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									Individual hypnosis can spell the difference between imagination and

When people talk about hypnosis, most believe that it is a world of
imagination and a trip down the subconscious realm and individual
hypnosis can spell the difference between imagination and reality.

But what exactly is individual hypnosis all about?

Of all the many scientific concepts about individual hypnosis, the most
dominant of all the varied yet related concepts is that it is a means of
directly accessing the human mind.

One would normally be at a state of mental consciousness, especially
during the normal thought process that occur in our brains.

Take for example the fact that at the usual and normal state of thought,
we mull over problems or think of opportunities as we see and assess
them, as well as being conscious of the fact that we are speaking at a
particular moment or trying to remember where you may have left a book
that you are reading.

But has it ever come to one’s attention that while the conscious mind is
at work during the ‘conscious’ or waking stage, the subconscious mind
also work simultaneously, which works in the background by playing a key
role in processing the ‘subliminal’ and ‘imaginary’ thinking.

As you can see, the subconscious mind is responsible for dipping into the
mind’s wellspring of information that is responsible for speech
construction, cognitive thinking in solving problems and oftentimes short
term memory.

The subconscious mind is also responsible for putting together all
information and ideas, feeding it to the conscious mind, so that when an
idea comes to mind, it is so because it was already processed through the
subconscious mind and passed on to the conscious mind when the right
stimuli prompted the specific idea.

It is the subconscious mind that is responsible for making us react
automatically and involuntarily like driving a car and not carefully
thinking about every movement or action or cooking and not having to
think every slicing, dicing and mixing all ingredients in the process.

Experts believe that individual hypnosis is the best way to access the
subconscious mind, as well as induce a subject to come into a
subconscious state.

It is through the process of focusing, as well as deep relaxation
exercises that a subject is induced to the subconscious level, as the
conscious mind is clamed and subdued by taking a less active role during
the individual hypnotic activity, in short, a temporary reversal of
functions of both the conscious and the subconscious mind.
This reversal of mind function has actually been a phenomena that has
been occurring for thousands of years, unknowingly occurring among a lot
of people who temporarily get into a sleep or trance-like state,
oftentimes construed as periods of insanity or stupor.

Only it has been provided with a deeper understanding, when a Viennese
physician named Franz Anton Mesmer gave careful attention to this
phenomena and eventually developed the initial process of inducing this
trance-like state among his subjects.

This has led to subsequent breakthroughs in understanding the
subconscious realm and getting us closer to painting a picture of how the
subconscious mind works.

Although these breakthroughs have just provided a glimpse of how the mind
can be harnessed, still it is but a tip of the iceberg and science is yet
to fully answer the question of how the subconscious mind really works,
since man has only been able to harness a tenth of his brain.

Still, the human mind remains a mystery that remains to be answered.

But one thing’s for sure, individual hypnosis can spell the difference
between imagination and reality.

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