JOHN CHANDLER, JR.
                 317 Kristen Street  Plano, IL 60545  (630) 551-5180 

 Multi-skilled manufacturing executive with extensive experience leading multi-site manufacturing / production
 operations across diverse industries – generating millions of dollars to top and bottom lines. Successful at leading
 cross-functional teams in simplifying, realigning, and transforming manufacturing processes to yield highest value to
 customer at lowest marginal cost. Excel at leveraging key resources, multi-million dollar budgets, and strategic plans to
 maximize quality, performance, and cost savings across production. Adept in empowering and bringing people
 together to deliver change, overcome obstacles to success, and counter domestic / offshore competition. Trust partner
 and influential decision-maker with strong track record managing P&Ls, negotiations, new product development, sales,
 and turnaround situations.

                                            CORE LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES
        Manufacturing / Plant Operations Management             Performance & Process Improvement / Metrics
        P&L / Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Accountability        Optimizing Customers' Experience
        Resource Analysis / Acquisition / Allocation            Optimizing Vendor Relations / Supply Chain
        Operational Restructuring / Change Management           Cross Functional Leadership / Team Building
                                               Strategic & Tactical Planning

                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

CORPORATE SAFE SPECIALISTS, INC. – Posen, IL                                                          2009 – Present
Firm offering wide range of commercial and cash management security solutions for retail businesses.
Chief Operating Officer
Lead day-to-day operations with accountability for strategic planning & execution, sales, resource management,
production, supply chain operations, quality and process improvements. Train and oversee staff in implementing world-
class principles to maximize throughput, cash flows, and profitability.
 Turned $2.5 million loss into $280K gain post company integration by improving through put and velocity dropping
  production lead time 77% (43 days to 10) and improving complete and accurate by over 58%.
 99.5%+ improvement in shipping performance attained through setting and maintaining daily delivery objectives per
  balance scorecard to drive maximum P&L performance.
 97%+ in “First Time Through” performance realized as a result of instituting effective quality control process and
  hands-on inspector training to ensure personnel met production goals.
 Drove ~31% increase in gross profit margins within three years as a result of defining and communicating clear
  operational objectives and accountability measures in line with newly implemented strategic initiative.
 22.4% increase in gross profit margins produced by streamlining and enhancing methodologies to track and manage
  labor and raw materials resources across production line.
 Increased 5S audit score from 23.6% to 84.7% in one year by building and promoting “quality of space” culture to
  raise individual and team safety awareness.

HOIST LIFTRUCK MFG., INC. – Bedford Park, IL                                                                2006 – 2009
Global manufacturer of heavy-duty lift trucks with annual sales exceeding $200 million.
Chief Operating Officer
Oversaw daily operations supporting company’s strategic, tactical, and short-term initiatives. Supervised four-member
management team and 300 skilled, semiskilled Machinists, Welders, and Mechanics. Accountable for resource
planning, facility operations, distribution, performance metrics, customer / employee relations. Designed, implemented,
and improved systems / processes.
 80% market share improvement in product area achieved through product line redesign and 50% drop in lead time.
 50% boost in company part sales by revamping both sales structure and compensation plans, reducing cost by 14%
  of sales.
 Reduced inventory 53.4%, material handling labor 58.2% and material touches 60% as a result of spearheading
  efforts to transition firm from traditional warehousing system to point-of-use methodology.
 Improved throughput / lead times and gross profit from 26.7% to 36.8% through restructuring manufacturing and
  quality assurance departments, resulting in implementation of cellular manufacturing.
 Increased production from 86 units to 254 units in less than three years as a result of leading initiatives to streamline
  and improve processes and productivity across operations.
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LA-Z-BOY – Dayton, TN                                                                                     2004 – 2006
World’s leading billion-dollar manufacturer of consumer and commercial furniture products.
Plant Manager (2005 – 2006)
Oversaw daily plant operations with accountability for P&L performance, multi-million dollar budget, and $125 million in
sales. Led seven-member management team and 624 employees. Identified and resolved worker grievances.
 Improved material yields by 20% and production yield by 11% over standard costs as a result of applying change
  management practices as part of lean process improvements.
 49.6% in productivity growth and achieved FTT scores in excess of 97% through implementing lean manufacturing
  processes, resulting in 65.7% increase in unit/hr production.
 Reduced task time by 2.5 days and work-in-process by 50%, while increasing units per hour by 44 as a result of
  transitioning plant from “batch & queue” process to “one-piece flow pull system” with each department 5S’ed and
  shadow boarded.

Director of Operations, HR, Safety, & Training (2004 – 2005)
Directed daily operations including HR, safety, and training requirements leading 2,200 employees including seven
direct reports and 47-member staff. Oversaw employment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations,
environmental, health, safety, and communications. Planned and implemented safety policies and procedures in
compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.
 $500,000 cut in workers’ compensation costs realized as a result of launching training to promote safety awareness
  policies and procedures – obtaining second highest safety audit score in company.
 83% reduction in training time for new hires attained through developing and implementing training group, including
  new in-house facilities, materials and specialized trainers.
 Decreased employee turnover from 51+% to less than 20% in skilled labor categories as a result of introducing clear
  hiring metrics and improved hiring assessments.

FLAV-O-RICH DAIRIES, LLC – London, KY                                                                              2002 – 2004
Multi-billion dollar manufacturer and distributor of dairy products.
President / General Manager 2003 – 2004) / Regional Director of Operations (2002 – 2003)
Promoted to lead day-to-day operations with five-member management team and 350 employees. Accountable for
strategic planning & execution, P&L performance, multi-billion dollar budget. Served as Compensation and Labor
Relations Manager for all union facilities in southern region. Planned, oversaw, and ensured federal and state
compliance of HR policies and activities for 7 divisions, 7 processing facilities, and 48 distribution facilities.
 Salvaged $50 million in sales, increased order fulfillment from 85% to 99%, and reduced route returns from 12% to
  4% as a result of ensuring retail store display requirements and rotations were followed across operations.
 $15 million in revenue growth generated by aligning plant scheduling requirements with customer demand to reduce
  monthly plant shrinkage by $130,000 and vault losses by $70,000.
 $4.7+ million in profitability attained through introducing across-the-boards analysis and operational improvements.
 $650,000 reduction in monthly expenditures garnered by realigning labor resources / pricing to reduce distribution
  costs, plant / vault loss, while increasing order fulfillment.
 Grew gross profits from 16% to 25% by adjusting prices on products and to customers that were not meeting gross
  profit requirements.
 Attained 100% compliance with EEOC, ADA, FMLA, IRCA, OSHA, and ERISA guidelines where no compliance
  program had existed through development of policies and education program.

                                               PREVIOUS WORK HISTORY
 General Manager, Aviation Sales Corporation, Hot Springs, AR
 Director of Operations / HR Director of Safety, American Transportation Corps, Conway, AR
 HR Manager, Lamb-Weston, Hermiston, OR
 Operations Officer (Various Other Leadership Positions), US Army, Various Locations


   M.S. in Operational Management, Troy State University, Troy, AL
   B.S.B.A. in Marketing, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

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