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					          213’s Classroom “Housekeeping” List
1. Take Home Binder /Assignment Notebook: This is a binder designated for
   bringing home and returning communication information from parent-
   teacher-school or child. Your child’s daily homework will be recorded in
   the assignment notebook. Please check inside each night, complete
   necessary forms, sign the assignment notebook and return it the following
2. Newsletters/Blog: I will send a weekly Blog on Friday. I will also send a
   monthly calendar at the beginning of each month that highlights important
   dates. This can also be found on my web page.
3. Reading Log/Reading Challenges: Each child will get either a monthly book
   log or a Reading challenge for the month. I would like everyone to read at
   least 15 minutes, 5 days a week. We will increase this to 20 minutes as the
   year goes on. Please turn this in at the end of every month.
4. Home-School Book Folder: Reading folders will also be going home
   nightly. Your child will need to read the book in the folder and record the
   book on the sheet provided. Return the book the next day to get a new
   one or hold o to it for a few days so your child can master it. If you notice
   your child is consistently bringing home books that are too easy or too
   hard, please let me know. I will also conference with them though out the
   year and peek at their folders to see what they are bringing home.
5. Math Packet: Your child’s math homework will be coming home in the
   form of a unit packet at the beginning of each new math unit. Your child
   needs to complete each page of the math packet according to the lesson
   assigned in their assignment notebook. This packet will be due at the
   conclusion of each math unit.
6. Math timed tests: Every Wednesday, I will give a timed test on the basic
   facts. We will start with addition and then move onto subtraction in
   February. I will be sending home a practice test. Please feel to make
   copies of this and use as practice.
7. Lunch: Our scheduled recess/lunch period is from 11:56-12:40. You are
   always welcome to join your child for lunch throughout the school year.
   You may purchase a lunch ticket for the day in the cafeteria when you
   arrive. When sending lunch money to school for your children please put
   the money in an envelope, seal the envelope, and write your child’s name
   and room number on the outside.
8. Snack: We will be having snack each day at 2:00. Rather than the students
   bringing individual snacks each day, I am asking each child to bring in one
   snack each month for the whole class to share. Some ideas are granola
   bars, graham crackers, pretzels, etc. Try to keep them as healthy as
   possible. Please send enough snacks for 25 children each month. If your
   child would prefer bringing their own snack daily, that is fine too.
   9. Water Bottles: I would like all of the students to have a water bottle at
   school. Please make sure it has a sport top (not a screw off top or straw). This
   will help reduce the spills that occasionally occur because of the water bottles.
   They will bring this bottle home each Friday for cleaning and can bring it back
   to school again on Monday. Hopefully by keeping a water bottle handy at
   their desk we can prevent dehydration as well as the spread of germs at the
   drinking fountain.

   10. Birthday Celebrations: Glendale is excited to be offering a Birthday Book
   Club. This is a positive way for your child to give a unique gift to everyone at
   Glendale Elementary while celebrating his/her birthday. If your child has a
   summer birthday (May, June, July, August) they can celebrate during their half
   birthday month. If you are interested, your student will have an opportunity
   to choose a book from a selection that the media center purchased for this
   purpose. The child’s name will be featured on a special bookplate in the front
   of the book. Book selections will be made during the school day (a special
   time will be arranged). Your child will be the first to check out his/her
   birthday book. When they have finished reading, please return it to the Media
   Center for everyone else to enjoy.

   11. Classroom Volunteers: I would love to have you help in the classroom at
       anytime! I will be sending home a volunteer calendar at the end of each
       month. Write down the day and time on the calendar and send it back to
       school. If you don’t hear from me, I will plan on seeing you on the time
       you signed up. I consider our classroom to have an open door policy (or
       open wall!) in which you are always invited! An extra special THANK
       YOU ahead of time for offering to help!
   12. Book Orders: I will send home book orders throughout the year.
   Purchasing books from the book order is optional. However, it is an excellent
   way to buy books at a great price for your child. Please send a check made
   out to the book club with your order. No cash please. You can also order
   books online. Use the code HBZKW.
   13. Parent-Teacher Communications: At any time if you have a question or
   concern please feel free to call me at home, school, leave an e-mail, or voice
   message. If it is important to you or your child, it is important to me!

Work # 952-226-0222
Cell# 612-384-8069

If I have missed any details in our “Housekeeping” list I will update you in the
Blog. Have a great start to the new school year.

Mrs. Schumacher

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