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									Employment Relations –An Update
Josie Irwin
Head of Employment Relations
Stewards’ Conference 1 December 2007

Overview – uncertainty, change and challenges
 NHS Pay 2008
 Talks about a multi year deal
 Agenda for Change
 Pensions, ill health and injury benefits
 Working outside the NHS

Pay 2008
 Staff side – ‘not only is an above inflation award affordable, Govt can not
  afford to add to morale problems by a lower award’
 IDS report
  – 61% NHS said staff motivation and morale worse than a year ago
  – 41% had experienced violence or abuse
 Govt  seek an increase within 2% inflation target but have £1.8bn 2%
 Employers say they think staff deserve a fair pay award but they can’t
  afford it
Pay 2008 - timelines
 Evidence submitted 31 October
 Staff side oral evidence 18 December
 RCN oral Evidence 15 January
 Report sent to PSPC early February
 Announcement?
 Disappointmentabout the 2007 pay award and the way
  agreement was reached
 Little appetite for a fight (on our own)
 Public sympathy affected by media coverage                  of Cdiff/MRSA
 But things can change
Talks about a multi-year package
 TUs   making all the running
  – Pay structure – number of pay points, incremental progression, adjust structure at
  – Facilities time and improving working lives
  – Career development
  – Staff passport
  – Productivity
 Uncertainty about the    Govt’s and employers’ positions
 Review in January

Agenda for Change
Unsocial Hours
Proposal: Sat&wdays 8-6        Sun&b/h
             Bands 4-9 +30% + 60%
                    Band 3     +37% + 74%
                    Band 2     +44% + 88%
                    Band 1     + 50% double T
 Cap removed from band 6
 All staff bands 1-9 benefit
 50% rule
 Health care support workers are winners too

Unsocial Hours
Recommendation for consultation process:
Qualitative assessment through;
 Member communications via Activate, Bulletin and the Web
 A dedicated email response box
 Written comments to ERD
 Briefings for RCN regional              staff along with Powerpoint presentation for
    local use

Pensions, ill health review and injury benefits
   New arrangements from 1 April 2008
   Ill health - proposals out for consultation include:
    – A two-tier payment system for ill health retirement with those unlikely to work again due to ill health
      receiving more than those with a reasonable prospect of finding alternative work.
    – New minimum standards for employers around managing sickness absence supporting staff off
      sick, offering e.g. phased return, redeployment and access to services such as physiotherapy and
      cognitive behavioural therapy.
    – Recharging employers the cost of ill health retirements (currently borne by the NHS Pension
    – illhealthreview@rcn.org.uk
   Injury benefits – review has found under and over payments

Working outside the NHS
 More uncertainty
 BMI sold out to Netcare 2006
 BUPA sold hospitals 31 August 2007
 Nuffield considering selling hospitals
 Redundancies and TUPE transfers

 On  pay: short term - play our cards close to our chests, don’t raise
  expectations & be flexible
 On AfC: celebrate our achievement but keep on the case particularly
 Pensions: celebrate successes, contribute to consultation
 Outside of the NHS: monitor & be prepared
 Visit www.rcn.org.uk/support/payandconditions

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