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					Template letter of offer for Temporary/Specified Purpose Positions (i.e. the end
date of the contract is not known e.g. substitute cover for sick leave, maternity
                              leave, carer’s leave etc)

   The prompts in the document are highlighted in red ink. It is important
     to ensure that the prompts are deleted and the relevant information

      As the document is a template it will have to be adapted to meet the
       school’s own requirements.

      It is essential that the Guidance Notes accompanying this template letter
       are read in full prior to using this letter.

      Please also refer to the accompanying checklist

      Please ensure that school headed notepaper which sets out the school
       name, roll number and address is used for the letter of offer.

      Insert the proposed appointee’s name & address

      Insert the date of the letter

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for attending interview on (insert date of interview). The Board of
Management is pleased to offer you the position of Specified Purpose Teacher with
initial duties as (e.g. classroom/resource/EAL/learning support etc. teacher)
commencing on (Insert the date that employment will commence).

            It is proposed that you will be engaged on a specified purpose contract
              to (insert purpose for which the contract is required e.g. to
              provide cover for xxx who is on maternity leave). This contract
              will terminate upon the expiry of the said specified purpose or on
              (insert date) whichever occurs the sooner unless otherwise
              terminated in accordance with the provisions of the specified purpose
            If part-time, please insert the hours and when same are to be

This offer of employment is subject to and conditional on:-
    (Insert whichever one of the following applies:-
             Where a teacher is registered with the Teaching Council insert
               “Continued registration with the Teaching Council, please furnish your
               Teaching Council registration number,”
             Where a teacher is conditionally registered with the Teaching
               Council insert “Continued registration with the Teaching Council,
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          please furnish your Teaching Council registration number. Your
          employment is subject to you obtaining unconditional registration with
          the Teaching Council. If unconditional registration is not obtained
          within the original period specified by the Teaching Council where this
          original period expires during the term of this (or any subsequent) (if
          any) contract your contract of employment will be terminated
        Where a teacher has applied for registration with the Teaching
          Council insert “Continued registration with the Teaching Council,
          please furnish your Teaching Council registration number once your
          registration is complete. As your registration is pending, your
          remuneration will be at the unqualified rate of pay pending the
          decision of the Teaching Council. In the event that the registration
          process does not conclude by August 31st next your employment will
          be terminated”. (It should be noted that even though the person is
          paid at the unqualified rate, the person must be fully qualified).

2. Confirmation of your qualifications, please furnish same.
    (Note: In the highly unlikely event that an unqualified person is being
    employed, CPSMA should be contacted for specific advice as this has
    implications for the letter of offer and contract of employment.)
3. This School has a Catholic ethos. You will be required to uphold and be
    accountable to the Board of Management for upholding the ethos, which is
    determined by the Patron.
4. Valid Certificate to teach Religious Education or its equivalent. Please furnish
    same.     (Delete if not applicable. The specific requirements of the
    Patron should have been checked with the Patron’s office at the start of
    the recruitment process.)
5. Sanction of the Minister. (Substitute teachers are entered onto OLCS.
    (Circular 61/2010). A copy of the information entered onto OLCS should
    be retained for the proposed appointee’s personnel file. Information is
    entered onto OLCS for the purpose of inter alia obtaining the Sanction
    of the Minister. )
6. Satisfactory pre employment medical screening - please complete a “Pre-
    Employment Questionnaire” on ‘medmark4teachers.ie’.
7. Compliance with and satisfactory outcome of Garda vetting requirements.
    Please furnish
      original vetting letter which you received from the Teaching Council
      Statutory Declaration
      Form of Undertaking
   (Every effort must be made to complete the vetting process in advance
   of appointments being made. However, in certain circumstances, it may
   be the case that even though the vetting application has been submitted
   at the earliest stage, it may not be possible (for reasons outside the
   control of the school) to have the vetting process completed in advance

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      of an appointment being made. In this is the case the letter must also
       “You must confirm in writing prior to commencement of employment your
      acceptance of the condition that your appointment is subject to the
      satisfactory outcome of the vetting process”. (Delete if not applicable)
    8. Satisfactory Reference(s) (Note: This clause is only included in
       exceptional circumstances. References must be checked prior to the
       offer of employment being made in order to comply with Appendix D
       Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure 2011 and because it is
       normal and good recruitment practice to do so. If in exceptional
       circumstances references cannot be checked in advance of the offer of
       employment, the letter of offer should state that employment is subject
       to suitable references and that the employer has the sole discretion to
       decide the suitability of references. CPSMA is of the view that
       references must always be checked prior to the offer of employment for
       the reasons outlined above and also as unsatisfactory information may
       come to light too far into the employment relationship to use to the
       employer’s advantage without the risk of legal action)
    9. Contract of employment. “Your specified purpose contract of employment is
       enclosed in duplicate. Please sign and date both copies and return together
       with a letter confirming acceptance of the position and of the above
       conditions to the Chairperson of the Board of Management by (insert date-
       This should be prior to the date the employment commences).

Please find attached a copy of DES Circular 60/2009 (Disciplinary Procedures for
Principals and Teachers.

Yours sincerely,

Chairperson Board of Management

Attach to this letter

   1. Contract of employment (in duplicate)
   2. DES Circular 60/2009

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