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					U.S. Department of Labor

DOL Innovation Through
               U.S. Department of Labor
               DOL Innovation Through

   DOL’s Mission
   Planting The Seed
   Prizes: What Works & What You Will Need
   Lessons Learned
   Development & Execution Process
   Case Studies:
     o   Equal Pay, Disability Employment, Occupational Employment Statistics &
U.S. Department of Labor
DOL’s Mission

                To foster, promote, and develop the
                welfare of the wage earners, job seekers,
                and retirees of the United States; improve
                working conditions; advance opportunities
                for profitable employment; and assure
                work-related benefits and rights.
U.S. Department of Labor
Planting The Seed

                    1.   Educated leadership on power of data

                    2.   Liberated our data – APIs, SDKs, Sample Code

                    3.   Tied efforts to President’s Executive Order –
                         Customer Service

                    4.   Incentivized participating and rewarded

                    5.   Showcased Return On Investment (ROI)

                    6.   Kept educating, reporting and liberating.
U.S. Department of Labor
Prizes – What Works & What You Will Need

                Not all contests should have money as the primary
                 prize, and not all prizes should be “Meet the

                Engage the private sector, offer a mix of contest judges
                 and encourage a diverse evaluation panel

                Research your agency’s “Gift Authority” – Products?
                 Services? Cash? All or just some?

                Develop a “Gratuitous Services Agreement Form”; you
                 will need it
U.S. Department of Labor
Lessons Learned

                     Don’t be too prescriptive - flexibility is key in
                      order to allow creativity and innovation

                     No such thing as “we’ve done enough

                     Think like a service user, not a program manager

                     Secure resources – questions will be asked,
                      action will have to be taken

                     Tie prizes to mission, and protect your
            DOL Innovation Through
            Development & Execution

 Phase I           Phase II           Phase III      Phase IV
 Ideation /          Data             Partnership    Judges, Prizes
  Mission          Gathering           Building       and Lawyers

Phase V           Phase VI            Phase VII      Phase VIII
 Outreach         Final Review        Continuous      Winners,
 Strategy           & Launch          Monitoring &   Outreach &
                   (cross fingers!)    Feedback      Sustainment
          Equal Pay
          App Challenge Overview

                                       Partnered with the
                                       National Equal Pay
Launched May                            Task Force, Equal
  23th 2012                               Opportunity
                                         Commission &
                                      Department of Justice

                                                              Supported by Ning,
               First ever equal pay                           Google,, Daily
               related challenge of                             Muse, Women
                  its kind in the                              Innovate Mobile,
               federal government                              Catalyst & others.
Equal Pay App Challenge
App Spotlight: Demand Equal Pay for Women

          Disability Employment
          App Challenge Overview

                                        Partnered with the
                                        U.S. Department of
Launched May
                                        Education & Social
  23th 2012                                   Security

               First ever disability-                           Supported by
                    related app                              Craigslist founder
               challenge of its kind                          Craig Newmark,
                   in the federal                              IBM, and ATIA
Disability Employment App Challenge
App Spotlight: Access Jobs

                  Access Jobs is a job search portal specifically designed
                  for job seekers with disabilities.

                     The website implements usable accessibility techniques,
                      such as responsive design, which allows the website to be
                      experienced in the same way across all platforms.

                     The website can also be plugged into an existing
                      accessibility resource, such as,
                      without having to create and maintain a separate widget.

                     Employers who want their job postings to appear on the
                      Access Jobs website do not have to re-post their jobs.
                      They can submit their domain name and add a few lines
                      of code to their existing job postings.

                     The Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) will ensure that
                      existing job postings are searchable.
           Occupational Employment Statistics
           App Challenge Overview

                                        Partnered with the
Launched July
                                       U.S. Bureau of Labor
  14th 2011                                  Statistics

                First ever economic                            Supported by the
                 data-visualization                            Office of the Chief
                app challenge of its                          Economist & Bureau
                 kind in the federal                           of Labor Statistics
Occupational Employment Statistics Challenge
App Spotlight: Where Are They Jobs?

                  Allows users to interactively explore the salary and
                  job statistics for various occupations at national,
                  state and regional levels

                     Users can choose an occupation and explore the job
                      market for that occupation, or they can start with a
                      state or region and explore the top occupations
                      within it

                     Provides context for the user by highlighting the
                      geographic area, plotting the information on a graph
                      for easy comparison and allowing the users to sort
                      either by number of jobs or by salary

                     Provides information about the top industries
                      providing employment in a given occupation

           App Challenge Overview

                                          Partnered with
Launched July                             Wage & Hour,
  14th 2011                             Occupational Safety
                                             & Health

                      First ever
                   enforcement-                                 Supported by
                    related app                               Google, GitHub, and
                challenge of its kind                            many others
                   in the federal
informACTION Challenge
App Spotlight: Eat, Shop, Sleep

                    Looking for a popular restaurant nearby? A hotel
                    without code violations to stay at? Eat Sleep Shop for
                    your iPhone/iPad can help. Search for places to eat,
                    shop & sleep and then read customer reviews as well
                    as health, safety & labor highlights

                       iPhone/iPad accessible

                       Search restaurants, shops, and hotels near you

                       Access hotel/motel, restaurant and retail industry
                        enforcement data and easily identify violators

                       Narrow your results by industry, health/labor violations,
                        name search

                       Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of

                       DOL data is mixed with Yelp to check reviews of
                        establishments with findings

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