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                                                                        **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                                     October 28
                                                                     Michael Laffey, Shannon McFadden, Meghan Miller, Regina
                                                                     DeAngelis, Michael Hichak, Shannon Spano-Cody
Saturday, October 27                                                 October 29
9:00am No intention requested                                        Jessica Barnes, Francine Barrett, Theresa Mills, Kelsey Relyea,
5:30pm Frank DeProssino - Family                                     David Ernest, Mary Ellen Beierholm, W. Michael Gaddis,
                                                                     Mary Bull, Ellen Haugh, Avary Allen, Andrew Secor, Linda
Sunday, October 28                                                   Hiesel
7:30am People of St Stanislaus Kostka
9:00am Carole Thompson – Dunn Family                                 October 30
11:00am Dolly Peruffo – “Bible Study” friends                        Michael Aloia, Peter Collier, Kyle Mallet, Erika Crotty, Alan
                                                                     Demmel, Jason Hall, Celiene Sierra-Higgins, Theodore
Monday, October 29                                                   Biagiotti, Andrew Sweeney, Dawn Andrews, Marissa Close,
9:00am Koralishn Family – Maryanne Towers                            Toni Reyes, Joseph Lamberti, Joan Ryan, Merium Bates
Tuesday, October 30                                                  October 31
9:00am No intention requested                                        Arthur DeAngelis, Adam Hajali, Darlene Goodman, Michael
                                                                     Osetek, III, Jennifer Ferrara, Skyler Mayfield, William
Wednesday, October 31                                                VanOrnum, Emma O’Sullivan, Bernard Baratta, Warren
9:00am Walter Maichin – Jason and Madeline Kiggins                   Lambert, Alexandra Krochmal, Tracy Randazzo, Cheri Davies,
                                                                     Neelam Swarup, Andrew Bates, Sofia Soto, Elizabeth Young
Thursday, November 1 (Feast of All Saints – Holy Day)
7:00am No intention requested
                                                                     November 1
9:00am No intention requested
                                                                     Sandra Bulgia, Morgan Drohan, Nancy Dunn, Thomas Coyle,
6:30pm Robert Conroy - Family
                                                                     Timothy Persaud, Douglas Stanton, Jeffrey Carson, Sandra
Friday, November 2 ( Feast of All Souls)
9:00am Souls in Purgatory
                                                                     November 2
                                                                     Margaret Hart, Patricia Schaaf, D. Andrew Porcelli, Lauren
Saturday, November 3
                                                                     Moran, Erin Trocino, Louis Salaun, Salvatore Messina, Anne
9:00am Souls in Purgatory
                                                                     Niznik, Christopher Ermo, Allison Eckert, Kirsten Dolan
5:30pm Deceased members of Serkowski Family
                                                                     November 3
  ST. STANISLAUS IS A TITHING PARISH                                 Kate Farinato, Michael Rowan, Ann Senchak, Robert Noonan,
                   God’s Plan for Giving                             Myles Pratt, Thomas Gajarsky, Lois Behrman, ChrisAnn
In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to          Simone, Anthony Riccardulli, Jessica Butcher, Rayna Denning,
His Church the following                                             Kyra Kenyon, Darrell Kirton
October 21,2012 + Parish Pay                        $5502.00
 Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to
            continue to serve the people of God                              NEXT WEEK’S SECOND COLLECTION
                                                                                         Capital Improvement
                                                                   This important collection is a lifesaver in so many ways:
                                                                     --Help with unexpected maintenance/ repairs
                                                                     --Save for a rainy day or target project
                                                                   We ask you to be as helpful as you can and are grateful for your
Just a reminder that anyone is welcome to dedicate the             generosity!
bouquets on the altar each week in memory of a loved one. The
donation for that is $50 to help defray the cost of the flowers.                                                 432- page 1
Please contact the parish office if interested.
                 HOLYDAY OF OBLIGATION                                        CATHOLIC CHARITIES - POUGHKEEPSIE
              ALL SAINTS DAY, NOVEMBER 1                                                 A Call for Tax Volunteers !
                          Mass schedule                               Catholic Charities Community Services is a member of the
                   NO vigil Mass on October 31                        Hudson Valley CA$H (Creating Assets Savings and Hope)
               November 1: 7am, 9am, 6:30pm*                          Coalition which provides FREE tax preparation for working
                      **See Fr Jay’s notes**                          families who are eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
     (6:30 is to allow the parents of Religious Ed students an        We are looking for volunteers: tax preparation volunteers,
      opportunity to stay and attend Mass with their family)          greeters and client facilitators. Tax training is free and will
                                                                      be offered in early November. If you are interested in
                                                                      volunteering or would like more information, please call Mary
                                                                      Marshall at (845) 452-1400 x4217

                                                                            Bringing the Christmas Spirit to Families in Need
                                                                      Catholic Charities Community Services serves many of the families
                                                                      from throughout the county who are in need. We are inviting you to
                                                                      “adopt” a family or individual and provide them with some basic
                                                                      Christmas gifts for their family that they are not able to afford this
                                                                      year. If you or your family, friends or co-workers would like to
                                                                      Adopt-a-Family, please call the Catholic Charities office at (845)
                                                                      452-1400 x4217 to speak with Mary Marshall or email at:
                                                             or 452-1400 x4905 for Michelle
                                                                      Please help us bring the Hope and Joy of Christmas to others
                                                                      throughout the local Dutchess our communities.

                                                                                        CORE & MORE, GALORE!
                                                                      There are three sessions left in the "Core & More, Galore!"
This week, the Church celebrates all the saints: canonized or         fitness class. Your "core" (hips, butt, abs, and back) is the center
                                                                      of your body. It's what powers you when moving and being
beatified, and the multitude of those who are in heaven enjoying
                                                                      active. A strong core can make your life so much easier, helps
the beatific vision that are only known to God. During the early      prevent back injuries and pain, and looks nice, too!
centuries the Saints venerated by the Church were all martyrs.        Join this class and add more power and definition to your core!
                                                                      Classes will be held in the church hall on Mondays, from 6:00-
Later on the Popes set November 1 as the day for                      6:45 p.m., through Nov. 12. The cost is $10/class. For questions,
commemorating all the Saints. We all have this "universal call to     contact Leigh Toth at (845)309-4528 .
holiness." What must we to do in order to join the company of the                     TEST FOR ADMISSION INTO
saints in heaven? We "must follow in His footsteps and conform                        CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOLS
                                                                      The Test for Admission into Catholic High School (TACHS), the
[our]selves to His image seeking the will of the Father in all
                                                                      entrance test for over fifty of the Catholic High Schools in the
things. [We] must devote [our]selves with all [our] being to the      Archdiocese, will be administered on Friday, November 9, 2012
glory of God and the service of [our] neighbor. In this way, the      in selected centers throughout the Archdiocese. Catholic School
                                                                      pupils will receive applications in their own school. Public school
holiness of the People of God will grow into an abundant harvest      pupils may obtain applications from Catholic High Schools
of good, as is admirably shown by the life of so many saints in       participating in the program, from their parish elementary schools
                                                                      or parish religious education program
Church history" (Lumen Gentium, 40)
                                                                      Student may also register 7 days a week online via
                JELLY TIME” COMING SOON                      or via telephone from 8 am to 7 pm at
Just a heads up that Sister Mary has been working hard all            1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247).
summer preparing her jellies that so many of us look forward to.
In addition, she has her crocheted/knitted items ready for sale as            ADVENT CELEBRATION- DECEMBER 16
well. Look to the weekend of November 17-18.                                               Calling Young Dancers
                                                                      As part of our Advent celebration this year, we will be
COAT DRIVE/ BABY BOTTLE ENDS THIS WEEKEND                             preparing 2 presentations involving liturgical movement and
Thank you so much for the terrific response again in donating         signing. One is suitable for boys and girls , grades 1-4; the
coats for Dutchess Outreach. St Stanislaus is continually the best    other for older children, grades 5 – 9. Dance training is a plus,
site that Guardian Storage gathers from- in numbers and warmth.       but not required. Rehearsals are scheduled for November 17,
 After Sunday we are no longer taking coats in.                       December 1, 8 and 15, 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Contact Dianne
                                                                      Serkowski at the parish office or at the Religious Education
**Place your filled bottles in the basket in front of the church **   Office Tues., Wed. or Thurs. (4:30 – 5:30 p.m.)
      They will be sent to Good Counsel on Monday.                                                             432- page 3
                                                Year of Faith: Up-date…
Last week, I mentioned that one of the major points that we wanted to make during the Year of Faith here, at St. Stan’s,
was getting back to the basics. There are many things that we have taken for granted, forgotten, omitted or
abandoned over the years that we simply need to recall. Some of these things are doctrines or beliefs. These are
important because these things underline and give meaning to other doctrines or beliefs. Without the foundation, other
beliefs simply make no sense, like trying to explain “advanced math” to someone who has forgotten or never learned
that 2+2=4! It makes the new ideas much more understandable if we know the basics first.

The same applies to practices and devotions. These came about because someone wanted to get across a basic point
and used these visible practices to clarify a basic doctrine or to encourage us to make use of them more frequently—
think Stations of the Cross, Novenas or Benediction.

The same is true for the notion of sacrifice. If we allow ourselves to avoid this value, then rules, regulations and the 10
Commandments have no foundation, make no sense and therefore we find all sorts of reasons or excuses to drop or ignore them.
Without these foundation-stones we have a foundation of sand instead of “rock upon which Jesus can build his

For that reason, we will try to remind ourselves of the basic, foundation stones upon which a relationship with God can
be established, with an emphasis on the notion of living this relationship not on our own but within the context
of community and community worship which is where our understanding of Sunday Mass comes in! This is
why everything must begin with those of us who come here each week—we are the starting point. This is what we,
here, will be trying to explore. With this in mind, let us move on to a few other points..

                            Schedule for the Feast of All Saints, a holyday of obligation…
There are certain feasts that the Church considers important enough in what they can teach us that causes the Church
to tell us that we MUST make time to fit them into our schedules “under the pain of mortal sin” and this Feast
(November 1) is one of them. This means that if we do not make time to come to Mass, we have committed a sin and
need to go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion. Talk about a concept that many have ignored or
forgotten!!!!! This is why we announce the Feast and our schedule—it IS important and we SHOULD attend Mass.
However, because of the secular things attached to the Eve of this feast, many today find it necessary to stay home and
“protect” their homes from “tricks”. As a result, this feast is often celebrated only on the day itself (with no Vigil Mass
due to the fact that few attend). We will try this at St. Stans this year. This is the reason why our schedule for this feast
has no Mass on Wednesday evening this year and only one evening Mass for the feast.

                                    The Feast of our Patron, St. Stanislaus Kostka
Our patron’s feast is celebrated on November 13th each year. To try to encourage parishioners to gather together to
honor ourselves as a parish on this feast, and due to the fact that we are having the first evening of our “Parish
Catechesis” on the actual feast, we thought we would like to encourage you to come and honor our patron on the Eve
of his Feast, Monday the 12th, with a special Mass at 7PM followed by some cookies and cake following Mass. We
hope you will find about 90 minutes to join us that evening and that all the proceeding words will help you understand
why this is important for us to do. Please…

                                  Finally, some news you will be happy to hear…
Due to your generous response to last spring’s Stewardship Appeal, we surpassed our goal of $50,000.00. 208
parishioners contributed $62,704 of which $57, 859 has been paid as of this time. Since the rebate to our parish is
based on the amount over goal that has been received, we recently received a check from “Downtown” for $7,859 to
be used in our parish. We are most grateful and encourage those who are still making payments (like myself) will
continue to do so, so that the remaining $4,845 will be coming back to us soon. Once again, thanks to all who made a
gift to the Appeal.

                                                                                                      432-page 3

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