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									                                         OFFER LETTER



From: Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Re:      Offer of Hazard Mitigation Grant funds to subsidize the cost of constructing
         or installing a safe room certified to FEMA standards.
You have been selected as an eligible recipient of Hazard Mitigation Grant funds to
subsidize a percentage of the total eligible cost of constructing or installing, a safe room
or storm shelter certified to FEMA standards as described in “FEMA 320,” Third Edition
(August 2008) and the “National Performance Criteria for Tornado Shelters” (NPCTS).
Your safe room must be installed within six (6) months of the above date of this
offer letter.

In order to receive reimbursement you must:
Submit the contractor/installer Certification Instructions form, and all required
documentation, signed by the appropriate licensed contractor.
1.    Submit all bills/invoices, receipts and canceled checks from eligible expenses.

2.       Comply with all local building and flood protection ordinances.

3.       Submit the Safe Room Reimbursement Request form, signed by the applicant,
         and two photographs of the installed shelter.

4.       Submit a signed W-9 Form.

5.       Submit proof of home and property ownership.

This Offer Letter must be signed and submitted within two (2) weeks of the above date
of the offer. This Offer Letter is void two weeks from the above date.

     I accept this offer of funding and will comply with all terms and conditions.

     I decline this offer of funding.

_____________________________                          ________________________
Name of Eligible Recipient (Print)                           Date

_____________________________                          ________________________
Signature of Eligible Recipient                          Address of Safe Room

January 2012

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