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					                                Mentor Responsibilities and Contract
Each Senior Project student should choose a mentor who is over the age of 23, has some level of expertise with
the student’s project topic, is not a member of the student’s immediate family, and is not a CHS faculty member.
Mentors will primarily be responsible for guiding the physical product/fieldwork phase of this Senior Project
requirement. This portion requires students to complete at least forty-five (45) hours working on a hands-on
activity /fieldwork directly related to their chosen topics.

While mentors are not required to be present for all forty-five (45) hours, they should be readily available to
advise the student, answer questions, offer guidance, and check on the progress of the project. Upon completion
of the project, mentors will be asked to write a letter verifying the student’s work.

Mentors should also be willing to share their knowledge, ideas, and opinions for the student’s research paper.
Students may, at the discretion of their English teachers, be required to interview their mentors. Mentors may
also, with their consent and at the request of the student, help by reading preliminary drafts of the paper and
offering suggestions and feedback.

The role of the mentor in the Senior Project process is invaluable. While it is neither overly time-consuming nor
arduous, the mentor’s involvement does help each student push his/her education well beyond the walls of CHS.
Each mentor contributes to helping our graduates become more thoughtful and involved members of the Clifton
community. We appreciate your essential involvement in our program.

Student’s Name ______________________________________________________________________

English Teacher’s Name _______________________________________________________________

Senior Project Topic: __________________________________________________________________

• I am willing to serve as a mentor for this student, visiting with him/her a minimum of once per month. I have
experience with his/her chosen topic, and I understand the definition of the role of mentor as it is outlined

Please print:

Mentor’s Name ______________________________________ Phone # ________________________

Address ____________________________________________ E-mail __________________________

Mentor Signature ____________________________________________________________________

To Parents: Please read and sign below.

I have spoken with (mentor’s name) and I approve of him/her as a mentor for my son/daughter.

I realize that the mentor will be working closely with my son/daughter to provide support and encouragement
on the senior project.

I also know that the mentor cannot be a family member.

PARENT’S SIGNATURE __________________________________________
Mentor & Student Contract
The mentor and student complete and sign this contract.
This contract lists the expectations the mentor and student have for each other. It helps focus your meetings and
provides direction. Make a copy for the mentor and student. It will be needed later in the year. Note: Mentor and
Student must initial each page of contract.

Student Information
Student                                                              English
Phone/email                                                          Teacher                                        Period
Brief Description
of Senior Project
How long have you                       How did you find
known your mentor?                      your mentor?

Mentor Information
Work                                                                 Home Phone
Phone                                                                (optional)



City                                                                 State             Zip

Please list your qualifications and experience (minimum of 3 years) in the subject area of the student’s project:

If the project involves organizing an event, the mentor must be at the event to supervise and evaluate. This is very
important. If it is impossible for the mentor to be at the event, the student must find a CHS staff member to fill in.
In the space below, please list a minimum of four responsibilities both of you agree to fulfill:
 Student Responsibilities                                       Mentor Responsibilities
 1.                                                             1.
 2.                                                             2.
 3.                                                             3.
 4.                                                             4.
All written work must be appropriate for high school and be free of profanity, use of drugs, pornography and use of
teacher names.
I agree to mentor this student on the required Senior Project. I agree to meet (communicate with) the student a
minimum of 2-3 times a month in order to monitor the progress of the project. We both agree to fulfill the
responsibilities as listed above.

Signature                                                                                      Date

Signature                                                                                      Date

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