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					             [Company information] (presented by, title, address, phone, website)

                 [Client Company] (presented by, title, address, phone, website)

[Tips : Write the proposal as convincing as it can be so you will know you have guaranteed success
when the client is reading your proposal]

[If it's possible first ask your customer how they want the proposal should look like because it's the
most important that will be the way they want it because it's targeted for them.]

1) Executive Summary
[tell here about your company in few words and what it is dealing with.
Maybe some company history, if you are at beginning, as a start up company]

What do you do ?
Where do you operate ?
What is the company size ?

For example, we are a small restaurant in Miami and we are preparing these kind of foods, or Mexican

2) Company Background
[Information about your company, also is good to specify your website here. ]
The kind of services you provide.
You have been successful in the following field and have a list of accomplishments.

3) Current Operations and processes
[Describe here the current process of your company so the customer will know with what you are
dealing in the present time]
You currently serves

4) Market Analysis
[Make here an analysis of your costs and profits estimates. For example put a graphic for it]
Also target your market. For example as a restaurant you will target people who live in the restaurant
neighborhood and inside driving distance.
Also describe what kind of people will buy a product.

How old they are ?
What gender they are ?
What occupation they have ?
Where do they live ?
5) Service offered
[Make a description of the service you are offering or the kind of business relationship you are

For example here you can make a list of your products :

    product name
    product description
    product image
Explain how the customer will benefit from your services.

6) Management
[describe in detail how you will accomplish the client's needs and make results with your products]

Put also here the phases of your project :
     starting
     how long it will take
     the milestones of your project
     success
     payment

7) References
[Name one or more companies that can make testimonials about you and your business that will put in
favor as a candidate for the client]

For example another client of your company which used your services and now he declare himself as a
satisfied customer.

8) Contracts and Prices
[Name your prices and conditions]
Setup a contract between you and the customer so all the important matters will be clarified.

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