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                                         If yes, then PLEASE read this advertisement.
VOTERS TAKE NOTICE, saving Shires                     5.  Turning up and voting means you have                 8. There is a NOTICE of VETO VOTING, which is
and their councils is happening in this               consented to the amalgamation! Yes, even if you          free from It is also available
election!                                             do an informal vote, or take away your ballot you        at the few Veto Voting booth locations on 15
                                                      have still turned up to the election which means you     March 2008 This Notice of Veto Voting tells the
At least two shires in this election shall be         have given your consent to that election and to the      Government of your recognized valid and lawful
saved by the majority will of the people              amalgamation. This is worth repeating. As soon as        reason for not voting.
exercising their little used, but very                you are marked off their electoral role then your
                                                                                                               9. NOT VOTING via a Notice of Veto Voting is
powerful elector’s right of communication             consent to the amalgamation election and the
                                                                                                               your right and is a way for you to help keep your
                                                      amalgamation is deemed.
on government and political matters. With                                                                      shire.
your help, your shire can also be saved!
You have rights, that you have not been told about,
                                                      How to use your right to not                             WHAT TO DO. .
that you can legally use to save your shire.          vote to keep your shire.                                 If you want to exercise your right to not vote with
Keeping your Shire AND your democratically                                                                     valid and lawful reasons to give it a go to save your
elected council is your right!!                       6.  There is a way for you to help to keep your          shire then:
                                                      Shires and your democratically elected Council.          1. Do NOT VOTE in the state government’s
Background facts:                                                                                              amalgamation election. Do not get marked off
                                                      7. Firstly you need to know that NOT VOTING for
1. The plebiscite referendum proved that the         recognized valid reasons is lawful and not                their electoral role.
overwhelming majority will of Queenslanders is       fineable. For example many Jehovah’s’ witnesses           2. Do the NOTICE of VETO VOTING and
against amalgamation.(See do not vote and do not get fined because of their                 then post it to the address on the Notice.
for Plebiscite results)                              recognized valid reasons. Also there are many other
2. Queenslanders want to keep their Shires and people who do not vote because of political protest             3. Help us to help others who have not seen this
their councils.                                      and they do not get fined because of their                advertisement. Print hundreds of Notices at Office
                                                     recognized valid reason. Your right to Political          Works or newsagents, then set up card tables with
3. The best interest of the community is the         Protest is one of several of the valid reasons we are     or without tents at your local polling booths.
majority will of the community. Our Federal          using in our Notice Of Veto Voting. The High Court        Then on polling day invite others to exercise their
Constitution and all the states were created on this has ruled that political protest is valid, and that you   right to not vote for valid and lawful reasons. You
democratic principle. It is the duty of Governments  have a right of freedom of communication on               can even do this before Election Day if you want.
to do what is in the best interests of the           government and political matters. You are about to        Get teams of people to help. Do letter box drops.
community. It is the duty of government to obey the communicate on a governmental and a political              It’s all on
majority will.                                       matter. This is your right. In fact, it is your duty to
                                                     inform the government of your will. Many who have
                                                                                                               4. Saving your shire and keeping your
What your vote really means!                         done their Notice Of Veto Voting have said,               council is right AND it is up to you.
4. Turning up and voting means you consent to they’ve never before been so empowered to inform                 Written and produced by Malcolm McClure. V2. Authorized by Ian
                                                                                                               Trew, Ph 07 54854014. 143 Golden Gully Road, Kin Kin, 4567.
the Governments amalgamation election.               the government of their will. Also they loved reading
                                                     the Notice because they discovered their rights.

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