January 4, 2010

                           Federal Supply Service
                Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

                                   Caiman Consulting Corporation was founded in 2004 as an
alternative to the larger traditional firms within the business management consulting industry
delivering Consulting and Project Management Services (SIN 874-1 & SIN 874-7). By hiring only
proven top performers in the industry and eliminating the costly expense of big company
infrastructure, we can offer our government clients excellent results at lower fees. Caiman is
headquartered in Redmond, WA, but works projects throughout the nation and currently employs
more than 25 full time consultants. We specialize in the following business and IT management
areas: Project & Program Management; Training and System Deployment; Process Analysis &
Optimization; and Creative Services.

                               Standard Industrial Class: 8742
                                      FSC Group: 874

                             Contract Number: GS-10F-0057W
                         Contract Period: Dec 1, 2009 – Nov 30, 2014

                                     Business Size: Small

 January 4, 2010



Program Manager: Cecil Brooks
                 Caiman Consulting Corporation
                 15127 NE 24th St #547
                 Redmond, WA 98052
                  Phone: 206.972.1472
                 Fax: 425-224-1650
                 Email: cecil.brooks@caimanconsulting.com

Contract Manager: Greg Long
                  Caiman Consulting Corporation
                  15127 NE 24th St #547
                  Redmond, WA 98052
                  Phone: 425-296-9254
                  Fax: 425-224-1650
                  Email: greg.long@caimanconsulting.com

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and
the option to
create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!, a menu-driven
system. The INTERNET address for GSA Advantage! is: GSAAdvantage.gov.

Contract: GS-10F-0057W

Contract Awarded: December 4, 2009

1a.    Special Item Numbers:
       SIN 874-1 Consultation Services
       SIN 874-7 Program and Project Management Services

1b.   Price list and rates: See Page 11

1c.   Labor Category descriptions and qualifications: See Page 12

2.    Maximum Order: $1,000,000. Requirements exceeding the maximum order may
be handled pursuant to clause I-FSS-125 (August 1995).

  January 4, 2010
In accordance with FAR 8.404, there may be circumstances where an ordering activity finds it
advantageous to request a price reduction such as where a quantity of an individual order clearly
indicates the potential for obtaining a reduced price. To assist customer agencies in
determining when they should seek a price decrease, a level called a Maximum Order has been
established under the contract. When an agency order exceeds this maximum amount, it is
recommended that the ordering activity contact the contractor for a reduced price.

The contractor may:

                                                           ce Reduction clause is not
applicable to orders placed over the Maximum Order in FAR 52.216-19);

                    er; orders must be returned in accordance with FAR 52.216-19.

A delivery order for quantities that exceed the Maximum Order may be placed with the contractor
selected in accordance with FAR 8.404. The order will be placed under the current contract.
 Sales for orders that exceed the Maximum Order shall be reported in accordance with GSAR

3.     Minimum Order: $ 300.

4.     Geographic Coverage: Domestic; CONUS (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska)

5.     Point(s) of Production: Redmond, WA

6.     Discount from List Prices or Statement of Net Price: All prices herein are net.

7.     Quantity Discounts: None

8.     Prompt Payment Terms: 2% within 10 days.

9a.    Government Commercial Credit Card: Government commercial credit cards are

9b.    Discount for Payment by Government Commercial Credit Card: None.

10.    Foreign Items: None.

11a.   Time of Delivery: Time of delivery is specified in negotiated delivery/task orders.

11b.   Expedited Delivery: Time of delivery is specified in negotiated delivery/task orders.

11c. Overnight and Two Day Delivery: Time of delivery is specified in negotiated
delivery/task orders.

 January 4, 2010
11d.   Urgent Requirements: Not applicable.

12.    F.O.B. Point(s): Redmond, WA

13a.   Ordering Address:

                     Greg Long
                     Caiman Consulting Corporation
                     15127 NE 24th St #547
                     Redmond, WA 98052
                     Phone: 425-296-9254
                     Fax: 425-224-1650
                     Email: greg.long@caimanconsulting.com

13b.   Ordering Procedures:

14.    Payment Address:
                  Greg Long
                  Caiman Consulting Corporation
                  15127 NE 24th St #547
                  Redmond, WA 98052

 Reference Information for all Checks:
      The name of the customer making payment
       The contract number/delivery order number
      The invoice number
       If available, project number

15.    Warranty Provision: Not Applicable

16.     Export Packaging Charges: Not applicable.

17.   Terms and Conditions of Government Commercial Credit Card Acceptance: Caiman
Consulting accepts government commercial credit cards in accordance with government
commercial credit card program guidelines.

18.    Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair: Not applicable.

19.    Terms and conditions of installation: Not applicable.

20a.   Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any
       discounts from list prices: Not applicable.

20b.   Terms and conditions for any other services: Not applicable.

21.    List of service and distribution points: Not applicable.
  January 4, 2010

22.       List of participating dealers: Not applicable.

23.       Preventive maintenance: Not applicable.

24.      Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy
         efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants): Not applicable.

25.       Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 791218246

26.       Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database:
          Caiman Consulting Corporation is registered in the CCR database.


Caiman Consulting MOBIS Overview .............................................................................6

How To Use This Schedule ............................................................................................. 7

Contract Clauses .............................................................................................................. 8

Orders Exceeding the Maximum Order Threshold .......................................................... 8

Blanket Purchase Agreements ................................................................................... …..9

Company Overview ........................................................................................................10

Special Item Number Descriptions ................................................................................ 11

GSA Schedule Price List ............................................................................................... 12

Labor Categories and Qualifications ............................................................................. 13

Points of Contact……………………………………………………………………….14

 January 4, 2010

                                  CAIMAN MOBIS OVERVIEW

Under the General Services Administration federal supply schedule contract Mission Oriented
Business Integrated Services (MOBIS), solicitation no. TFTP-MC-000874-B, Caiman provides a
broad spectrum of products and services focused on improving the performance of federal agencies
and other organizations. Services range from specialize in the following business and IT
management areas: Project & Program Management; Training and System Deployment; Process
Analysis & Optimization; and Creative Services. The MOBIS contract is an indefinite delivery,
indefinite quantity multiple award schedule contract that provides for task orders to be placed as firm
fixed-price or time and material using the labor categories and ceiling rates defined in the contract.
The order type is at the discretion of the ordering agency. To learn more about Caiman’s MOBIS
contract, please visit our Web site at http://www.caimanconsulting.com/

Under the federal supply schedule program, GSA enters into contracts with commercial firms to
provide supplies and services at stated prices for given periods of time. Orders are placed directly
with the schedule contractor, and deliveries are made directly to the customer. The federal supply
schedule program mirrors commercial buying practices more than any other procurement process in
the federal government today. It provides customers with literally millions of state-of-the-art, high-
quality commercial products and services at volume discount pricing on a direct delivery basis. The
federal supply schedule program also offers the benefits of shorter lead times, lower administrative
costs, and reduced inventories.

Multiple award schedule contracts are awarded to contractors supplying comparable commercial
supplies and services at government-negotiated, pre-approved prices. They provide federal
agencies with the variety and the flexibility necessary to select the best-valued professional services
to meet their requirements. Consistent with the Competition in Contracting Act, multiple award
schedule contracts are competitive in that participation in the program is open to all responsible
sources, and orders placed following the procedures in Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.4 result in
the lowest overall cost alternative. Therefore, when placing orders under federal supply schedules,
ordering offices need not: 1) seek further competition, 2) synopsize the requirement, 3) make a
separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing, or 4) consider small business programs. GSA
already has determined the prices of items under schedule contracts to be fair and reasonable.

Advantages of Using the GSA MOBIS Services Contract Include:

   Five-year contract-ordering period with one five year option.

  Indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity contract with no ceiling and no maximum order

  Available to all federal agencies and authorized organizations.
  No synopsis (FedBizOpps posting) is required – all competitive requirements have been met.
  Direct customer and contractor relationship – no transfer of funds to GSA required.

 January 4, 2010
  Reduced lead times – procurement cost savings.
  Labor categories and rates for fixed price and time and materials task orders.
  Provides for teaming and subcontracts. Blanket purchase agreements may be established.

                                 HOW TO USE THIS SCHEDULE

In accordance with the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 and the Federal Acquisition
Reform Act of 1996, GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the government
procurement process to a few simple steps. While the federal supply schedule program already has
determined these rates to be fair and reasonable, ordering offices must determine that the total price
is reasonable for the specific tasks required by the agency. Based on quotes requested from three
contractors that appear to offer the best value (considering scope of services offered, hourly rates,
contractor’s locations and other factors, as appropriate), the ordering agency selects the one that best
meets its needs.

This contract is available to all federal for domestic use. Executive agencies, other federal
agencies, mixed-ownership government corporations, and the District of Columbia; government
contractors authorized in writing by a federal agency pursuant to FAR Part 51; and other activities
and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply may use this
contract. Additionally, contractors are encouraged to accept orders received from activities within
the executive branch of the federal government. GSA Order ADM 4800.2E provides a complete list
of authorized schedule users.

Total price for services are established at the time the task order is placed and are based on the rates
offered in the Caiman Consulting MOBIS Price List catalog. The resultant task order details the
estimated number of hours, the labor categories to be provided, and any related items. If the
ordering agency’s contracting officer chooses to purchase services on a labor-hour-time-and-material
basis, the resultant task order will specify the not-to-exceed price, the labor categories proposed
(with the hourly rates for each), and any applicable travel and other direct costs.

Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.4 provides procedures for the acquisition of services using GSA
schedule contracts.

For orders of supplies and/or services below $3,000: Place the order with any Schedule
contractor that can meet the agency's needs. Though not required to solicit from a specific number of
Schedule contractors, ordering activities should attempt to distribute orders among contractors (FAR

For Supplies and Services Not Requiring a SOW: Survey at least three Schedule contractors
through the GSA Advantage!® online shopping service or review the catalogs or pricelists of at least
three Schedule contractors (more if over $200,000) pricelists (the GSA Advantage!® online
shopping service may be used to facilitate this review and seek additional price reductions where
appropriate; evaluate; and make a best value selection.

 January 4, 2010
For Services Requiring a Statement of Work: To summarize the process for ordering services, the
government agency:

1. Prepares a request for quotation that includes:

        A performance-based statement of work that outlines the work to be performed. Type of
       task order – time and material or firm fixed price. Basis to be used for contractor selection
       (best value, etc.).

2. Transmits the request for quotations to contractors:

       Selects at least three (more if task order value is more than $1 million) qualified contractors
       on the schedule. Note: Department of Defense agencies need to refer to DFAR 208.4 when
       ordering services over $100,000 using the GSA schedules. Sends requests for quotations to
       selected contractors. GSA’s e-buy provides ordering agencies a streamlined, Web-based
       system for ordering services using the GSA schedules.

3. Evaluates quotes and selects the contractor to receive the order:

        Evaluates responses based on the factors identified in the requests for quotations. Places the
       order directly with the schedule contractor that represents the best value and results in the
       lowest overall cost alternative, considering price, special qualifications, administrative
       costs, and so forth. The requesting government agency’s contracting office directly issues the
       task order to the selected contractor without GSA involvement in the procurement process.
       All task order reporting requirements and remission of fees to GSA are the responsibility of
       the contractor.

                                      CONTRACT CLAUSES

GSA multiple award schedule contracts are awarded in accordance with the provisions of Federal
Acquisition Regulation Part 12 – Acquisition of Commercial Items. As much as possible, GSA
multiple award schedule contracts include only those clauses required, either to implement
provisions of law or executive orders applicable to the acquisition of commercial items or
determined to be consistent with customary commercial practice. Ordering agencies may
incorporate provisions in their task orders that are essential to their specific requirements
(e.g., security, hazardous material handling, and key personnel) provided they do not conflict with
the terms and conditions of the contract. These provisions, when required, must be included in the
individual task order, and any costs necessary to comply with the provision(s) will be included in the
task order proposal price estimate, unless otherwise prohibited by law.


All GSA MAS contracts contain a price point called a maximum order threshold. This threshold is
not a ceiling on an order size; rather, it is a point where the ordering agency needs to consider
additional contractors (more than three) and seek discounts from the listed catalog rates.

 January 4, 2010
When placing an order that exceeds the maximum order threshold, ordering offices shall follow the
standard ordering procedures, and the following additional procedures:

1. Consider additional schedule contractors (more than three)

2. Seek price reductions from the schedule contractor(s) offering the best value (considering price
and other factors)

3. Selected contractor(s) may choose to offer a lower price for the requirement (the price reduction
clause is not applicable to orders placed over the maximum order threshold)

4. After price reductions have been sought, place the order with the schedule contractor that
provides the best value and results in the lowest overall cost alternative. If further price reductions
are not offered, an order may still be placed, if the ordering office determines that it is appropriate.

                             BLANKET PURCHASE AGREEMENTS

Ordering activities may establish blanket purchase agreements under any GSA schedule contract.
A GSA schedule blanket purchase agreement simplifies the filling of recurring needs for supplies or
services, while leveraging a customer’s buying power by taking advantage of quantity discounts,
thus saving administrative time and reducing paperwork.

Blanket purchase agreements are established in accordance with the procedures in Federal
Acquisition Regulation Part 8.405-3. An ordering activity may request a price reduction based on
the total estimated volume of the blanket purchase agreement, regardless of the size of individual
orders. Blanket purchase agreements may be established with one or more scheduled contractors at
the discretion of the ordering activity. When establishing multiple blanket purchase agreements, the
ordering activity must specify the procedures for placing orders under the blanket purchase
agreements. A GSA schedule blanket purchase agreement should not exceed five years in length,
but may do so to meet program requirements. A blanket purchase agreement may extend beyond the
current term of its GSA schedule contract, so long as there are option periods in the GSA schedule
contract that, if exercised, will cover the blanket purchase agreement’s period of performance.

 January 4, 2010

                               CAIMAN COMPANY OVERVIEW

About Caiman Consulting
Caiman Consulting provides experienced and trusted project management, program management
and creative services to companies throughout the United States. Caiman is a Microsoft Preferred
Vendor and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. We employ approximately 25 consultants
for private sector clients such as, Microsoft Corporation, The Boeing Company, and Real Networks.
Caiman Consulting was recognized by Consulting Magazine for the past 2 years as one of the best
small consulting firms in the nation.

Consulting (SIN 874-1)
Caiman delivers Consulting Services in the core areas of strategy, business planning, key
performance indicator (KPI) planning and development, process analysis and improvement, business
modeling, quality assurance, and training. We have built expertise in supporting the technology
field in not only up front planning and analysis, but in driving the execution of strategy through our
project management expertise. We take great care in recruiting top talent, from a wide variety of
industry and consulting backgrounds, which has proven to be adaptable to our client specific needs
and culture. We believe this experience, as well as the high quality resources we bring to each of
our engagements, position us well to support our government clients.

 Project Management (SIN 874-7)
At Caiman, the core of our business is delivering high quality, successful projects through the
application of their project management methodology. We are capable of managing all projects end-
to-end through the entire lifecycle including the following phases: initiation, planning, executing,
monitoring and controlling, and closing. We take pride in delivering high quality solutions within
the defined scope, on time, and within budget. In order to accomplish this we use standardized
processes, internal controls, and project tracking tools.

One of the unique aspects of our firm, contributing to our success, is that we only hire proven
performers from the consulting or IT industry. The average Caiman consultant has over 11 years of
relevant experience. Our firm, and each of our individual consultants, has built a reputation for
delivering high impact services to manage important business and IT initiatives. Our staff’s
experience, in conjunction with our smaller company structure allows us to do this at the quality
level of elite national consulting firms while providing our clients considerably more affordable

 January 4, 2010


SIN 874-1 – Consulting Services

Contractors shall provide providing expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of
agencies' mission oriented business functions, as follows: Management or strategy consulting;
program planning, audits and evaluations; studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to
mission-oriented business programs or initiatives, such as defense studies, tabletop exercises or
scenario simulations; educational studies, regulatory studies, economic studies, and preparedness
studies; executive/management coaching services; customized training as part of a consulting
engagement; policy and regulatory development and review; expert witness services in support of
litigation, claims, or other formal cases, and advisory and assistance services in accordance with
FAR 37.203(b). Financial audits are covered under GSA Schedule 520, Financial and Business
Services, and are not allowed under this SIN. The term "consulting" as defined herein does not
include staff augmentation.

SIN 874-7 – Program and Project Management

Contractors shall provide services to assist agencies in planning, initiating, managing, executing, and
closing out mission-oriented business programs and projects. Services included are: Project
leadership and communications with stakeholders; project planning and scheduling; earned value
management support; project management, including performance monitoring and measurement;
reporting and documentation associated with project/program objectives; stakeholder briefings,
participation in required meetings, and related project support services; program integration
services; and project close-out services. All services must be provided and performed under the
supervision/management of the contractor's Project Manager or Program Manager. Orders for
services under this SIN without an accompanying Program/Project Manager labor category are
prohibited. The primary purpose and preponderance of work for any project awarded under this SIN
must be for professional business services. Services covered by other GSA Schedules shall only be
included in the project scope if they are directly related to the successful accomplishment of the
project and are incidental to the overall effort. It is the responsibility of the Contracting Officer
placing the order to make this determination.

 January 4, 2010

                                  GSA SCHEDULE PRICE LIST

     • SIN 874-1 Consulting Services           • SIN 874-7 Program and Project Management

                                              Labor Rate per hour
                    GSA Labor Category        Year 1
                                              10/01/10 to
                                              09/30/11 PRICE OFFERED TO GSA (including IFF(.75%)
                    Senior Consultant                              $130.97

                    Consulting Manager
                    Senior Manager

                    Consulting Director                            $212.28
                              ** All pricing based on work performed in the US
                       *Note: All pricing is based on work performed at client’s facility

Caiman Consulting will adjust its pricing annually based on the EPA (Economic Price Adjustment)
supported by the public market indicator known as the, Employment Cost Index (Series Id:
CIU2015400000000A (B.I.). Pricing will be annually reviewed 60 days prior to the anniversary
date. All price adjustments will be in accordance with clause I-FSS-969.

 January 4, 2010


Level                Description

                     Possesses knowledge, some experience, and capabilities in the development of
                     solutions, recommendations, or outcomes across multiple tasks and/or
                     organizations. Supports project objectives and helps assess the impact of
                     industry trends, policy, or standard methodologies. Conducts activities in
                     support of project team’s objectives. Consultant resources require little day
                     to day supervision but do require some general oversight and direction
                     setting. Works closely with Senior Consultants and Consulting Managers.

Consultant           Experience & Education: Minimum of 3 or more years experience and
                     Bachelors Degree

                     Possesses deep experience and capabilities in a specific functional area.
                     Senior consultants own and drive a project end-to-end. Able to resolves
                     complex problems, which require an in-depth knowledge of analytic
                     methodologies and principles. Directs the activities of consultants as
                     necessary on activities related to the application of analytical techniques and
Senior Consultant    methodologies. Demonstrated managerial and supervisory skills and will
                     work closely with Consulting Manager and Senior Managers.

                     Experience & Education: Minimum of 6 or more years experience and
                     Bachelors Degree

                     Possesses demonstrated knowledge, extensive experience in the development
                     of solutions, recommendations, or outcomes across multiple complex tasks in
                     multiple organizations. Defines project objectives and strategic direction. Is
                     responsible for providing leadership and vision to client and project teams
                     and serves as a key facilitator between multiple teams to achieve objectives
Consulting Manager
                     of complex efforts. Directs the activities of more Senior Consultants,
                     consultants or other staff as necessary.

                     Experience & Education: Minimum of 10 or more years experience and
                     Bachelors Degree
                     Provides oversight and executive level management to overall contract
                     operations often involving multiple projects/tasks and groups of personnel at
                     multiple locations. The Senior Manager maintains and manages
                     relationships with senior level management within the client organization
                     and is comfortable handling highly political situations and complex virtual
                     teams. Responsible for overall program status, including all relevant projects
Senior Manager       and their potential impact on higher level organizational strategic vision, this
                     may include subject matter and unique functional expertise. The Senior
                     Manager ensures quality standards and work performance on all task orders
                     and projects, plans, organizes and oversees work efforts, assigns resources,
                     manages personnel, provides risk management, ensures quality
                     management, monitors overall project and contract performance.

  January 4, 2010
                      Experience & Education: Minimum of 14 or more years experience and
                      Bachelors Degree

                      Senior executive responsible for providing strategic direction, vision,
                      leadership, and program management to the team. Contributes to
                      organizational direction through regular involvement with senior level client
                      leadership and team members. Maintains productive and effective client
                      relationship with the most senior levels of the client organization. Consulting
Consulting Director
                      Director will oversee multiple Senior Managers over multiple clients.
                      Experience & Education: Minimum of 15 or more years experience and                ORIZE
                      Bachelors Degree

Gov Business Dev: William Evans
                  Caiman Consulting Corporation
                  15127 NE 24th St #547
                  Redmond, WA 98052
                  Phone: 206-940-2796
                  Fax: 425-224-1650
                  Email: bill.evans@caimanconsulting.com

Program Manager: Cecil Brooks
                 Caiman Consulting Corporation
                 15127 NE 24th St #547
                 Redmond, WA 98052
                  Phone: 206.972.1472
                 Fax: 425-224-1650
                 Email: cecil.brooks@caimanconsulting.com

Contract Manager: Greg Long
                  Caiman Consulting Corporation
                  15127 NE 24th St #547
                  Redmond, WA 98052
                  Phone: 425-296-9254
                  Fax: 425-224-1650
                  Email: greg.long@caimanconsulting.com

Contact the Caiman GSA POCs for information regarding the Caiman GSA Schedules


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