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									What is the Most Important Stage in Hypnosis

What is the most important stage in hypnosis? Some people say that
utilization is the most important because after preparing the patient,
this is where the hypnotist will impart the hypnotic suggestions that
will make you person change your behavior once this is triggered.

Utilization is the third of five levels in hypnosis. The others are
preparation, induction, deepening and termination that will be explained
further later on.

For hypnosis to be effective, the posthypnotic suggestion must be both
clear and specific. It can be something verbal or visual so when you see
or hear it, you will be able to behave accordingly which again is what
the objective of hypnosis is.

But before we can go there, we have to remember that you have to be
prepared for the hypnotic session. The hypnotist has to be sure you are
up to this kind of therapy otherwise both of you are just wasting your
time and you are wasting your money.

The hypnotist will ask you a series of questions and then analyze how far
you are willing to go with it. If he or she sees that you are serious,
this is when both of you will proceed to the next stage of hypnosis known
as the induction.

During the induction, you will be instructed to relax and block
everything out. The objective here is to focus all your attention only to
the hypnotist.

When this has been achieved, we go to the next level known as the
deepening. From the word itself, you go into a deeper state to make you
more receptive to the posthypnotic suggestions that will be given during
the utilization.

If by chance you make any sudden movement during the deepening, the
hypnotist has to start over because this is a sign that the hypnotic
suggestion does not work.

To do that, the hypnotist may have to use the same words over again or
use a different word. We can only tell if hypnosis was a success later on
when you leave the clinic after the hypnotist performs the last level of
hypnosis called termination.

In termination, you are brought back to reality. This is done by counting
backwards, a clap of a hand or an authoritative command. When you wake
up, you are aware of what happened and only time will tell if you are
able to achieve your desired goal.

Since the results of hypnosis cannot be considered a success after one
session, you will have to come back and undergo subsequent sessions. In
most cases, the desired effects may only take place a few days or even
several weeks later whenever that situation presents itself.
Remember that the hypnosis session does not change who you are as a
person but only certain aspects of your behavior. You know for a fact
that the hypnotist who will handle your case will do their best to make
this happen so you have to do your share by being open to the idea that
this could work in order for you participate actively during the session.

Hypnosis is one way to achieve a desired outcome if nothing else seems to
work. The different stages of hypnosis especially utilization are
important so you will be able to react accordingly when the session is

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