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					Audio/ Video Production 1                                                             2012-2013

                                                           Audio/ Video Production 1

                                                                        Instructor: Kelly Neely
                                                             Room 4709, Kingwood High School

Welcome to Audio/Video Production, an introduction into the art of making video
programs. This class will focus on developing and producing various programs starting with
project development and planning, through scripting and shooting and post‐production.
Throughout the course, students will learn through hands‐on projects while using state of the
art equipment and software.

The course uses the Adobe CS5 Production Premium Software Suite. Students will use
Photoshop, Premiere, Ultra, Encore and Soundbooth to craft their projects from concept to
completion. On completion of the course, students will be fluent in digital film making.

                                    Goals for the Course

      History of portable videotape                      Assemble editing vs. insert editing
      Live productions                                   Internet Research
      Camera controls and their functions                Nonlinear Editing Systems
      Picture composition                                Legal Issues
      News writing and interviewing                      Graphic Design
      Script writing and story boards                    Television and video careers
      Studio production equipment                        Animation
      Multi‐camera productions

                                    Classroom Guidelines
    Arrive on time and prepared to                     Abstain from drinking and eating in
     learn.                                              our classroom.
    Follow directions the first time they              Follow all policies and procedures
     are given.                                          set by Kingwood High School and
    Respect all property and people.                    Humble Independent School District.

                                       Corrective Action

1. Reminder of guidelines                          3. Action plan, demerit, parent contact
2. Parent contact                                  4. Office referral

Ms. Neely                   Phone: 281-641-7052              Email: Kelly.Neely@humble.k12.tx.us
Audio/ Video Production 1                                                               2012-2013

                                        Grading System

    Tests/Daily/Projects: Grades are weighted equally

                                   Course Fee & Supplies

    Course fee $15
    Tape fee $5
    Headphones

                              Equipment and Computer Use

      Students will be responsible for loss or damage of any video equipment.
      Improper use of video equipment will result in loss of equipment use privileges.
      Inappropriate use of the computer will result in loss of computer privileges.
      All group members are responsible for equipment checked out.

                       Video Equipment Replacement Costs

    Batteries: $20                                       Camera Case: $20
    Tripod: $100                                         Tripod mount: $20
    Video camera: $300

                                     Computer Violations

    Internet use without permission                      E‐mail
    Music videos                                         Internet video sites
    Any computer game                                    Downloading software or music

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Ms. Neely                   Phone: 281-641-7052                 Email: Kelly.Neely@humble.k12.tx.us

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