Downloading and Installing the new G1000 software by 2144jEUf


									Downloading and Installing the new G1000 software. This document will walk you
through a process that will lessen the download and installation time for upgrading the
G1000. For issues please feel free to contact Stan Edwards @ 636-734-6832 or email

   1) First you need your login ID and password to the Garmin site. If you do not have
       this information contact your Commander or Garmin tech support @ 1-866-739-
   2) Once logged in you should see four tabs at the top of the screen; Home, Database,
       Portables, Aircraft, Flight Plan.
   3) Click on “Aircraft”
   4) You should see the Aircraft listed and verified by the “N#”. Click on the aircraft.
   5) The next screen will list out the devices that are subscribed.
   6) You should see FliteCharts, Obstacle and SafeTaxi. If these are out of date you
       will see a Red X next to them.
   7) To update a specific database click on it in the left sidebar.
   8) The center picture will change and have an “Install” and a “Buy Database” button.
       Click the install button.
   9) The next page will allow you to install all 3 databases at once by clicking the
       “Enable” link on the right and selecting the additional databases.
   10) Once you have the appropriate databases selected, Click the install button.
           a. If this is your first time running the install program you will have to
                download the “Communicator Plugin”. Follow Garmin’s instructions to
                accomplish this step.
           b. DO NOT CLICK “Begin Update”
   11) You will see on the right side of the page a section “Alternate Download
       Process”. This will allow you to download the file and save it to your
       laptop/computer. This way you can download the files ahead of time without
       requiring the SD chips from the plane. Click on the link for each database.
           a. If you clicked Enable in step 9 and selected all the databases you should
                see three separate links. If you are only concerned with one database there
                is no need to do the others.
   12) When you click on the link Step 1 on the following page will provide you a link
       to the file for download. Save the file to a location you are familiar with and will
   13) Copy the System ID and Unlock Code located in Step 3 of this same page and
       make note for which DB it is related to.
   14) Once the DB is downloaded click your back button in your browser and select the
       next file. Repeat steps 12 & 13 for this file and the last file.
   15) You should now have the FileCharts, Obstacle and SafeTaxi all downloaded to
       your Laptop.
   16) This step you will need the SD cards from the plane. Insert one of the cards into
       your laptop and locate the three files you downloaded.
   17) Execute one of the files by double clicking it. A small install program should
       appear and may ask for the System ID and Unlock code that you previously
    recorded in Step 13. Provide the information that is related to that file and the
    installer program should then transfer the files to the SD card.
18) Repeat step 17 until all 3 files are transferred to both SD cards.

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