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									                               Application for the Florida Donations Portal

The purpose of Florida’s donations management system is to link together those offering in-kind products and services
with those who need them. The Aidmatrix Network is a web-based tool that powers the Florida Donations Portal and
allows us to do this in real time online, efficiently and remotely. All offers of donations will come to you via email as
they are allocated from the Portal by the Florida Donations Coordination Team (DCT).

The questions in this application are asked to ensure that all organizations gaining access to high value donations through
the Portal are eligible, reputable and meeting disaster-caused needs.

A high level of trust is implied in providing nonprofit organizations access to donations offered to the State via the Florida
Donations Portal. The DCT is responsible for thoroughly vetting all organizations applying for participation in the
Florida Portal. This includes ensuring that organizations granted access to the Portal fall in one of the three following
categories, with the additional criteria outlined:
    1. County/Municipal ESF 15 Coordinators – These coordinators are designated by the local emergency
        management authority to manage volunteers and donations during disaster response.
    2. State ESF-15 Partner Agencies – Entities that serve statewide must be:
             Designated as a 501(c)3 organization.
             A current member in good standing of Florida Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (FLVOAD)
                 and are committed to providing essential services in accordance with established VOAD/COAD
                 principles, policies and procedures.
             A State ESF-15 Support Agency with an executed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) no more than
                 two years old.
    3. Local Faith-Based or Community Organizations, or Long Term Recovery Organizations – Entities that
        serve the local disaster-impacted community must be:
             Designated as a 501(c)3 organization.
               MUST submit the supplemental EM Endorsement Form.
               For purposes of continuity, Volunteer Florida highly recommends that the local agency enrolls in a local
                Volunteer/Community Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD/COAD) if there is one available.
Volunteer Florida reserves the right to request further documentation if necessary.

The DCT is also responsible for ensuring that every donation offered through the Portal will be used in
accordance with the donor’s intent, whether for survivors of a specific disaster, for general humanitarian
purposes or any other specified purpose. In recent disasters, the majority of goods donated were intended for
local disaster survivors. While it is commendable that many groups provide assistance nationally or
internationally during times of disaster, the DCT has a duty to respect the donor’s intent regarding the
distribution and use of donated goods.
Please complete the following:

1. Indicate which category your organization falls under with an X:
   _____ County/Municipal ESF 15 Coordinator
   _____ State ESF-15 Partner Agency
   _____ Local Faith-Based or Community Organization, or Long Term Recovery Organization
2. Please provide the name of your organization, the name of a person authorized to make contractual
commitments for the organization, complete business address, office phone and fax numbers.

3. Is your organization a registered 501(c)3? If yes, please provide your TIN, EIN or FEIN#.

4. What is the year-round mission of your organization? What kinds of disaster services to you offer? If
applicable, what specific services are you providing in this disaster?

5. Is your organization a member of FLVOAD or a regional or local VOAD/COAD in Florida? Please
provide the name of the coalition, point of contact, phone number and email address.

6. Please provide at least one reference in the disaster recovery community with whom you have worked.
Include organization name, point of contact, phone number and email address.

7. What types of in-kind donations (tarps, clothing, food/water, furniture, etc) do you most often need?

8. Are you willing to invest approximately 1 hour in a webinar training to learn about your roles and
responsibilities with respect to the Portal and how to navigate the system?

9. If your organization has a website, please provide the web address.

10. This is a web-based system that requires you to monitor your email for receipt of offers of goods or
services and to respond quickly via email. Will you be able to comply with this?

12. Please provide the name of a contact person (or persons) who will be your representative responsible
for monitoring offers and the representative’s email address and phone number.

                    Please save, and either fax to Emergency Management ATTN: FL Portal at 850-921-5146
        or email flportal@volunteerflorida.org. If you have any questions, please call Volunteer Florida at 850-921-5172.

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