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									Putting Theory into Practice: evidence of
  strategic change at the University of

         Jane Weir, Director, Careers
Strategic enablers

• Appointment of new Vice Principal, Learning
  and Teaching
• Development of University’s Learning and
  Teaching Strategy, which gave employability
  and work-related learning (WRL) an explicit
• Development work to be integral to Learning
  and Teaching Strategy to ensure staff buy-in
• Project money used to ‘buy out’ staff time to
  enhance knowledge transfer
• Raising awareness-we weren’t starting from
Evidence of Strategic Change

Subject discipline level:
• Awareness, understanding and relevance of WRL
  increased; new approaches developed in particular
  non-vocational subject disciplines

Faculty level:
• Two new flagship WRL courses being developed
  within Arts Faculty-initially aimed at senior honours
  students with intention to spread Faculty-wide (circa
  4,600 students)
• Faculty of Law Business and Social Sciences (circa
  3,900 students) appointed its own Employability
  Officer to develop employability within curricula,
  including PDP and WRL and strengthen engagement
  with employers
Evidence of Strategic Change

Institutional level:
• Graduate Attributes Working Group
  established to take forward work on
  employability, PDP and WRL to contribute to
  the development of graduate attributes
• New CPD programme incorporating
  graduate attributes and WRL
• WRL identified as a strategic priority for
  development and a case made for
  investment to support WRL development
  during 2010/11
Evidence of strategic change

• Increase in the range of WRL
  opportunities- membership of Club 21
  increased from 52 employers (Jan 2007) to
  127 (Jan 2010); increased participation by
  University service departments offering
  placement/project opportunities for students
  on campus

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