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									2 Corinthians 5:11 – 6:2

 Rolling up our sleeves
• Our motivation in sharing the gospel
• Our conduct in sharing the gospel
• Our view of people in the light of the
• Our task in the light of the gospel
• Paul’s gospel appeal
• So what?
Motivation to share the gospel
• The knowledge of the fear of the Lord
   – Holiness, sin and certain judgement
• The love of Christ compels us
  – We are convinced of the truth of the message
  – Jesus died; the perfect sacrifice for sinners
  – We were all dead in sin
  – The offer of salvation is there for all who will receive
    it by faith
  – We live for Christ, not for ourselves
       Conduct in gospel work
•   Honesty, openness and transparency
•   Confidence in the integrity of leaders
•   Integrity is a matter of the heart
•   Paul considered “out of his mind”
•   The gospel presented logically & clearly
  The gospel’s view of people
• The gospel corrects our view of people
• The gospel corrects our view of Jesus
• Christians ARE new creations
  – The old has gone, the new has come
  – This does not contradict sanctification
• All of this is from God
  – Saved and reconciled
  – Ministry of reconciliation
     Our task in the gospel
• God has committed the message to us
• We are His ambassadors
• We should be passionate about the job!
  – I implore you…
  – Be reconciled to God
  – Jesus became sin for us
  – We become the righteousness of Christ
       Paul’s gospel appeal
• Don’t waste this opportunity
• The time is short
  – The offer will not always be available
                     So what?
•   We need to be saved now!
•   Do we take the reality of judgement seriously?
•   Are we compelled by the love of Christ
•   Are we characterised by openness, honesty,
    transparency & integrity?
•   Are we OK with being considered mad?
•   Are we laying out the gospel clearly?
•   Do we have God’s eyes and heart for people?
•   Are we living in the light of what we are?
•   Are we passionate about the ministry of reconciliation?

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