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					               Respect ● determination ● responsibility ● integrity ● honesty
                 Passion ● competitiveness ● ambition ● curiosity ● pride

 Alliance Wine is thrilled to present the range of fantastic award winning wines from
                             Stuart Pym of Stella Bella wines


Stuart Pym's wine making career began in 1983 at his family winery in Margaret River. In 2000,
Stuart and his winemaking partner Janice McDonald started Stella Bella with the vision of
creating wines that were truly unique and reflective of their creativity and vast global experience.

Today, Stella Bella is one of the leading players in the Margaret River region of Western
Australia, one of the great wine-producing regions of the world.

Their wines have been included in Wine Australia's 'Generation Next' wines for being innovative,
exciting and different and won a host of medals at the 2011 Decanter World Wine Awards
(including a Gold medal for their 2008 Shiraz) and the IWC Awards as well 5 star ratings from
James Halliday.


The Stella Bella range comprises of four tiers of wines which cover a range of price points which
offer outstanding quality at excellent value for money from Margaret River. Stella Bella wines are
a combination of select vineyard sites from the region which are selected and nurtured for their
special contribution to individuality, wine style and premium quality.

The range includes Skuttlebutt, Stella Bella, Suckfizzle, and Luminosa - each of which has a
story reflective of the wines of Stella Bella and their journey and beliefs.

Their philosophy regarding viticulture is to operate in a manner that consciously respects the
vineyards that they tend, and the local environment, while maximising site and varietal expression
in the wines.

The winery Stella Bella operates a number of vineyards in Margaret river – two are on Rosa
Brook Road – Rosabrook Vineyard (planted early 1980s), and Mowen (planted in 1998). Just to
the east of Voyager Estate and Leeuwin Estate we have the Isca vineyard (planted in 1997), then
further south, the Forest Grove vineyard (planted in 1998). Finally, in Augusta, the Suckfizzle
vineyard (planted in 1988) – the most southerly operating vineyard in the region. The fruit from
the Suckfizzle vineyard is entirely handpicked, and solely makes the Suckfizzle wines.

Our newest vineyard is at our Karridale winery site, (planted in 2009 to all white varieties).
      Lifestyle Margaret River wines offering      regionally and varietally expressive wines
       classic blends, distinctive regional          that set a benchmark in terms of value,
       character and uncommon value                  quality, innovation and presentation
      Innovative and boutique wines but for        Widely respected and endorsed
       everyday consumption                         Superior brand cues and production values
      Targeted at the ‘aspirational’ and           Wine styles which exemplify finesse and
       ‘appreciator’ customers: the value            elegance and have a natural affinity for
       conscious connoisseur                         food
      Selected for Regional Heroes                 Selected for Regional Heroes Australian
       Australian Wine Brand                         Wine Brand
      Widely respected and endorsed with a
       playful marketing image                   WINES:
                                                     Sauvignon Blanc                08/09
WINES:                                               Semmilon Sauvignon             08/09
    Sauvignon Semillon 08/09                        Chardonnay                     08/09
    Shiraz Merlot Rosé 08/10                        Viognier                       08/09
    Shiraz Cabernet    2008                         Sangiovese Cabernet             06/07
                                                     Tempranillo                    2006
                                                     Cabernet Merlot                07/08
                                                     Shiraz                          07/08
                                                     Pink Muscat                     2010

                                                       A hand-crafted exclusive luxury wine
      Benchmark wines of Southern                      range
       Margaret River from a distinguished            ‘Luminosa’ meaning bright and brilliant
       site                                           Stella Bella’s premium range – wines
      Single vineyard                                  which always present the finest
      Crafted through painstaking attention            selections of their Margaret River
       to detail from both an oenological and           vineyards
       viticultural perspective                       Aimed at highly engaged wine
      Hand-crafted artisan luxurious nature            consumers who buy form the luxury
      Limited production                               wine segment and are not price led
      Cellaring potential                            Wines that lead by example
                                                      Matured in best quality, fine-grained
                                                        French oak
                                                      Collectible – limited expression
WINES:                                                Selected for Regional Heroes
    Sauvignon Blanc Semillon         2006              Australian Wine Brand
    Cabernet Sauvignon               07/08           Outstanding price range for this level of
                                                         Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

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