Conference Workshop proposal 2013 by c0aAXw


									                                                PAEE Conference 2013
                                                   “Peak Experiences:
                                  Climbing the Summit of Environmental Education”
                                March 15-16, Bushkill Inn and Conference Center, Bushkill, PA

                                  Submit a Workshop Proposal!
The Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE) welcomes proposals for workshops
and presentations for its annual March conference. Motivated by our Pocono setting, this year’s theme
explores excellence in EE, or “peak experiences.” What examples of excellence—programs, events,
courses, curricula, etc.—can you share with PA’s EE community?

Ideals workshops are interactive, engaging, and relevant to multiple members of the environmental
education community. We encourage you to go beyond PowerPoint, using experiential and hands-on
techniques. Presenters receive a 10% discount on conference registration!

                                     2013 conference strands
          1. Early Childhood Education, for teachers in both school and non-formal settings
                 2. K-12 Education, for educators in public, private and charter schools
     3. Non-formal Education, for educators in camps, centers, parks, museums, zoos, aquaria, etc.
            4. College Environmental Science/Studies, for professors on college campuses
          5. Science and Nature, for those presenting hearty content and background material

1. Workshop/Presentation Title: ____________________________________________________

2. Workshop Strand: Choose one (or more) from the list above.


3. Summary of Workshop. Please include a general description, as well as an overview of what
   participants will learn during the session (150 words max). Please know your summary may be edited
   for space and clarity.

4. Presenter’s Name, Affiliation, and Contact information:

    Name: ___________________________________________________
    Position/Title: __________________________________________________________
    Organization/School/Agency/Affiliation: ________________________________________________
    Address: _________________________________________________________________________
   Your work phone: ________________________________________________________________
   Cell phone (if you prefer): __________________________________________________________
   Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________
   Website: ________________________________________________________________________

   If you’d like your name to appear in the conference materials differently than written above, please
   indicate how you’d like it to read here:

5. Presenter’s biographical information (for conference brochure-- 40 words max):

6. Please choose your preferred presentation time. Mark each space below with the numbers 1 through 4, 1
   for your first choice, 4 for your last. (We’ll try to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee any
   chosen time.)

   Friday, March 15:      ______ Morning        ______ Afternoon

   Saturday, March 16     ______ Morning        ______ Afternoon

7. Sessions are one-hour with the occasional possibility of a double session. Are you interested in a double

8. Equipment you’ll need. Please check all that apply. Please plan to bring your own compute if needed.

   _____ Projector                                             _____ Outdoor space: lawn

   _____ Chalkboard/whiteboard/flipchart                       _____ Outdoor space: Trail

   _____ Indoor space to play/move

                     Deadline for submission: Thursday, October 1, 2012

Please email this form as an attachment to Mike Weilbacher, Executive Director, Schuylkill Center for
Environmental Education at When saving the file, please use your last name in
front of the document’s name (e.g., WeilbacherWorkshop.doc).

Address any questions to Mike Weilbacher at 215-482-7300 ext 125 or

Thank you!


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