English Instructor: Elaine Mick
Office: Room 267
Plan Period: Hour 4th
Voice Mail: (913) 993-7657

                 Course Description and Classroom Expectations
The emphasis for this year is on the relevance of literacy in today’s world and in each student’s own life
through the study of literature from different genres, cultures, and historic time periods. Students will
practice both written and oral communication skills through a variety of daily writing assignments and
activities. This course will also teach valuable study and test-taking skills, as well as new vocabulary and
grammar usage. Most importantly, students can expect to read, write, and actively participate every
day in class. The following material will be covered this year (this list may be added to or altered):

    First Quarter: Short Stories in Lit book, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
        Writing: Shoe Story, Personal Narrative, Literary Analysis
        Grammar: Parts of Speech
    Second Quarter : Anthem by Ayn Rand, The Odyssey by Homer
        Writing: Socratic Seminars, Literary Analysis for submission, Odyssey project
        Grammar: Parts of Sentence and Comma Rules
    Third Quarter: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Assorted Poetry, Night by Elie Wiesel
        Writing: Literary Analysis Essay Test, Poetry Project and Poetry Slam, Holocaust Research
        Grammar: Comma Rules and Subject-Verb Agreement
    Fourth Quarter: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, On Writing by Steven King
        Writing: Business Letter Proposal, Portfolio Revisions
        Grammar: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, Common Grammatical Errors

Students will read one book outside of class each quarter and bring it with them every Friday for Free
Read. Specific requirements for choosing a book will be given at the beginning of each quarter along
with a rubric with book project options. Any additional books read can help them earn extra-credit. If a

To promote understanding of themselves as writers and learners, all students will reflect on their writing
skills throughout the year by creating a showcase portfolio. The portfolio will serve as a culminating
project to show overall growth as a writer and will be assessed according to the 6-trait rubrics included
in the Portfolio Packet. The portfolio will include the following papers and reflections.
            Formal Letter                                             Short Story—Imaginative Writing
            Literary Analysis of character (2)                        Essay Response—In Class
            Poetry Analysis                                           Persuasive Essay
            Personal Narrative                                        Descriptive Paragraph
            Technical Writing
    SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK for ENGLISH                      Blue or black ink pens, pencils, a red
      ONLY                                                    grading pen, and a hi-liter (WE WILL NOT
    YOUR OWN email address                                   SUPPLY)
    A 3 Ring Binder or Accordion Folder:                   Textbook: Elements of Literature, Third

To determine the semester grade, each quarter is worth 42.5% and the semester final is worth 15%. All
assignments are required and are evaluated according to the district scale:
         90 – 100% = A (Exceptional)                           60 – 69% = D (Unsatisfactory)
         80 – 89% = B (Above Average)                          0 - 59% = F (Failing)
         70 – 79% = C (Average)
Parents Connect—track your students’ grades at any time (for any class) on “Parent Connect.” Sign-up
for this through at

Emailed progress reports: As grades change, I email out progress reports anywhere from twice a week
to once every two weeks, depending on the type of work we’ve been doing and whether I’ve recently
entered new assignments.

DAILY LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Late work is defined as any assignment that is not complete
and ready to turn in WHEN IT IS REQUESTED.
  o Homework assignments may not be turned in late for any credit, unless you use staple one of your
     three late passes to the missing assignment and turn it in before Mrs. Mick hands the graded
     assignment back. If you miss the grace period, you may come in after school to room 267, and
     complete the missing assignment with me for 50% credit.
          o No late assignments will be accepted one week prior to the end of a quarter.
          o There is no “grace period” with late passes on end-of-quarter projects.
  o If the student misses a test or quiz about which he/she had previous knowledge, it will be made up
     on the day the student returns to school BEFORE or AFTER.
  o If you are absent the day before a unit test, you must still take the test, unless prior arrangements
     are made.

 o If a long-term assignment (paper or project) is due and the student is absent, the paper or project
   is still due have a parent bring the essay or project to Mrs. Mick’s school mailbox or email me the
   paper until you can bring a hardcopy when you return.
 o Essay’s MUST be submitted to, a site the checks for plagiarism, by the in-class
   due date.
 o If students hand in only a hardcopy, they will receive a “ZERO” on the assignment, until they have
   also submitted to If is completed late, the essay will receive a 5% dock
   to the grade.
 o NO paper or project will be accepted late without consequence, unless prior arrangements have
   been made with Mrs. Mick. Should unforeseen circumstances cause a student to turn an
   assignment in late, the final assignment grade will be reduced by the following percentages.
         o Through the first seminar following due date= 10% off grade earned
         o After first seminar to the end of the quarter=25% off grade earned
  o Anyone caught plagiarizing, cheating, or attempting to cheat, will receive a “0” on the
    assignment/test. NO exceptions! A parent contact or referral may be made if this occurs.
  o FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION- If a student is missing a required writing, he she has two chances to
    come in after school to wrap of the assignment. If a student ignores these opportunities, an
    unsatisfactory conduct report (office referral) will be turned into the office for non-compliance.
    The student will get the required writing completed either in office detentions, required
    seminars, or ISS depending on the situation.
  o Tardies:
           o Students must be in class with all of their materials before the bell rings.
           o When the bell rings the student must be working on the “kick-off” assignment.
  o 1st unexcused tardy = warning, 2nd unexcused tardy = detention, 3rd unexcused tardy = detentions,
    4th unexcused tardy = referral to office
  o 5 unexcused absences in one quarter will result in a loss of credit for that quarter.
  o Excessive absences (11 absences) will result in a loss of credit for the semester.

 An atmosphere of R-E-S-P-E-C-T:
         o Keep your hands to yourself—physical contact is not permissible.
         o There will be no food, no drinks, and no sleeping in class.
         o I’m Outta Here-Leaving class is disrespectful and detrimental to student learning. You
             will have three passes per quarter, redeemable for extra credit at the end of the
         o Electronic Devices—We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to electronic devices
             of any kind during instruction. Phones/I-pods are to be turned off in bags. Bags must be
             on the floor, not in your lap. Phones will be sent to the office to be retrieved by parents.
         o Respectful Vocabulary, “Positions for Learning,” and “Hands-in-the-air”
         o Dress Code: Sagging Pants will be zip tied. Inappropriate T-Shirts or low cut clothes will
             be replaced with Spirit Wear I provide. Respect yourself!!

Mrs. Mick’s Zero Tolerance Issue: Bad Behavior for a Substitute.
There will be a time this year when, for one reason or another, I will not be in class. Often I know, and
often I don’t, but when I am gone, my expectation is that you are on your best behavior. You will go out
of your way to be helpful to the substitute and you will treat him/her with the utmost respect. Subs
have a very difficult job, and they sometimes misinterpret directions I leave or have a different
demeanor in class, than I do. Should this happen, do your utmost to cooperate and DO NOT ARGUE. I
expect you to help keep your peers in line on days when I am gone. If your name is left in a substitute
report, you will have an automatic detention with me and possible office referral.

Disciplinary Action if YOU CHOOSE to break a rule:
Punishments will always fit the crime. Naturally, there are behaviors that will warrant an Office Referral
immediately; gross insubordination or any sort of violent behavior are prime examples. Behaviors that
are less severe, but that are a violation of basic class rules will be dealt with as follows (though this
policy is neither all inclusive or scribed in stone):

       1st incident—verbal warning
       2nd incident-30 minute detention and phone call home
       3rd incident-30 minute detention and phone call home
      4th incident—Office Referral and phone call home.

You are here to LEARN! You determine your success, and you decide how much you want to get out of
this class. Be actively involved! Take advantage of all of your learning opportunities. I strongly
encourage you to ask questions and come in for extra help often.

            Welcome to Shawnee Mission South! Let’s have a great year!

I, ________________, (print student name) have read and understood Mrs. Mick’s English 9 Class
Description and Class Expectations. I take full responsibility for completing assignments in a timely
manner, classroom and online ethics, and recognize that my level of effort will make or break my grade.
I will always turn in my VERY BEST work, as I strive to attain my _____( A,B, C, etc.) grade goal.

_______________        ______________________                          ___________________
(Student Signature)    (Parent/Guardian Print Name)                    (Parent/Guard Signature)

___________________                                                    ______________________
(Date)                                                                       (Date)

Parent/Guardian Information: (please write legibly)

Name (1):________________________                      Name (2):________________________
Day Phone:_______________________                      Day Phone:_______________________
Night Phone:_____________________                      Night Phone:_____________________
Cell Phone:_______________________                     Cell Phone:_______________________
Email Address:____________________                     Email Address:____________________
Mailing Address:___________________                    Mailing Address:___________________
________________________________                       ________________________________
________________________________                       ________________________________

Other Family/Siblings:_______________________________________________
   1. Do you have internet access? YES NO     Does your student have access? YES NO
   2. Does your student work? YES NO If yes where and # of hours worked per week?
   3. Any special concerns or comments?______________________________________

                                         Anti-Plagiarism Oath

I, ____________________, understand that plagiarism is any reproduction of someone else’s intellectual
property (speeches, essays, music, etc.) as if it were my own, without correctly citing the source.
Furthermore, I understand that any plagiarism or attempted-plagiarism will not only result in a “0” on
my assignment, but is ILLEGAL and could potentially lead to criminal liability.
_______________________________   ____________________________________
(Student Signature and date)      (Parent/Guardian Signature and date)

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