easily located on WTC’s systems and disseminated to staff as directed.

     To organize and attend meetings as necessary, taking minutes and distributing

     To participate in audits and service reviews as requested.

     To develop information, including social media, to promote WTC’s clinical services.

     To participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s services.

     To support the induction of new staff and volunteers.

     To work closely with the clinical team to ensure that targets are achieved and that
      WTC’s practices and procedures are maintained and supported.

     To plan own workload, meets deadlines, complete all delegated tasks with minimal

     This is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities, and the postholder may be
      required to undertake other duties which fall within the grade of the job, in discussion
      with the Clinical Services Coordinator and the Chief Executive.

     Some evening work may be required.

     This job description will be reviewed regularly in the light of changing service
      requirements and any such changes will be discussed with the post holder.
      The post holder is expected to comply with all relevant policies, procedures and
       guidelines, including those relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety,
       Confidentiality, Safeguarding vulnerable adults and Child protection policies, and
       clinical guidelines.

      The post holder is expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism and to use
       excellent verbal and written communication skills at all times in order to maintain
       good working relationships with staff and volunteers across WTC.

Terms and Conditions

      Salary: £21,949 - £25,974 pro rata for 24 hours per week

      Days of work – Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday (some evening work
       may be required)

Leave and Sick Pay

      27 days per annum pro rata plus Public Holidays and Christmas closure.
         Person Specification
         Job title: Clinical Services Administrator

Criteria           Essential

Qualifications         1. Good Standard of education to minimum of 4 GCSEs (including English
                          and Maths) at grade C or above, or equivalent

Experience             2. Advanced IT skills - particularly Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Access,
                          Word), databases, , spreadsheets, emails, online search engines

                       3. Experience of developing and working with complex data management
                          systems, including the effective extraction of data for the purposes of
                          activity monitoring using spreadsheets and databases

                       4. Significant and recent administrative and receptionist experience

                       5. Experience of dealing effectively and sensitively with complex enquiries
                          within a clinical setting (e.g. a hospital, clinic)

                       6. Experience of working with staff at all levels of management

Skills                 7. Evidence of administrative skills to include data collection, monitoring and
                          audit work

                       8. Evidence of effective written and oral communication skills

                       9. Evidence of ability to respond quickly to changing priorities, organizing
                and prioritising workload to meet deadlines

             10. Evidence of ability to develop workflow systems to promote efficient and
                effective working

             11. Evidence of ability to monitor and maintain high levels of personal

             12. Evidence of ability to work without direct supervision within broad
                procedural guidelines

             13. Understanding of the significance of confidentiality and the requirement for
                this to be maintained at all times

Personal     14. Flexible and positive attitude to work.

             15. Credibility with peers and external agencies; acts with sensitivity and
                diplomacy at all times.

             16. Excellent team working skills.
                                      Instruction sheet

Important advice on filling in the application form
Please read these instructions carefully before completing the application form.

The information contained in this job pack should help you decide if you want to apply for the
job. The instructions below will help you complete the application form in the most effective
way should you decide to apply.

Equal Opportunities

The Women’s Therapy Centre’s (WTC) Equal Opportunities policy (statement included)
states that all sections of the community will have equal access to jobs at the WTC. Both
internal and external candidates are treated the same. Your completed application form is
the basis on which we judge your suitability for the job prior to interview. Do not send us
your CV. No candidate will be treated less favourably because of the race, colour,
nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, class, age, disability, trade union
activity, having dependents or past or present contact with the mental health services.

Job Description

The job description outlines the duties and responsibilities of the post; it also includes details
about the postholders’ position within the organisation.

The person specification describes the skills, knowledge and experience you must have to
be able to carry out the job. Consequently, you must fill out the application form with the
person specification in mind.

Please ensure you state clearly in section 5 of the application form how you meet each item
of the person specification in the order they appear, giving examples from your current and
/or past experience. Shortlisting a candidate for interview is dependent on this being

In considering your experience, think of all your previous work – this may include work or
experience in a job which is paid or unpaid, in the community, at home and anything else
you feel is relevant to what is being asked of you in the person specification.

Please be as specific as possible as we cannot assume that you have experience you have
not told us about.
Equal Opportunities Policy

1. Introduction
This statement sums up the Women’s Therapy Centre’s views and action in respect of equal
opportunities. It sets the standards for all staff and volunteers in the organisation itself and articulates
the principles by which the Women’s Therapy Centre operates.

The Policy incorporates the Statement of Intent which (Appendix 1), which is a summary of the Policy.
This Policy itself is lodged in the staff handbook, though it is also a key document relating to service
delivery and practice.

2. Equal opportunities and the law
Equal opportunities legislation provides a definition of what constitutes discrimination in law.
Discrimination, as defined in the legislation below, is illegal. It is also unfair and prevents full
consideration of an individual’s potential. It can be direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional. It
often occurs as a result of prejudice and stereotyping.
The relevant legislation is:
The Sex Discrimination Act 1995
The Race Relations Act 1976
The Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

3. Principles
The Women’s Therapy Centre aims to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy to women particularly
women who would not normally have access to therapy.

In striving to achieve these aims, Women’s Therapy Centre recognises that women have been and
continue to be discriminated against for many different reasons.

The Women’s Therapy Centre is fully aware of its equal opportunity obligations as they are enshrined
by legislation and will strive to exceed the minimum that they represent. There are some delivery and
cost constraints, but it is acknowledged that considerable progress needs to be made, and a
programme of action will be developed.

4. Equal opportunities in the different areas of the Women’s Therapy Centre’s activity
Women’s Therapy Centre will:
     Ensure that services it supports and runs will be available to women on a fair and equitable
       basis. Potential users will not be excluded from services on grounds which reflect prejudice or
       unfair discrimination; and
     Urge its partner projects to adopt policies, which reflect good equal opportunities practice, and
       will satisfy itself that they do not unfairly exclude women who may reasonably be expected to
       use the services. Women’s Therapy Centre needs to be satisfied that the projects recruit
       people, as far as possible, on the merit of their abilities to do a particular job.

The Women’s Therapy Centre will not allow the need for fundraising to cloud the pursuit of its
mission. It will not accept funds, which it knows, have been generated by illegal activity, but will not
turn down funds on behalf of women unless particular offers will damage its ability to pursue its goals.
Women’s Therapy Centre welcomes support from the full range of ethnic and cultural groups that are
within the community and will actively seek out this support.

Employment of staff and volunteers
The Women’s Therapy Centre is committed to being a fair employer and will challenge and
discourage unfair discrimination. The key points to its personnel policies are to:
     Design job descriptions and person specifications, which will be a dispassionate assessment
        of the task that needs to be done and the qualities of the person who will be able to do it.
     Ensure that interviews will concentrate on assessing person’s abilities and skills in line with
        the person specification.
       Advertise permanent vacancies and new posts simultaneously internally and externally,
        unless they are a result of reorganisation or restructuring. Women’s Therapy Centre will cast
        its search for personnel, volunteers and supporters as widely as possible.
       When appropriate, Women’s Therapy Centre will use the legislation enabling positive action.
        Both the Sex Discrimination Act and the Race Relations Act (S37 & 38) allow employers to
        redress imbalances or under-representation of a particular sex or race within the work force
        under certain specific circumstances, by recruitment and training.
       Equal opportunities awareness is considered to be an integral part of all staff development. All
        new employees are issued with a copy of this policy and regular training will be given to new
        and existing staff.
       Maternity provisions for staff will at least meet minimum standards and represent good
        practice. No employee will receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds
        of maternity rights. Employees will not be disadvantaged by any conditions of employment or
        requirements that cannot be justified as necessary on operational grounds.
       Training and promotion opportunities will be available on the basis of ability, merit, and
        development potential and according to job requirements and available funds.
       Grievance and disciplinary procedures will provide scope for staff/volunteers to complain
        about or be disciplined for harassment or discriminatory behaviour.

     5. Monitoring
The Women’s Therapy Centre will monitor the extent to which policies and their implementation are
fair. This will be done by collecting and analysing information which will enable comparison of
performance with the needs and circumstances in the community. Policies will be designed to value
fairness and challenge unfair behaviour. Information which may expose unfair behaviour or policies
will be sought. The Women’s Therapy Centre will monitor:
      Circumstances in which deviations from the policy have occurred.
      The use of the relevant parts of the grievance and disciplinary procedure.
      The nature of job advertising.
      The profile of job applicants and the quality of selection and interview practice.
      The profile of those people who use services or the services of Women’s Therapy Centre
         supported projects.
      The profile of its supporters, where practicable - e.g. funders and volunteers – and assess the
         extent to which it is encouraging support amongst a range of people and groups.
Once yearly, the General Manager will bring this information together as an equal opportunities audit
and adjustments to policies and practice will be considered in the light of this information.

6. Responsibility
The Clinical Director of Women’s Therapy Centre is ultimately responsible for the implementation of
the policy. Managers are responsible for taking all steps possible to eliminate discrimination, and the
Women’s Therapy Centre gives them particular responsibility for providing a supportive workplace for

Every employee and volunteer has a responsibility not to discriminate against anyone at work and in
the services. There is a shared responsibility to promote a supportive workplace where differences
are respected and to develop an atmosphere where discrimination cannot flourish. The Women’s
Therapy Centre will stay up to date with legal and good practice issues.

Any person dissatisfied with Women’s Therapy Centre’ response to a complaint, after using all levels
of the complaints procedure, can consult external bodies such as The Equal Opportunities
Commission, The Commission for Racial Equality and the National Disability Council.

Equal Opportunities Statement of Intent
The Women's Therapy Centre is a Centre run by women for women. The Women's Therapy Centre
recognizes that in society certain groups and individuals are discriminated against.

The Women's Therapy Centre is positively committed to opposing discrimination against
people on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation,
class, age, disability, trade union activity, having dependents, past or present contact with
mental health services or HIV status.

We welcome the enrichment and cultural diversity that follows from this commitment and we
will continually work towards its achievement. The Women's Therapy Centre recognizes that
passive policies will not in themselves provide equality of opportunity and that specific and
positive programmes of action are needed.

The Women's Therapy Centre acknowledges that we have a moral, legal and clinical responsibility to
ensure that we do not discriminate unfairly in our employment and management practices, in the work
we undertake and in the services we provide.
                             Women’s Therapy Centre
                               ACCESS DETAILS

The Women’s Therapy Centre is at 10 Manor Garden’s, Holloway, London N7 6JS

Public Transport
From Holloway Road Tube (Piccadilly Line) take the bus (no 43 or 271) from directly
outside the tube station to the bus stop after the Holloway Odeon. Cross over the
road. Walk 200m down Manor Gardens.

From Archway Tube (Northern Line) take the bus (No’s 17, 43 or 271) down
Holloway Road to the bus stop just past the Northern Health Centre. Walk 200m
down Manor Gardens.

There are parking restrictions in use along Manor Garden’s. Pay & Display spaces
are usually available at the Holloway Road end of Manor Garden’s, maximum stay is
two hours. Holders of disability permits can park in resident’s bays directly outside

The Centre is accessible by a long steep ramp or several steps. The Centre is on
one level on the ground floor. The entrance buzzer is at the top of the ramp, by the
door. If assistance is required to go up the ramp arrangements should be made
beforehand with the receptionist. The buzzer is at (wheelchair height) and second
from the bottom.

There is one wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor of the Centre.

Within the WTC
Wheelchair accessible therapy rooms are available.

                  CONTACT THE WTC 020 7263 7860.

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