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									                                     Western Maine Arts Collaborative
                                          Memorandum of Understanding
                                     With Performance Venues and Art Galleries

The Western Maine Arts + Business Collaborative (WMA + BC) is a collective of performing arts
venues and visual arts organizations and supporting businesses in and near Oxford County. It was
founded in 2012 by a task force of arts organizations that want to work together to create and administer
the Western Maine Passport to the Arts, a tourism tool providing discounts and incentives throughout a
network of arts and cultural organizations and businesses that support tourism. Its organizing principles
reflect a commitment to collaboration among arts organizations in Western Maine in partnership with
business. The WMA+BC is an inclusive collective that invites membership and participation of all
performing arts venues and arts organizations in Western Maine.

I.     Mission
       Supporting Western Maine arts organizations’ efforts to create and strengthen a brand for
       performing arts venues and other arts organizations (i.e., visual arts) in Western Maine and
       increase attendance at performing arts venues and sales of visual art by creating a cultural
       tourism tool that will (1) offer a discount to attend performances or purchase art and (2) that
       combines those discounts with select accommodations and restaurants through the Western
       Maine Passport to the Arts.

II.    Core Values
       The WMA+BC is well poised to:
       A.   Contribute to the cultural and economic well being of Western Maine through the unique
            assets of its member organizations.
       B.   Enlist the talents and resources of member organizations to maximize the potential of
            Western Maine’s creative economy.
       C.   Support members’ collaborative efforts.

III.   Administration
       A.      All undersigned organizations will be designated as WMA+BC members.
       B.      An Administrative Team will be elected annually by member organizations’
               representatives to serve the fiscal year: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Responsibilities
               will include managing regular WMA+BC meetings, coordinating with the potential staff,
               and maintaining clear communication within the entire collaborative.
       C.      Periodic WMA+BC meetings will be held. Each member organization’s head or
               designee should make an effort to attend.
       D.      At WMA+BC meetings, the decision-making will be consensus-based. If a vote is
               deemed necessary, each attending organization’s representative will have one vote.
               Measures will pass with a two-thirds majority.

IV.    Responsibilities
       A. Member organizations (listed in the Appendix) agree to:
             i. Share information, updates and organizational information;
            ii. Support the mission of the Collaborative
          iii. Attend Collaborative meetings
           iv.  Explore new collaborative opportunities among Western Maine arts and cultural
            v.  Participate in the Western Maine Passport Program and offer a discount of at least
                30% to purchasers of a passport who attend a performing arts venue or a discount of
                between 5% and 50% for passport holders for a one-time purchase at an art gallery.
          vi.   Pay an annual membership fee of $50.
         vii.   Sell up to 10 passports and keep 100% of the profit. The venue or art gallery may sell
                additional passports and keep 50% of additional passport sales and return the
                remaining profit to WMEDC.
        viii.   Track the number and dollar volume of passport sales. This is a requirement of the
                Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program.
          ix.   Track passport holder attendance at performing arts venues/track passport holder
                sales of art (requirement of the MTMPP grant)

     B. The Collaborative agrees to:
         i.   Support networking and collaboration among member organizations
        ii.   Provide information, resources and collaborative programming to further the work of
              participating organizations
       iii.   Seek funding for Collaborative initiatives and projects

V.   Discount
     Please fill in the appropriate categories for your discount offer.

     _____ % OFF Description of the offer: _______________________________________

     _____ $ OFF Description of the offer: _______________________________________

 VI. Effective Date and Signature
     This agreement will be effective upon the signature of the authorized officials of at least five
     partner organizations. It will be in force from June 2012 until amended or dissolved. It may be
     amended or dissolved at any time through a vote of at least 2/3 of the existing members.

     Name of Member Organization _____________________________________________

     Signature of Organization Head _____________________________________________

     Email Address ___________________________________________________________

     Phone __________________________________________________________________

     Name of Designee ________________________________________________________

     Email Address ___________________________________________________________

     Phone __________________________________________________________________

                                          Please return signed MOU’s to:
                                Western Maine Economic Development Council
                                   Post Office Box 278, S. Paris, ME 04281
                             207-739-6543 *** mpurcell@community-concepts.org

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