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					                                          MRS. MOORE’S LESSON PLANS
                       Number                    SPECIALISTS                                   Invervention/Enrichment
    OPENING                           MATH                                                           10:30-11:00
    8:05-8:20          Corner        8:40-9:40    9:40-10:10
M    Attendance Challenge:4
O               The date in
     Lunch      Coins               Make ten and
     Count                          add the extra                                             Guided Reading
D    Pledge                                                                          Writing predictions
A                                                      P.E.                          about the pictures about
Y    Morning        T.E.89          (Ten Frames)                                     hidden in the book

T    Attendance Challenge: 4
U               Telling time,
     Lunch      tally date, and
E    Count      record temp.           Starting                                                 Identifying
S    Pledge                          Subtraction                                     contractions in the book such
D                                    Lesson 1-7                                      as that’s, it’s, cat’s ext. Have

                                                                                                                                     11:25—11:55 LUNCH RECESS
A    Morning                       Subtracting 1 or   Library
     Message                        2 fewer Using
                                                                                     students write them and think
Y                                                                                    of other contraction words

                                                                10:15-10:30 RECESS
                                     Smarties to
                    T.E. 98
                                       subtract                                      with using is.

W    Attendance     Challenge:4
E    Lunch          WS: numeral      Lesson 2-8                                      Writing:
D    Count          writing,       Using counters                                    Students are going to be in
N    (teach them    calendar and      to subtract                                    groups of three. They are
E    how to do      tally          Using smart pals                                  going to walk around the

                                                                                                                               11:05-11:25 LUNCH
S    lunch                          and building                                     room and think of things
D    count/clips)                   with 2 sided      Music                          that can have pictures
A    Pledge                          counters to                                     taken up-close. They are
Y    Morning                           subtract                                      then going to come up with
     Message                                                                         two clues to help other
                                                                                     people not in their group
                    T.E. 107                                                         figure out their pictures.
T    Attendance Challenge: 4                                                         Writing:
H               unfix cubes ten       Lesson 2-9                                     Students are going to be in
U    Lunch      and more            Using numbers                                     groups of three. They are
R    Count                            to subtract                                       going to walk around the
S    Pledge                        Building number     P.E.                             room and think of things
D    Morning                        sentences with                                        that can have pictures
A    Message                             cards                                          taken up-close. They are
Y                                                                                     then going to come up with
                                                                                         two clues to help other
                       T.E. 114                                                        people not in their group
                                                                                      figure out their pictures.
F    Attendance Challenge:4
R    Lunch
     Count                          Have our own                                     Sight Words Go through book and pick
I                                                                                    out sight words such as think. Then
     Pledge     Friday                   kids
D                                  Subtraction and                                   change the beginning letters to such as
A    Morning                       addition centers   Library                        stink, pink, link, and sink.
Y    Message

                       T.E. 117
                               MONTH: October WEEK: 22-26
           READING                                    Whole Group         Science/Social                 CIRCLE
           12:00-1:30             Recess/Science       Read Well             Studies                      TIME
                                                       1:45-2:30            2:30-3:00                   3:00-3:30

Reading Rotations                                  1.Unit_5__Day_1__                                   Class Journal
12:10-12:30                          RECESS          T.E.pg_112-113_            Starting
12:30-12:50                                                              space unit                    Day Debrief
                                      1:30-        ABC order
12:50-1:10                            1:45         2.Mountain Language
1:10-1:30                                                                                                  ICUs
                                                   numbers_1-10__                 Space Video
                                                                                                         Clean Up
Journal: Weekend News!!
                                                   3.Read Aloud:
Seatwork: Skating skeleton                         “If the Dinosaurs
scramble Pg. 5                                     came back”
                                                   Pg. 118-121

                                                   1.Unit_5__Day_2                                     Class Journal
Reading Rotations
              Math                                   T.E.pg_114_         Unit D chp. 2
12:10-12:30                                                              Standard 4-6                  Day Debrief
            1:00-1:45                                                    Lesson 1 What
                                    RECESS         2.Mountain Language                                     ICUs
12:50-1:10                          1:30-1:45      numbers: 11-15        can you see in
1:10-1:30                                                                the sky?
                                                   3.Story Writing                                       Clean Up
                                                   The cover
Journal: Would you rather be a
spider or a bat? Explain…                             T.E._122-123__     TG. D27-29
                                                   Dino Theme
Seatwork: Halloween Words Pg. 1

Reading Rotations                                          1:45-2:20                                   EARLY OUT
12:10-12:30                                                                                             LINE UP
12:30-12:50                                     Progress Monitoring                                       2:20
12:50-1:10                                                                                              BUSSES
1:10-1:30                                 Pumpkin Art Project

Journal: Look out the window
and up into the sky. What do
you see?
Seatwork: Spooky opposites pg.

Reading Rotations                                    1.Unit_5__Day__3_                                 Class Journal
12:10-12:30                                                              Unit D Chp. 2
                                    RECESS           114
12:30-12:50                                                              Lesson 2                      Day Debrief
                                    1:30-1:45        2.Mountain          Day and Night
12:50-1:10                                           Language numbers    D. 31-33
1:10-1:30                                                                                                  ICUs
Journal: Write a story about                                             Students will look at a
                                                     3.Story Writing                                     Clean Up
one night with your friends                                              day and night picture. As
                                                     Beginning           a class we will share write
that starts with: It was a full
                                                                         a compare and contrast
                                                     T.E._124-125__      chart on the board.
Seatwork: Pumpkin Patch Pg. 4

Reading Rotations
                                                    1:30-2:00                                          EARLY OUT
                                                                                                        LINE UP
12:30-12:50                                     Bully Free Lesson                                         2:20
                                  Topic:         Lesson Number__5__
Journal: Describe one thing you   Teacher’s Edition Pages__27__
see in the day and night in the
sky.                                                                                                    BUSSES
Seatwork: Which one pg.3                                                                                 2:25

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