City of Minneapolis - DOC 1 by 2144jEUf



Date: October 22, 2012       Time: 1:30 pm or shortly thereafter

Place: Minneapolis City Hall, Room 317
       350 South 5th Street
       Minneapolis, MN 55415

Purpose: To present information and solicit comments for the
application from Lucky Dragon Restaurant to upgrade their class
of entertainment from a Class E On-Sale Wine and Strong Beer to
a Class B On-Sale Wine and Strong Beer.

Applicant's Name (Legal Entity): Lucky Dragon Riverside
Restaurant, Inc.

DBA/Trade Name: Lucky Dragon Restaurant

Complete Address: 1827 Riverside Ave S
                  Minneapolis, MN 55454

Telephone Number: 612-375-1690

Current License(s): Class E On-Sale Wine and Strong Beer

Requested License(s): Class B On-Sale Wine and Strong Beer

Nature of Entertainment: Lucky Dragon’s current Class E
license does not allow live entertainment or dancing. The
requested Class B license permits live music and singing without
limiting the number of musicians or singers or the type of
amplification. Dancing and singing by patrons and disc jockey
services are also permitted. This upgrade will allow Lucky Dragon
Restaurant to offer live bands, DJs, and dancing for special
events, private occasions and weddings to be held on the second
floor of the restaurant. The applicant’s business plan states that
the band and DJ music offered will typically be contemporary
Western or Asian themed. An off-duty Minneapolis Police officer
will provide security. Lucky Dragon has offered this type of
entertainment for special events in the past without incident by
means of temporary licenses.

Off Street Parking: The Office of the Zoning Administrator has
determined that 45 spaces are required to be provided on site.
This requirement has been met through shared parking
You are invited to attend, express your opinions, and/or submit
such in writing by contacting Inspector Leanne Selander at or 612-673-3910.

Information in Other Languages: Yog xav paub tshaj nos ntxiv,
hu 612-673-2800. Macluumaad dheeri ah, kala soo xiriir 612-673-
3500. Para mas información llame al 612-673-2700.

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