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									           National Park Service             Division of Facility Management      P.O. Box 728
           US Department of the Interior     Intermountain Region                 Santa Fe, NM 87504-0728

1       Project Introduction

Project Name: Repair Water Damage to Park Headquarters Building

Project Number: PMIS 154171

Park Name and Address:

    Petroglyph National Monument
    6001 Unser Blvd NW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    (505) 899-0205
    Superintendent: Dr. Joseph Sanchez

1.1 Location and Facilities

This project is located at Park Headquarters of Petroglyph National Monument. Petroglyph National
Monument is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Petroglyph National Monument can be reached via
I-40 at Unser Blvd (Exit 154), north 4.5 miles to Montano Blvd, turn left and the Park Headquarters is
immediately right or from I-25 at Montano (Exit 228), west to Unser Blvd and the building is located on
the northwest corner of Montano and Unser. An area map is included in the attachments to this
document and more information can be found on the park’s website:

The nearest town offering lodging, gasoline, repair services and food is Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1.2 Short Project Description

This project is to replace the water damaged sections of particle board subfloor with plywood of
equivalent thickness in the 2,000-square foot administration building and install two new beams
adjacent to the existing beams in the crawl space to provide support to the floor. Other work includes
repair of damaged walls and doors. Additive items include removal of the existing water tank, install a
new water tank in an alternate location, remove and reconfigure the existing park kitchenette; and
replace the plumbing under the building.

Section 3 provided detailed information on the project description, existing conditions and design
criteria and technical requirements.
1.3 Points of Contact

Contractural – Contracting Officer (CO)
   Kelvin Smalls
   (505) 988-6083
   1100 Old Santa Fe Trail
   P.O. Box 728
   Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

Technical – Project Manager (PM)/Project Engineer (PE)/Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)

    Liz Whitehead
    (505) 988-6044
    1100 Old Santa Fe Trail
    P.O. Box 728
    Santa Fe New Mexico 87504

On Site – Park Contact

    Gabe Gonzales
    (505) 899-0205 x 231
    6001 Unser Blvd NW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120

1.4 Project Schedule

The contractor has 10 calendar days after award to provide Performance and Payment Bonds. Once
Performance and Payments Bonds are approved the Notice to Proceed for construction will be issued.
Upon award, the Contractor shall determine and provide a schedule for the completion of the project.
The performance period is 90 days from the date of Notice to Proceed to substantial completion of the

All drawings developed shall be submitted for review to the NPS Project Manager. At the completion of
the project As-Built drawings shall be submitted.

2       General Requirements

2.1 Definition of Contract Line Items
The intent of this section is to explain, in general, what is included in each contract line item and to
clarify limits or cut off points where one item ends and another begins. If a portion of the work is not
explicitly covered in any item below but is part of the project, include the costs for that work in a related
line item. The Contractor is responsible for determining and obtaining all necessary permits.

    2.1.1 Contract Line Item 1 – Structural Repairs

    This item consists of structural repairs at the Park Headquarters, including replacing water damaged
    sections of the particle board subfloor, repair cracked walls, repair cracked floor tile, inspect for
    additional damage (walls, interior doors, exterior front door), install two beams adjacent to the
    existing beams, replace existing wood piers and beam connections; and install new doors both
    interior and exterior.

    2.1.2 Contract Line Item 2 – Optional Items

    This item consists of removing the existing water tank, install new water tank in restroom, replace
    plumbing, remove and reconfigure existing kitchenette.

3       Project Description and Technical Requirements

3.1 Existing Conditions

3.1.1 Existing Building Description

    The project site is located at the administration building (Park Headquarters) of Petroglyph National
    Monument. The building is a small 2000 square foot stick framed building. Most of the building
    rests on concrete stem wall with a crawl space. A small portion of the building rests on a concrete
    slab on grade foundation. Before the National Park Service bought the building, it was constructed
    as a temporary office during the construction of the subdivision which borders the park. Since the
    building was meant to be temporary, the construction was very inexpensive, yet met all building
    codes. The building could be compared to tract housing type construction.

    In January 2009, a water leak occurred in the crawl space of the administration building. The water
    leak was described as a small stream of water. The leak was noticed by an increase in the amount of
    water use reported on the bill and noticeable moisture under carpet tiles. The staff reported the
    leak created a pool of water under the building. After the leak was fixed, fans were installed to dry
    out the crawl space. During the drying process the staff noticed structural damage to the interior of
    the building. Signs of structural damage in the office space include cracked sheet rock walls, bowed
    flooring, cracked ceramic flooring tiles, and door frames that are not square. The exterior walls,
    stem walls and concrete show no signs of distress and cracking.

    The floor joists appear to be in good shape and show no signs of sagging, bowing or rot. There are
    signs of swelling in parts of the engineered wood, due to the moisture from the leak, but there are
    no appearances of bowing once the wood had dried.
   The concrete piers are functioning properly with no excessive settling or tilting. An inspection if
   revealed the soil was saturated to a depth of approximately 4 inches around the leak and the piers
   should be monitored for settling once the soil has completely dried. Some of the wood posts near
   the leak site suffered water damage and may continue to rot.

   The greatest damage occurred to the engineered beams. Visible sagging was observed between the
   piers. Measuring the deflection at 1 inch it is calculated that the sagging was more than twice the
   allowable deflection for this type of building construction. The beams may have become saturated
   with moisture from the leak and were weakened causing a permanent deflection, which in turn
   caused the cracks in the floor.

   The location of the floor did not correspond to the locations of the piers in the crawl space or any
   other damages to the substructure. Sections of carpet tiles were removed to further investigate.
   This revealed that the subflooring was saturated below the rubber tiles, which would cause the
   observed bowing in the flooring, cracks to the interior partitions and door frames.

3.2    Detailed Project Description

3.2.1 Structural Repairs at Headquarters

   This project will replace the water damaged sections of particle board subfloor with plywood of
   equivalent thickness in the 2,000 square foot administration building. The particle board directly
   under the bottom plate of the walls will be inspected and any subflooring under the partitions
   having damage will be replaced in sections. Replace all broken tile in the restroom and foyer. Two
   new beams adjacent to the existing beams in the crawl space will be sized to bear the load from the
   floor. Replace the existing wood posts with treated posts and new beam connections. The posts,
   beams and floor joists will have to be adjusted to restore the levelness of the floor and correct the
   damage to the sheet rock, and door frames. After the repairs have stabilized the new floor and
   walls, the cracks in the sheet rock will have to be repaired. New door frames should be installed
   along with new flooring where needed.

   Additive items are to remove the existing water tank, install a new water tank in the existing
   restroom, and replace plumbing under the building. Remove and reconfigure/upgrade park

3.3 Design Criteria

   3.3.1 Design Loading

   The beams shall be designed and built for a Dead Load of 30 pounds per square foot (psf), Live Load
   of 20 psf and a Wind Load of 10 psf.
4       Deliverables and Submittals

Upon award, the contractor shall comply with requirements referenced in Section 5 – Project Technical
Requirements and Division 1 – General Requirements (Section 6)

5       Project Technical Requirements

    Facility Construction Specification Subgroup
       Division 02      Existing Conditions
            o 024119 SELECTIVE STRUCTURE DEMOLITION: See attached Specification
       Division 03      Concrete
            o 033100 CONCRETE: Use 4,000 psi concrete with a maximum slump of 4". Contractor is
                responsible for providing the mix design. Use Grade 60 reinforcing steel (epoxy coated
                when required). Contractor is responsible for all concrete testing (strength, slump, and
                air content). Actual type and size of footing and foundation system used will be based
                on soil borings. Slab on grade floors.
       Division 04      Masonry
       Division 05      Metals
            o 051200 STRUCTURAL STEEL FRAMING – Beams to meet the loading described in Section
       Division 06      Wood, Plastics, and Composites
            o 061800 GLUED LAMINATED CONSTRUCTION: GluLam beams to meet loading described
                in Section 3
       Division 07      Thermal and Moisture Protection
       Division 08      Openings
            o 081416 WOOD DOORS: Doors to meet or match the existing doors
       Division 09      Finishes
            o 093000 TILING: Tile to match existing floor tile, Saltillo style pattern.
            o 096813 TILE CARPETING: Carpet Tile to match existing carpet tile.
            o 099123 INTERIOR PAINTING: Paint to match the surrounding existing paint.
       Division 10      Specialties
       Division 11      Equipment
       Division 12      Furnishings
       Division 13      Special Construction
       Division 14      Conveying Equipment

    Facility Services Specification Subgroup
       Division 21  Fire Suppression
       Division 22  Plumbing
            o 221313 FACILITY SANITARY SEWERS
       Division 23  Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
       Division 25  Integrated Automation
       Division 26  Electrical
       Division 27  Communications
       Division 28  Electronic Safety and Security

    Site and Infrastructure Subgroup
       Division 31 Earthwork
            o Compaction to meet 98% optimum Moisture Density
       Division 32 Exterior Improvements
       Division 33 Utilities
       Division 34 Transportation
       Division 35 Waterway and Marine Construction

6       Attachments

The following documents referenced in the Scope of Work are included as attachments

       Division 1 – General Requirements
       Forms (Daily Report, Submittal Cover Sheet, etc.)
       General Location Map
       Project Location Map
       Specific Specifications
            o Division 02 – Existing Conditions
                      024119 Selective Structure Demolition

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