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From A Recent Client
Scott Snyder and the team at Raleigh Property
Management have exceeded our expectations.
Scott has inside connections with the real estate
market and was able to identify quality
properties before they reached the MLS.                “Thanks RPM!...”
My wife and I were new to this process and
Scott explained every step and made the entire
process time efficient and enjoyable. We felt so
comfortable with this process and were aware
of his experience managing his own properties
over the years, that it was only natural to trust
Raleigh Property Management with the
monthly supervision of our property.                    When Experience           Raleigh Property
Thanks Scott and RPM,
Steve and Linda Fuller
Steve Fuller, Pharm.D., BCPS, CPP

Finding, Negotiating, Renovating,                                                   Management
Leasing, Managing….                                                                 Services for
Scott Snyder and partner Diane Murdock have
extensive experience in the income and
investment market here in the Triangle. They                                         Properties
are owners and investors themselves. They
understand what the “bottom-line” means and
                                                    Raleigh Property Management
are able to translate profits to the owner. They            P.O. Box 37416
treat every property like it’s their own.                 Raleigh, NC 27627
                                                          Phone 919.779.3177
                                                           Fax 919.567.0018
                                                   Applicant Screening                             Rent, Financial and Reporting
 Scott Snyder and Diane Murdock are
 partners who have significant experience as           Thorough     applicant    screening,          Collect rent, with immediate follow-up
 Executive Managers in both Fortune 50 and              instant   credit    and     criminal           with any tenants on late rent.
 the Emerging Business segments. Each have              background checks through a nation-
 come to this business with a substantial               wide reporting and screening bureau           Pay mortgages, homeowner’s dues,
 amount of business savvy, legal, contractual           service.                                       maintenance bills, taxes, insurance and
 and investment background. Scott is an                                                                any other requests from property
 Attorney and member of the California Bar             Personalized      interview    of              owners.
 and Diane is a licensed CPA.                           prospective tenants, including a
                                                        check of references and previous              Provide owners with a monthly
 They have personally owned and managed                 rental   history,   as    well as              computerized financial statement and a
 investment property throughout the Triangle            employment history.                            computer-generated check of the
 for many years. Further, they have                                                                    monthly net income
 successfully and profitably managed these       I have benefited greatly from Raleigh Property       Direct depositing to owners account in
 properties by leveraging an extensive list of   Management's years of experience. Scott has           a local bank is an optional service
 quality suppliers for maintenance and repair    been doing this for 8 years and he knows the
 needs.                                          Triangle market place. I have multiple income     Repairs and Maintenance
                                                 properties and because of this depth of
OUR SERVICES                                     expertise, have turned them all over to Raleigh      24-hour a day service - we are there in
                                                 Property Management for management                    times of emergencies to minimize the
 Advertisement                                   services. They have been exceptionally                problem.
                                                 professional in helping my wife and I locate,
    Triangle MLS - all properties are listed    negotiate the purchase, renovate and lease (at       Maintenance contractors who charge
     in this service which reaches 3700 real     top dollar!!) a recently purchased building in        unbeatable prices and give our clients
     estate agents                               record time. Because of their inside knowledge        preferential service
                                                 and years of experience we can sleep at night.
    Newspaper Advertising - ads are run in      …."                                                  Advise on improvements that will help
     the Raleigh News & Observer and other                                                             your property bring in maximum rent,
     local papers are used as appropriate.       Michael Remedios                                      including supervision of all repairs and
                                                 Sr. Vice President                                    improvements
    Raleigh Property Management staff are       Morgan Stanley
     available seven days a week to show                                                              Move-in and move-out inspections, as
     your property to prospective tenants.                                                             well as tenant unit acceptance forms.

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