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									Your Job Description

     Befriend

     Intrigue

     Disturb

     Offer options
Sell The Plan
       Use A Sample Plan …

 PDF to all prospects with meeting confirmation email

 Send 3 copies to them at work with further
Share this spare
copy with a work
colleague who you
care about…
       Use A Sample Plan …

 PDF to all prospects with meeting confirmation email

 Send 3 copies to them at work with further

 Carry 10 copies in your car…
“ I help protect middle- aged
 people from their parents “
       Use A Sample Plan …

 Give to accountants & attorneys to share with their
  clients – leave a stack on their reception area table
 Ask clients to forward it as an attachment to their

“In our recent work with Peter Smith, you came to mind
   as the one couple who would completely relate to
   his unique approach to bringing harmony, focus and
   control to your financial direction.

Compare the attached Sample Financial plan to the one
  you currently have and consider spending 30
  minutes with Peter exchanging some ideas – you’ll
  be glad you did”
 Website

“Download your Sample Financial Plan here”
“ As we are connected on LinkedIn, I wanted to
share a sample of the financial plans we create.

Call me for yours and I’ll send you a
complimentary copy of this important book..”
   What’s the expiry date on your
     parent’s financial plan?

I have a moral obligation and fiduciary
responsibility to look after FAMILIES not just
FUNDS in my work.

Would you be willing to put us together for 30
minutes to pressure test the advice they’ve
received – so that you never end up inheriting
them financially?
      Parent Meeting Release Letter
To Whom It May Concern

I have today been offered a complimentary consultation
for/with my living parents by my financial advisor ( insert
name ).

I understand that the purpose of such a meeting is:

1. To “pressure test” the financial advice they have been
receiving for longevity risk in their documented financial
2. To establish whether there are any existing long term
care/caregiving risks in their planning which may
negatively impact my own retirement funding.

3. To provide them with scientific and mathematical
realities influencing future healthcare delivery in our
country that may present financial risks in their future.

4. To evaluate their estate planning needs to ensure
that their wealth and assets are transitioned with
maximum preservation from tax and other final
This advisor has informed me that this meeting is in my own
best interests and conducted in order to keep them in
compliance with standard protocols of licensed financial

Having duly considered the above issues, I have respectfully
declined to provide the necessary introduction of my parent/s
to (insert advisor name). I release them of any future liability
within my own financial planning arising from this decision.

(Name of client)
           Do you GET IT yet?

In top half of North American economy 17 wealth or risk events in
our lifetime (so people change something FINANCIALLY every 4

That means that 25% of the people you befriend are going to shop
with our industry anyway THIS YEAR!

                 600 clients = 100-150 cases a year

1. Work harder and differently building your pipeline
  (improve activity & client’s experience of you)
      1. Work harder and differently
         (improve activity & client experience of you)

2. Improve your conversion performance
      2. Improve your conversion performance
  (seen-to-secured rate)
        (seen-to-secured rate)

       3. Increase value of your average client
3. Increase value of your average case
         (place more and get referrals every time)
  (place more and get referrals every time)
We are not in the
SOLUTIONS business !
We are in the PROBLEMS business
Text Thank You
“ Hi Peter, Thanks for giving me time today to gain
  some insights into your financial dreams and
  I appreciate you considering our services and
  solutions at ( insert name ) – we know you have a
  choice in selecting a financial guide to bring clarity,
  confidence and control to your wealth creation and
  risk management.
  Have a great day
Please feel free to refer us to anyone in your close
circle back at work – or family members you care
about- who may not be receiving this level of speedy,
personalized attention and felt neglected by their
current advisor during recent market turmoil. I’d sure
love to spend 20 minutes with them sharing some
ideas. Forward them this link and I’ll be sure to do the
Topics for Google Alerts

  Healthcare Crisis USA

  Retirement Planning Problems USA

  Elder Long Term Care Crisis USA

  Wealth Creation Financial Planning USA
    FINANCIAL PLANNING STEPS COMPLETED                                      YES   NO

1 Has a written financial plan been documented and updated at least
    annually to adjust for changed circumstances, market trading
    conditions and latest carrier solutions?

2 Is the life insurance program inclusive of fully comprehensive critical
    illness benefits (as opposed to being just payable on death)?

3 Have the long term care expenses been accounted for by the plan in
    order to protect the children’s retirement from the unfunded health
    issues of the parents?

4 Was the appropriate inflation indexing used in creating and funding
    the plan?

5 Was the appropriate life expectancy used in creating and funding the
                                                                             YES   NO

6 Does the plan contain the correct blend of guaranteed income and
   lifestyle “playchecks” to ensure maximum financial peace of mind free
   of market volatility?

7 Have the necessary allowances been made for legacy contributions to
   grandchildren’s financial wellbeing?

8 Are the estate plan distributions arranged WITH or WITHOUT values
9 Has a family meeting been convened at any point to reach concensus
  on key family issues surrounding long term care, asset sharing amongst
  siblings and family financial roles in the future?

1 Does the plan include return-of-premium coverage on
0 grandchildren/children’s critical illness with funds converted for whole
  life insurance on the grandchildren/children in the future?
   Family Member Email
George, there's something I've been wanting to run by you for quite
some time, but was reluctant to make you feel uncomfortable in
any way. (This will arouse some curiosity.) As you might already
realize, I do some pretty important work for my clients. I help them
gain a high level of confidence, clarity, and control over their
personal finances.

Obviously, this type of work is very personal and confidential. I just
want to make sure that whatever advice you are currently getting
is as complete and of the highest caliber possible. Would you be
open to sitting down with me at some point to for a
complimentary assessment of your situation? I promise that no
other members of our family will become privy to our
Change How You Introduce Yourself
“ I reposition family balance sheets ”

“ I remove longevity risk from
   people’s financial plans “
   “ I guarantee people’s
Paychecks and Playchecks for
         retirement “
What do you do for a living?

    “Shall I TELL you what I do
     – or rather SHOW you?”
What do you do for a living?

    “Shall I TELL you what I do
     – or rather SHOW you?”

Write down how much life insurance you own

1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
200       X 30 (days) = 6 000 (a month )
1 000 000
1 000 000
200       X 30(days) = 6 000 (a month )
1 000 000
1 000 000
200       X 30(days) = 6 000 ( a month )
                        X 12 ( months )
                       72 000 (a year)

         Based on a 7.2% average return
Write down how much life insurance you own

1 000 000
4% is safe
= $ 40 000 a yr
Write down how much life insurance you own

1 000 000
4% is safe
= $ 40 000/365 =?
Meet The Parents
60-90   10% average annual return
60-90   10% average annual return
        - 5% withdrawal for income
60-90   10% average annual return
        - 5% withdrawal for income
         0 OUT OF MONEY
60-90   10% average annual return
        - 5% withdrawal for income
         0 OUT OF MONEY
         25% market decline during 5% annual withdrawal
            4 Scary Choices
 Eat cheaper cuts of meat as they get older

 Have a “Die Younger” plan

 Start doing multi-level marketing in their 80’s

 Move back in with you when they are old and
          4 Scary Choices
 Restricted monthly budgets

 No legacy planning to bring “meaning to their

 Top up their plan in their 80’s

 Have a binding family agreement on caregiving
  and the financing of future health problems
Get in front of Grandpa Bob
   (and Grandma Molly)
Getting in front of Grandpa and Grandma…
 • Values Trust

 • Living/Testamentary or

 • Trustees generate passive
   fees over 21 years

 • Great campaign for
   strategic alliance
 Building the bridge from the
  movie to engaging YOU

 Menu of milestone choices

 Sample trust documents

 “Pay It Forward” campaign
Top Advisor Program Tools
I am excited to meet with you soon to
discuss your thoughts after watching The
Ultimate Gift and sharing the message with
your family and friends. I am ready to
facilitate a meeting to turn your legacy
commitments into meaningful action
through a carefully crafted plan. Together
we will make sure that your money makes a
difference in the lives of those you care
about and that your estate plan enshrines
your values for the benefit of the next
generation. Please feel free to contact me
for delivery of further copies of the movie
to others in your life who might share this
Facilitate Family Meetings
10 Family Meetings this year
• Jewelry

• Beachhouse

• Mom’s checkbook

• Medical incapacity
Just to let you know that I never want to take our relationship for
granted. I know you had a choice in selecting your financial advisor.

Thanks for your loyalty & support in placing your business with ( ).
I will continue to work hard to maintain your confidence in me.

This is the year I would like to take the next step in your financial
plan by facilitating a family meeting. Please call me after reviewing
the enclosed book – and I will be sure to deliver a copy to every
family member who should join us

Warm regards,
Mark Smith
Last & Final Letter
                 The Last And Final Letter

Dear (family member/s),

You are reading this letter after my passing and I wanted to let you know
how dearly I love you and cherish our life’s journey together.
I also needed to leave you with some practical guidelines in dealing with the
necessary preparations as you face your life ahead.
This is a challenging time and I urge you to be strong as you move through
the steps into your future.
Get someone close to us to assist you and feel free to share this letter with
them if you are not strong enough to act on my advice alone.
Step One- Locate all documents

1.   All financial records, bank account details and
     asset registers can be found in the following place:
     (insert information)
2.       Will
3.       Company benefits documents
4.       Birth certificate
5.       Marriage certificate
6.       Bank account information
7.       Life insurance policies
8.       Trust documents
9.       Property ownership documents
2.   My wishes for my funeral are as follows:

3.   Please attend to the following as soon as you can:
     Change your own will if appropriate
     Increase the amount of life insurance to that of primary family breadwinner
     Increase disability, health and critical illness
     insurance if appropriate
     Have updates and changes made to
     all shareholders/business partnership agreements
     Consolidate any outstanding debt with proceeds
     from the life insurance and/or consider debt consolidation strategies -
     our advisor can reposition your family balance sheet with these solutions
4. My digital legacy is:
Bank Card access code _____________________
Computer password ________________________
On-line banking password ___________________
On-line address book________________________
Email account password _____________________
Facebook password ________________________
Other: ___________________________________
You may wish to consider setting up a trust so that you and the
children may benefit in a secure manner from our financial work
together. Whilst I encourage you to re-marry if you so wish, the
assets we built together are to work for you and our children and
should be protected appropriately from any potential breakdown of
this re-marriage. Again, our advisor will instruct
attorneys/accountants with your best interests at heart.

Consider my final wishes with regards to charitable giving and please
ensure that they are carried out to the letter according to my final
instructions in my last will and testament.

Do not leave the house unoccupied during my funeral and consider
immediate upgrades to security.
You will probably be asked to sign many releases and documents during this
time. Read everything carefully and ask for help if you are at all unsure. You
will need several copies of my death certificate and should keep copies of
anything else which you sign. Don’t hesitate to insist on reading everything

The following people should be consulted jointly and simultaneously for
further advice on your financial affairs in the medium to long term:
(Name of accountant)
(Name of attorney)
(Name of agent/financial advisor)
The “Two Day Before” Birthday Cake…
“ I wanted to be the first
to wish you a Happy Birthday !
If you have colleagues who you
share the cake with who are not
receiving this level of personal
 attention from their current advisor
And may have felt neglected during
recent market turmoil, I’d sure
love to meet with them to exchange some
       Increasing case size…

“What are you doing through your estate plan
to give back to the community who put you
where you are as a business owner?”
       Increasing case size…

“What are you doing through your estate plan
to give back to the community who put you
where you are as a business owner?”

Charitable Giving – “Genius At Work”
(William Strickland)
The best way to help the under-privileged is
to make sure you’re not one of them…

 The best way to help the under-privileged is
 to make sure you’re not one of them…
 …and then to re-arrange your estate
 planning to give back massively to less
 fortunate folks using other people’s money

Three sources of revenue :

 Repeat Business

 Referral Business

 Reputational Business
Dear Neighbour,

As we approach the end of the year, it is easy to remind
ourselves of how privileged we are to live in the place we live
in with the lifestyle that we have.
However, we cannot forget those who are less fortunate than
us and who struggle just to put food on the table.
This is why we would like to organize a food drive in order to
collect some food for the Food Banks.
On December 4th after 10AM, my wife, daughter and I, along with a few of
my daughter’s friends, will be coming to pick up any non perishable items
that you wish to donate. The collections will be given to (insert name of your
food bank contact) to enable others to enjoy a blessed Christmas too.
Simply leave a bag of food by your door and we will be driving by on
December 4th to pick up your donations. Please do attach your contact
details so we can ensure you are recognized appropriately by those on the
receiving end of your generosity.
Together we can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your
Please call me if you would like to arrange a special collection – it would be
great to meet you personally.
Happy Holidays,

Insert name of advisor
Dear (insert name of accountant or attorney)

We share a client in (insert name of client). Apparently, you
have reviewed my recent recommendations for their estate
planning/risk management and disagreed with the advice I
have given them to:
(insert brief description of what your client should be doing
 ie- Put in place a $ 500 000 Life Insurance policy to offset
estate taxes liabilities which their children stand to inherit
OR Draw monthly compensation out of their corporation to
remunerate them for having ceded personal assets to their
bank to secure corporate loans/debt
OR re-position their shareholder/partnership agreement to
fully fund the statistical PROBABILITY of critical illness in the
next 25 years as well as the POSSIBILITY of either partner’s
OR Make allowance for surviving spouses to achieve full value
for their shareholding on their demise, allowing the remaining
partner/s to take complete control of the business which the
surviving spouse has neither the interest or skill to run).
In terms of compliance rules governing the documentation of my
advice to our mutual client as well as to offset potential liability
resulting from your contrary opinion, I require your opinion to be
documented for purposes of closing the file on this matter.

Would you kindly, therefore, email me your professional opinion on
the advice I have given (insert name of mutual client) to document
your standpoint on my suggestions.

Optionally, I would like to meet with you to expand your
understanding of the underlying justification for my advice so that
you have an opportunity to change your own professional
recommendations in line with established standard protocols of
licensed financial advisors accredited to guide consumers on risk
management. I am led to understand you are not licensed in this area

Kind regards,

(insert name of advisor)

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