Poster Rubric by 3gL5jKbP


									                       National Teach Ag Day Collegiate Contest Rubric ____/ 50 points
Score                CONTENT                       IMPACT                      INVOLVEMENT
10/9/8    In addition to promoting the Ag Ed       Held an event off campus. Presented    Worked with and listed 3 or more state
           Club/program the profession of ag         to a non-traditional ag audience.     ag education entities for inclusion of
          education in general was promoted        Encouraged people to sign-up for the   activities. Partnered with the state Ag
         extensively. Used the NAAE resources              Teach Ag Campaign.             Educators Association. Publicized the
             and Teach Ag Day logo/slogan.                                                    event beyond the campus walls.

8/7/6      Promoted the Ag Ed Club/Program           Held an event on campus inviting      Utilized and listed one or two outside
         and the profession of ag education. Did    others from outside the campus to     resources. Partnered with the state Ag
             not utilize NAAE resources or          attend. Reached non-traditional ag      Educators Association. Event was
                       logo/slogan.                  audience. Awareness of Teach Ag       publicized beyond the campus walls.
                                                            Campaign Sign-Up

6/5/4          Promoted only the Ag Ed              On campus only event for campus        Utilized one outside resource. Lacked
            Club/Program. Did not include           students. Involved traditional ag     partnership with the state Ag Educators
           information on the Teach Ag Day         audiences only. Teach Ag Campaign       Association. Event was not publicized
             campaign or Ag Ed profession.                Sign-up nonexistent.                   beyond the campus walls.

3/2/1    Did not promote the profession/major              Event was within the           Did not utilize outside resources or state
                 of ag education at all.              club/organization only. Other         ag education entities. Event was not
                                                       audiences were not reached.                     publicized at all.

                   Met all the submission requirements as outlined on the contest flyer: ____/5
                                    Unique and Creative Delivery ________/5
                                        Total Interactions: ____/10 points
                                 More than 500 = 10 points     200-299= 7 points
                                 400-499= 9 points             100-199= 6 points
                                 300-399= 8 points             Less than 100= 5 points

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