HR 102 F9 NE Checklist HR 11 02 11 by 3gL5jKbP


									                                                           Employee Life Cycle
                                                         New Employee Processes

                                                    New Employee Checklist - HR

  Position No.                                                             Date
 Position Title

                                                                                    Date      Completed
                                    Initial Tasks                                 Completed      By
Print copy of PAR
Prepare offer letter
Mail offer letter to new employee
Send e-mail to employee that provided offer form to HR
Add new employee to NE Orientation List
Create employee’s HR file
                            Thursday before Orientation
Prepare NEO packages
State of Florida Application has been provided
Background check completed
                              Monday – Orientation Day
Employee Signs NEO List – in Suite 260 (4050/101 if not in Suite 260)
ID Badge made - in Suite 260
Building Access Key issued – in Suite 260
Picture taken for Announcement (monitor) - in Suite 260
I-9 Card completed - in Suite 260
Employee Pledge Signature form completed – in 4050/101
Privacy Test completed - in Suite 260
Financial Disclosure cared for (if required)
                        Thursday of Employee’s First Week
Call employee – “Hello, how was your first week?”
                                Miscellaneous Tasks
If applicant did not apply via PF, send PF copy of application
Reviewed employment dates with employee and verified accuracy in PeopleFirst
Health Insurance Benefits cared for
Life Insurance Benefits cared for
Retirement Elections cared for
PF Requisition closed
Finalize hiring package file

                                                                      HR-102-F9 NE Checklist - HR

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