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									                                                               October 7, 2012
           Mass Schedule at Sacred Heart Church                                A warm and beautiful September welcome to all who
                    Mass Intentions This Weekend                               worship in our Sacred Heart Catholic Church! May the
Saturday      Edward Condra            req: Ronnie & Connie Service            Word of God bring you peace and joy. If you are visiting,
4:00pm        Anton Spitzer (3rd Anniversary) req: Family                      please consider us your parish away from home.

Sunday         Parishioners of Sacred Heart                                                           Scripture Readings
8:00                                                                             This Sunday                                Next Sunday
                                                                                 27th Sunday Ordinary Time                28th Sunday Ordinary Time
                                                                                 Numbers 11: 25-29                        Genesis 2: 18-24
Sunday         Memorial Mass for Deceased Members                                James 5: 1-6                             Hebrews 2: 9-11
10:00          of the Knights of Columbus                                         Mark 9: 38-43                            Mark 10; 2-16
               Mass Intentions for Week of October 8th                           Monday      Job 1: 6-22                     Luke 9: 46-50
Monday         Barbara LeBlanc                                                   Tuesday      Job 3: 1-3                     Matthew 18: 1-5
8:00am         req: Janet White & Ann Kahle                                      Wednesday Job 9: 1-12                       Luke 9: 5-7
                                                                                 Thursday Job 19: 21-27                       Luke 10: 1-12
                                                                                 Friday        Job 38: , 12-21               Luke 10: 13-16
Wednesday Bob Cote req: Wife, Pat
8:00 am   Douglas Salvatore (1st Anniversary) req: Dad & Mom
                                                                               Please pray for the sick and homebound, as well as the men and
Friday         Parishioners of Sacred Heart                                    women in service and Pray for all priests, deacons, religious
8:00am         req:                                                            brothers and sisters, lay ministers and seminarians of our
                                                                               Albany diocese. Please check our online prayer list for the sick
Saturday       James Michael Morck            req: Bob & Judy Quandt           of our parish at:
4:00pm         Eileen Bonogiorno              req: Gladys Tasker
               Scott McLaughlin               req: Bosy Family
                                                                                           Your Stewardship of Treasure:
Sunday          Helen Marquardt         req: Bob & Kathy                                        Regular Offertory Collection
10:00am        Mary Vuono               req: Rita Dorman                                    Last Week: $5,111 Last Year: $5,245
               James Duffy              req: Bosy Family
                                                                               This weekend…the Second Collection will be for the
                       Liturgical Ministers - October 13 & 14
    Saturday 4:00 p.m.                                                         Reduction of our Parish Debt…for the loan on our
    Lector: D. Tyler                           Server: C. & L. Duers           beautiful new church. Your generosity is so appreciated at
    EM: S. Beattie, D. Antos, T. Case, Cu Dybas, Ch Dybas                      this monthly (and very important!) collection.
    Sunday: 8:00 a.m.
    Lector: Faith Formation                     Server: J. & W. Arnold
    EM: C. Beneszewski, T. Arnold, J. Collins, B. Beneszewski, J. West,
    J. Creede, A. Daley

                         Liturgical Ministers – This Weekend

  Saturday 4:00 p.m.
  Lector: N. McKee                      Server: TJ Powell, J. Mastrodomenico
  EM: A. Conlon, G. Fishlock, P. Synnott, D. Noel, M. Thomas
  Sunday: 8:00 a.m.
  Lector: J. Collins                   Server: J. & W. Arnold
  EM: S. Taibe, B. Beneszewski, M. Onofrietto, T. Arnold, J. Taibe,
  C. Beneszewski, I. Filippelli
                                                                                 We Welcome into our Community of Faith
  Sunday 10:00 a.m                                                               through the Saving Waters of Baptism…
  Lector: K. Smith                     Server: K. Hayden, A. Meinecke
  EM: A. Verlezza, K. Redpath, B. Bailey, J. West, K. Brewer The
                                                                                                 Ellie Sophia Deschaine
                                                                                      (child of John R. Deschaine & Ariana (Villa))
  Lectors…New 2013 Workbook for Lectors is available for                                         Eviana Victoria Brown
  pickup in the Minister’s Sacristy                                               (child of Kevin R. Brown II & Angela K. (Calogero))

     Many Thanks to Country Gardens (the Myer’s Family) on Bay Road for the beautiful mums and to our friend,
    Harry Leerkes from Gansevoort for the awesome pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks that we sold at the Craft Fair
                          this Weekend and all the extras which will decorate our church!
                        Sacred Heart Catholic Community
                                                                            Knights of Columbus Corner….
PARISH ALERT!!! Our Awesome FAMILY                                          Bulletin Sponsors of the
Faith Formation Program began LAST                                          Week….Tell them you saw their
Sunday. Our next session is next week,                                      ad in our weekly bulletin!
October 14th, beginning with 9am Mass.
Confirmation class will meet on October 14th , 4pm – 7pm.                         BBB Construction, Inc.
If you haven’t registered, its not too late. Registration                   Lake George, NY (518) 668-3054
forms are available after our Masses this weekend - please          New Home Construction, Total Renovations, Additions,
ask our ushers. You may also find the forms and yearly                  Foundations, Concrete Work, Land Clearing
calendar on our web site, on the download tab
( OR stop by the
parish office. If you have any questions, or need additional         Regan, Denny & Stafford Funeral Home
information, please call 668-2046, ext. 12; Torie or Irene                 53 Quaker Road ~ Queensbury, NY 12804
will call you ASAP.
                                                                  BIG PIE SALE…THIS Columbus Day Weekend…
The Creed and Year of Faith…                                      Pies will be sold after all masses this weekend. All proceeds are
Last week we began our year of faith formation as a parish        for the reduction of our parish debt for the new church
with our focus on the Creed. This week Pope Benedict will
proclaim a "Year of Faith". Let us ponder what we affirm in       Our Gift Shop will remain open and we will have a 50/50 for
the Creed each week and reflect on how we live our life in        Oct. – Nov. - Dec. Tickets will be $2 each or 7 for $10. Bricks
response to the Creed. This week, consider "creator of            & pavers forms at the gift shop.
heaven and earth" How do you view the creator? How can            Stop by and see the beautiful Baskets we are going to be
we share in the work of the creator?                              raffling this fall. They are amazing! Tickets available in the
We continue our year of faith formation and focus on the
Creed, let us ponder this week                                    German Dinner…Saturday, October 6 at St. James’ Episcopal
                                                                  Church from 5 to 7pm. Sauerbraten, potato pancakes, red
                                                                  cabbage, sauerkraut, buttered noodles, applesauce, homemade
                                                                  desserts and more. Take-out available. Adults $10 Kids $4
October 20, at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany. The day
begins with a Keynote Address from Sister Kathleen Hughes,
RSCJ, former President of the North American Academy of           Books available… the Parish Center after each
Liturgy. You may choose two workshops from a variety of           mass this weekend. They are the ‘left-over’s’ from our Craft
ministry topics. Lunch is included, and the Gathering ends mid-   Fair & Used Book Sale this weekend.
afternoon. Please check out the diocesan web site for the link,   All the books are in Room #1. Stop over, and fill a bag for
registration form and further information                         $1! Stuff as many books as you can into the bag! It’s the
                                                                  honor system; leave your $1 in the basket by the door.
Community Dinner Team Members…mailing was
done last week.. 1 Community Dinner…                              God’s People on Earth have many important missions –
                               th                                 one of the most IMPORTANT is PROTECTING GOD’S
Wednesday, October 17 , 5pm – 6pm                                 CHILDREN! Sacred Heart is deeply committed to this
                                                                  mission of keeping kids safe from abuse.
Just a reminder…this weekend is our LAST                          Sacred Heart Parish is hosting a VIRTUS Training
weekend of our Summer Mass Schedule.                              Session, here at Sacred Heart, Thursday, October 25th,
October 14th, we resume 4pm (Saturday) & 9am (Sunday)             6:30pm- 8:30pm.
                                                                  All Parents are invited and encouraged to attend; all
Coffee hour…after the 9am Mass on Sunday, October 21st            parishioners in active ministry, and those who work in any
in the Parish Center. Stop by for some refreshments’ and          way with children, are required to attend.
some fellowship!                                                  This is a free workshop, but you MUST sign up through
                                                                  the diocesan web site. Everyone is welcome to attend.
For Sale: new, outdoor, brown gooseneck light fixture.
Just like the one above the parish center front door. $165.
See Bob Newell for details or call the office 668-2046
       95th Anniversary…All invited to join for a Nationwide Rosary Rally at the Gazebo in the park in Hudson Falls on
                                              Saturday, October 13 at 12 Noon.
                      Twenty-Seventh Sunday Ordinary Time
UPDATED Memorial Contributions and Recognition
List…A revised list is available on BLUE paper…(no                     Altar Server Workshop…It’s been several months since
update this week). We are organizing the Memorial list for             we last gathered to have Altar Server Training. It is now
the creation of the Memorial wall in the new church. In an             time to meet again and go over the Altar Server Guidelines
effort to have the correct information, a master list packet is        as they have been revised to reflect the use of the Roman
available in the cloister for review.                                  Missal. Some servers do a very good job following the
If you contributed toward a memorial item for the new church,          Guidelines that was distributed at the time of training; others
please look over the list. If a correction is needed or your name is   need to be reminded of certain behavior that is requested.
missing, please complete the "CORRECTION FORM" and place               The Revised Guidelines will be available for you to pick up
in the box provided or place in collection basket or bring to parish   at the time of the Workshop. I am scheduling two times for
office. Last week for corrections! We are ready to order the           the Workshop – the first on the evening of Tuesday,
Memorial Plaque.                                                       October 23rd at 6:30 PM and the other for Saturday,
                                                                       November 3rd at 1:00 PM. I ask that you pick one of the
Diocesan Marriage Jubilee…                                             dates that fit your schedule and notify me by e-mail which
Next Saturday, October 13th at 2pm at the Cathedral of the             one you have chosen. You have chosen a very important
Immaculate Conception, corner of Eagle St. and Madison Av.,            ministry – that of acolyte – ministering at the altar. Let
Albany. Couples celebrating their 25th, 40th, 50th or other            us all do the best we can. My e-mail is:
special wedding anniversaries are invited to attend this      – I look forward to hearing from
celebration. Register through the parish office at 668-2046.           you. If you do not have the access to the internet, please call
                                                                       me at 793-6087.
I wish to say thanks for the many kind words of concern                Lector Workshop…We will have a Workshop for Lectors
at the loss of my dog "Chugach". Our pets become a                     on Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30 PM to go over the skills
special part of our life and leave a void when they are                of proclaiming the Word of God. For those who are unable
gone. They help us to see the face of God and Chugach                  to make this meeting a second will be held on Tuesday the
did just that, for me and for many others who met him.                 30th of October at 6:30 PM. You have chosen to proclaim
Many of you shared your own loss of a pet and how
                                                                       the Word of God – it is a ministry that tells our stories.
glad you were to have had them in your life. Thanks                    Let us strive to do it well. Please e-mail me at
again and let us give thanks to the Creator for all creatures, and let me know which date you plan
great and small. Fr. Tom Berardi                                       to attend. If you do not have access to the internet, please
                                                                       call me at 793-6087.
          Fall/Winter Worship Schedule…
    Starting next weekend, through the winter till                     Marian Devotion Service…Thursday, October 11th.
                    Memorial Day.                                      Procession starts at 7pm, followed by Mass and Rosary. Fr.
           Saturday: 4pm Sunday: 9am                                   Tom Berardi will be the celebrant. All are welcome to join in
    Blessed Sacrament Church – Bolton Landing                          this most beautiful adoration to our Blessed Mother as we
                   Sunday: 10:45am                                     honor her glorious memory and the anniversary of her
                                                                       appearance the children of Fatima on October 13, 1917. We
   Tell your friends and family about our schedule.                    gather to ask that by the help of her prayer, we, too, may
                                                                       come to share the fullness of God’s Grace.
Have you heard…about the 50/50 raffle going on this
month…in the cloister, pick up your ticket. Need not be                Catholics for Community Retreat…sponsored by St.
present to win! Get your ticket today.                                 Mary’s/St. Paul’s and St. Joseph’s Retreat Ministry…in
Congratulations to Marilyn Bongiorno, our September                    Hudson Falls at McManus Hall October 20 & 21. The
winner of the 50/50 Raffle, $145                                       weekend is designed so that there is plenty of Prayer, Song,
                                                                       Fun and Laughter that you can share with your community
Lake George Region Women In Need Organization…is                       members. Info and answers to your questions, please
looking for new members. Ladies, please join us for an                 contact the retreat Rectors, Pat Frederick at 798-3714 or
informational meeting this Wednesday, Oct. 10th at Mario’s             Joann Duffy at 796-9504. Deadline for registration is Oct.
Restaurant at 6:30pm. Cash Bar, Free hors d’oeuvres                    11. We warmly welcome and encourage you to join us for
                                                                       this uplifting weekend.
                     Mark your calendar….Holy Smoke Gala 2013 is reserved for
                                Saturday, March 9th at the Erlowest!
                                                                  Attention Catholic Singles
                                                                  Interested in joining an excellent Catholic singles
St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School,                organization? The Catholic Alumni Club International is
Middle States Accredited, has happily welcomed to class 207       looking to expand into the Albany diocese. We provide a group
elementary and middle school students, and 66 children in our     dedicated to social, cultural, civic and spiritual relationships in
Noah’s Ark DayCare/Preschool for the 2012-13 school year.         a Catholic setting. For more information, please check out the
Two hundred and thirty eight local families have chosen SMSA      following site or contact Steve
for their children. There is room in all but two of our PK-5      at
classrooms in the event you are still considering Catholic
school for your child. Admissions Director Mary K. Ilowiecki
is available at 792-3178 Ext. 1002 to help you learn more about
SMSA and the many benefits of a time-tested Catholic
                                                                  Are you recycling your paper yet? Green Fiber (the
education.                                                        folks who handle the paper bins in our parking lot) have just
                                                                  made it easier for you if you are already NOT a regular
                                                                  paper recycler. Pick up a brown paper bag, with Green Fiber
Present Needs of North Country                                    on it, just inside the cloister (by the candles), fill it up each
Ministry….                           week and bring it back to church and drop into our bins.
Children's clothing sizes 4-14                                    Don’t forget, not only newspaper, but cardboard boxes
Gathering Place -1 or 2 volunteers                                (cereal, toothpaste, cake mixes), cardboard egg cartons,
Baby's Place -2 volunteers, Mon AM, Wed PM                        magazines, old books. It is all recyclable!
Clothing Shop –subs
Anyone interested in these volunteer opportunities, please
call 251-4460 or                  NORTH COUNTRY MINISTRY NEEDS VOLUNTEERS
                                                                  There are service opportunities available at
                                                                  the Warrensburg Center on Main St. (opposite the Post Office). If
What are your plans for travel next year…? Have you               you can help out weekly, or as needed, please phone the Center at
ever thought about a trip to Ireland? The Knights of Columbus     623-2829, leave a message with your name, phone number and
have been thinking about it…and decided to book a tour! April     interest, and you will be contacted.
19th – 25th. Tour included hotels, breakfast daily, sightseeing   BABY’S PLACE needs help sorting and sizing baby and toddler
tours, entertainment, and lots of fun! Watch the bulletin for     clothes, anytime during daytime hours. Volunteers are needed
more details! We have the flyer and all the details you need      Mon. morning and Wed. afternoon to assist visitors and to sort
available on our web site. click the download tab and find the    clothes as time permits.
link there.                  CLOTHING SHOP needs “on call” (substitute) volunteers to sort
                                                                  clothing and assist customers as they shop Mon. or Tues.
                                                                  mornings; Wed. or Thurs. or Fri. afternoons.
Caldwell-Lake George Library, 336 Canada Street,                  GATHERING PLACE needs a volunteer on Fri. mornings to
Lake George, NY. Preschool Story Hour… every                      help prep and serve meals, and assist with clean up. Substitutes
Thursday at 10:30am. There are stories and craft                  are also needed for Tues. and Fri. am.
activities. Any preschool child is welcome to attend and          GARDENING help (both flower beds and vegetables) is needed
it is free. There is no story hour during school vacations        at the Center anytime during the week.
or snow days.                                                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE
                                                                              MINISTRY’S WORK!
NAMI…National Alliance on Mental Illness….has
mental illness touched your family or friends? Have you felt      Mass Offerings…What a wonderful way to remember a
along as you face the questions and challenges of mental          friend or loved on! Masses intentions can be offered for the
illness? Do you feel there is no where to turn for support,       deceased, someone’s health, their birthday, an anniversary or
understanding and information? You are not alone.                 a private special intention. Mass cards are available at the
NAMI meets at 7pm on the 3rd Monday of each month.                office; stop by and see Kathy or Rosalie.
NAMI Support group meetings are held in the conference
room on the 2nd floor at 230 Maple Street, in Glens Falls,
NY. Maple Street Entrance. If you are a caregiver or you          Gala Parking Winners…have Booksreserved in the small
                                                                                              a spot
                                                                                Entertainment        are
know someone who is affected by mental illness, this forum                           rectory. Please note there
                                                                  parking lot by the here! In the Parish Center is a sign
may be a great resource and opportunity for support and                                  Office it each
                                                                  marking that spot. Please save$30for this year’s Gala
hope, Need more info: Contact Irene (668-3367) or Nancy           Winners! Thank you!
We have space on the insert page of this bulletin for
personal ads. Would you like to honor or memorialize your
family for the next year one of those spaces? Call Steve Fiato at
668-4388 for more details. Check out this month’s special
Memorial on the back of this page! Call Steve about placing a
Memorial Square of your own!

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