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This is problematic during the morning drop-off, 8:40am - 9:00am and again during the lunch time and afternoon pick-
up, 3:00pm - 3:30pm. Presently, some vehicles are being parked directly in front of the access to the Ark pre-school,
whilst others are being double parked, compromising safety. We ask you to ensure emergency access is never
blocked, at any time, not even for a brief while.

In an effort to ease congestion and improve safety we are considering re-designing the car park and the allocated
spaces. This may involve reducing the number of dedicated spaces available for disabled drivers which currently stand
at three, this being considerably more than that allocated in many larger schools. We welcome suggestions from all
concerned and will be seeking advice on this. We hope to make practical changes as soon as possible and ask anyone
with strong views to make these known before the Spring Term 2013.

In the meantime, we ask for:

         everyone to be as patient as possible and wherever possible, to leave the car at home and walk.
         the spaces for disabled drivers nearest the main entrance are strictly reserved for disabled badge -holders only

Thank you.


To our PTFA task force, who have been working very hard to organise fundraising events. Your efforts and cheery
dispositions are very much appreciated by us all!

To date we have raised:

         Approximately £700 from our sponsored bounce. Please submit any outstanding sponsorship money as soon as
         £ 75 from Jays cake sale
         Approximately £200 from the, ‘Nearly New Clothes and Toy Sale’.
          Many thanks to all of those who have supported these events, without you the PTFAs efforts would be in vain.
          In addition to this we raised £ 123 from ‘Jeans for Genes Day ‘
          Parents, Ms Penfold and Mr Carter have offered to buy a bench for the playground following calls from the
          School Council of help to smarten up our playground .We thank them for their generosity . The School Council
          are still awaiting responses from B& G and Homebase but we remain ever hopeful and optimistic!

Finally …… I would like to say a BIG thank you to the children, parents, staff, governors and volunteers who
have worked incredibly hard this half term. Several visitors to our school have commented on the warmth
and welcome they have received and how proud the children are of theirs and others achievements. We’ve
had a few tears but the air has been predominantly filled with laughter, song and numerous successes which
together, we will continue to build on.

A colleague recently asked me how I would describe St Nicholas School. I retorted it is a lively busy place that
welcomes people with an open heart and a kind spirit and has much to be proud of!

I wish you all a very happy and relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you again on the 5 th November.

Best wishes

Tracy Maley (Acting Headteacher)
                                     ST Nicholas CE VA Primary School
     Newsletter No.4                                                       October 2012

Class Cups                                                        OUR DANCING STARS Roy, Adam , Faith , Safia , Ellen ,
                                                                  Millie , Madison , Elsbeth , Erin , Isabelle, Ellie , Isabel F ,
Robins -Brody and Rueben                                          Sofia , Rosie , Maddie , Katie , Saskia , Noa , Sophie ,
Owls - Dylan and Esme                                             Amelia , Sophie , Olivia - Ke.. ee..ep ……dancing!

Wrens-Ben and Millie                                              HT Awards - Thomas, Joseph, Harley, Mackenzie and
                                                                  Annabel for fabulous writing. Ethan for wonderful maths
Hawks -Annabel and All of Hawks!
                                                                  Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors -
Starlings -Molly and Billy
                                                                  Molly, Ben, Zalee, William, George, Charlotte, Millie,
Jay - James and Katie                                             Isabela, Maisy, and Harry.

                                                                  Faith -achieved her Level 2 swimming award.

                                                                  Annabel - who was a chorister for a day!

Next Week
                                                                   Date Reminders
Harvest Assembly - Wednesday 23rd October at 2:15 pm in
the school hall. Everyone is welcome. We are sending your          26 October - PTFA cake sale - Starlings
kind donations to the food bank in Poole. Children can bring          th
                                                                   12 November - School Photographs (NEW DATE)
in donations from Monday. Thank you.                                  th
                                                                   16 November - PTFA cake sale - Hawks
Golden Time Café - Friday 26th October starting at 2:00 pm            th
                                                                   19 - 23
                                                                                 November - National Anti- bullying week
in the school hall. Our recorder players and choir will be
entertaining you. The children are looking forward to              22 November - Open morning -details to follow
performing in front of an audience and for some; it will be           th         th
                                                                   26 and 27 November - Parent consultations -2pm - 7pm
their first public performance! We very much hope you can
                                                                   30 November - Golden Time Café - our young pianists will
support them.                                                      be performing.

What’s been happening?

David Powell, a Leadership and Learning Consultant who works closely with UNICEF, visited school on Wednesday to
meet with our ‘Rights Respecting Ambassadors’. He was very impressed with the children and the progress we had made
so far towards achieving the ‘Rights Respecting Award’, Level 1. He has offered some valuable advice regarding the next
steps we need to take. Following his visit, Mrs Roots and Mrs Cowley , Zalee and Ben visited another local school, who
have already achieved the award. They found this extremely useful and came back full of ideas about what should
happen next! We will continue to keep you posted!

Hawks enjoyed a trip to Dorchester Museum to see the Tutankhamun, as part of their Egyptian Topic. They had a great
time and were great ambassadors for our school. Well done Hawks!

Robins finally managed to walk to the post box to post their very important letters! A lovely time was had by all!

 They also had a visit from an airline pilot, Mr Carter who kindly donated his jacket and hat ,as well as leaving them with a
lovely book each. We are very grateful to him for giving up his time to inspire our youngest children and the adults!

Mrs Wingrove was 60 on the 15th; I thought she’d welcome being reminded! The children and staff helped to make it a
memorable day for her. Her energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun help to keep us going!! Here’s to the next 60 years!

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