Women on the Move: SWWHN Conference 23 June 2007 by 2144jEUf


									21 June 2007

                    Women on the Move: Refugees, Migration and Exile
                  South West Women’s History Network Conference
                         University of the West of England
                                    23 June 2007

                               Registration from 9.00 (M29)

                                9.45-10.40 (M33)
                         Plenary paper: Raingard Esser
  "Out of sight and on the margins? Migrant women in Early Modern Europe".

                            10.45-11.15: TEA/COFFEE (M29)

SESSION 1 (11.15-12.45)

                                     1A. Religion and exile (M33)
                                          Chair: Moira Martin
Virginia Bainbridge ‘Propaganda and the Supernatural: the Bridgettine Nuns of Syon Abbey in Exile c. 1539-

Anita Higgie, ‘Pilgrims and Anchorites: spiritual exile in the life of Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich.’

Richard C. Allen, 'Welsh Quaker Women and Pennsylvania c.1654-1750.'

                        1B. Refugees, intervention and organisation (M30)
                                        Chair: Jane Howells
Katherine Storr, ‘Women Refugees and the League of Nations in the 1920s.’

Helen Jones, ‘British women’s organisations and refugees in the Second World War.’

Victoria Rowe (Chuo University, Japan) ‘Feminist and Humanitarian Interventions in the League of Nations’
Refugee Resettlement Policies in the Near East, 1915–1930.’

                                 LUNCH: 12.45-1.45 (M29)

                  FILM, THE WELLPARK STORY: 1.15-1.45 (M33)

SESSION 2. (1.45-3.15)

                        2A. Individual voices, experience and memory (M33)
                                         Chair: Kath Holden
Sharif Gemie, ‘Between Two Worlds: Exiled Women, Radical Criticism and Muslim Countries.’

Henriette Donner, ‘Flight from Memories: the Flight of Women and Children during and after the Second
World War as remembered by contemporary Women Writers.’

Sara Wills, ‘(De)Facing migrant memory in Australia: the detention and exile of Cornelia Rau and Vivian
Alvarez Solon.’

21 June 2007

                         2B. Politics & Diplomacy (Early modern) (M30)
                                        Chair: Ursula Masson
Katy Gibbons, ‘”An unquiet estate abroad”: the exile of Catholic noble and gentlewomen under Elizabeth I.’

Andrea Knox, ‘“Imperia Romana and the Spanish Ambassador”: The Gendering of Irish-Spanish Spy
Networks, 1560-1690.’

Gemma Allen, ‘”Yowr sobre, wise and discret behaviors in that Court and Contry”: The Role of Wives in
Tudor Diplomatic Culture.’

                              TEA/COFFEE: 3.15-3.30 (M29)

                                   SESSION 3 (3.30-5.00)

                  3A. Implications of migration: problems and resolutions (M33)
                                         Chair: June Hannam
Linda Martz, ‘Moved to Minister: Christabel Pankhurst and Aimee Semple MacPherson in Los Angeles.’

Jane Fitzpatrick, ‘Implications of migration from a remote rural community in Papua New Guinea to Port
Moresby; The experiences of the women of the Batri Villages of the Southern Highlands.’

Lea Biason, ‘Trafficking and Migration Dis/Connections: Legal gaps in the Protection of Women’s Rights
and a Framework for Empowerment.’

                3B. Implications of migration: new communities and identities (M30)
                                         Chair: Fiona Reid
Subhasri Gosh, ‘Women on the Move: Voices of displaced minority women of West and East Bengal, 1947-

Sarah O’Brien, ‘The Cream of the Crop: The role of Associationalism in reconfiguring Irish women’s identity in
Post War Britain.’

Evelyn Spratt, ‘Française or American? The Immigration Experience of Josephine Pellport du Pont, 1795-


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