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      Partner Institution: Juniata College located in Huntingdon,
       Pennsylvania, USA

      Language of Instruction: English

      What can I study at Juniata? Courses are available for York St
       John students studying: History, Theatre, Business-related
       subjects, Education studies, Theology/ Religious studies, and
       Psychology. The following are examples of modules taken by York
       St John students while on exchange at Juniata in past years:

        Sign Language 1
        Sinners and Saints
        Language in Motion
        Methods for Language Education
        Phonemic Awareness
        Information Access
        Field Experience in Elementary Education
        Hindu Traditions
        Assessment in Special Education
        Children’s Literature
        Field Experience in Outdoor Education
        Methods for Foreign Language Education
        Living Theatre History
        Movement & Improvisation

       Module offerings and availability vary on a yearly basis. When
       preparing for study at any institution you will need to check that
       year’s current module offerings on the institution’s website.

      Term Dates: Juniata has Fall and Spring terms. Fall term runs late
       August through to mid-December and Spring term runs mid-
       January through to mid-May.

      Is a visa necessary for exchange in the USA? YES.
           o Students will need to pay the SEVIS fee of $180 and then
              apply for a J-1 (Exchange Visitor) Visa. They also have to
              pay a visa application fee (MRV fee) which is currently $160.
              More information about the visa application process can be
              found here:
         What are the estimated costs for exchange at Juniata?
            o The exchange agreement with Juniata includes tuition and
               accommodation. Students will be placed in on-campus
               accommodation as part of their exchange, and will therefore
               only require funds for supplies and miscellaneous expenses.
            o Students will need to pay for their own textbooks which could
               amount to around $500.

         Travel and Health Insurance? YES.
          York St John provides Travel and Health insurance to exchange
          students. In addition to this some universities in North America will
          still require students to purchase their own insurance. Please check
          with the Study Abroad Office.

         More information on Juniata can be found here:


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